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Christian Clergy need to stop being ignorant with Islam and not cower down to satan

“Islam has two views of Christians (duality). The first view is that Christians and Islam are religions. Second view is that Christians must change their religion to meet the demands of Islam. A lot of modern Christians want to believe there is a bridge between Islam and Christianity. But the history of Islam shows that Islam first deceives and then annihilates Christians.”

“Know this…in the seventh century, the Middle East was predominately Christian…not Islamic like what people tend to believe…”

“In 2002, there were Muslim Imams (Muslim clergy/religious leaders) that went out to Christian churches to speak to Christians about Islam, a “peaceful religion”. A church decided to do one better and invited a group of Imams and a group of Christian ministers. The Christian ministers arrived that night in ones and twos on the stage. When the meeting was going to start, the Muslims came on stage as an entire group. The Muslim onlookers that were men came in as a group also into the sanctuary. They were surrounded by Christians. Then the Muslim women came in, all dressed in their Burqas (black dress/robes that cover their entire bodies and arms) and Hijabs (the hoods and veils over their heads and faces) and they sat in the back of the sanctuary. As Muslim women, they knew what their place was in public gatherings.”

“A few things happened during the meeting; first an Imam went to the podium and placed his Qur’an on it, and opened it half way. Christian ministers thought nothing of it, but for the Imams, it was a mark of who they were, it was the focal point of the stage, it showed who was dominate in the meeting, it showed that the kafirs had to submit (in this situation, had to submit to being unprepared and ignorant) to Islam.”

“One of the Imams got up and started the talk. He first said that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Well, that seemed like a good foot to get started on. Of course it was not true, but because the Christians did not know anything about the god allah that seemed fine to them. The Imam went ahead and said they too honor Jesus because Jesus was a prophet of allah and that Jesus was a Muslim. He also explained that Jesus was not the Son of God; He was merely just a Muslim prophet. And for that matter, the apostles were also Muslim. This [more than likely] came as a surprise to the ministers but they did not say anything. The Imam then went ahead to say that Jesus was not crucified, therefore He was never resurrected.”

“The next thing he told the Christians was that the concept of the Trinity was a great affront to allah. There was no such thing as the Trinity and that made Christians polytheists. The fact that Christians are viewed as polytheist explains something that happened at the beginning when the ministers first said “Let us pray together.” There was almost a panicked response from the Imams at this. “No” they said, “we do not pray with others.” This was quite puzzling to the Christian ministers but since they were the hosts and they were to be kind and polite, they didn’t say anything. But not knowing anything about Islam, you could tell from the puzzled looked on the ministers’ face, why would they object to pray together? The reason is that Christians are viewed as polytheists. To pray with them is a terrible sin, so terrible that it has a special name, shirk (In Islam, shirk (Arabic: شرك‎ širk) is the sin of idolatry or polytheism. i.e. the deification or worship of anyone or anything other than the singular God, or more literally the establishment of “partners” placed beside God. It is the vice that is opposed to the virtue of Tawheed (monotheism). The Koran says that if they pray with Christians, they would definitely go to Hell. Praying with Christians would have been a sin [far] worse than mass murder.”

“Again the Christians did not understand anything about Islam or they would have never made the invitation to prayer. Or they would have simply prayed while the Muslims were sitting there. The Muslims dominated on this point. Inside a Christian church there would be no prayers with the Christians.”

“Another thing that the Imam said in his talk was that the New Testament was a corrupt document and was in error. Not only was the New Testament in error so was the Old Testament. But in particular, the reason that the New Testament was wrong was that the prophet of allah, Jesus’ chief prophecy was that after Him would come the final prophet and his name would be Ahmed (Ahmed and Mohammed is like Bill and William). The Imam said Christians had removed these prophecies from the New Testament. This was one of the many reasons that New Testament was a document which was simply wrong. If Christians wanted to learn the real story of Jesus they would have to read the Koran, because the Koran contains the exact truth about Isa, the Arabic word for Jesus.”

This is chapter (chapter 6) from a great book, The Self-Study Course on Political Islam from Bill Warner.

[Editor’s Note: Once again, this blog is not the thoughts and feelings of Act! for America, or the chapter.

This Self Study Course on Political Islam is a great resource if you want to learn the dualistic Islam…you will learn a lot about Islam that isn’t taught in schools or universities because of their whitewashing and ignorance. I highly recommend you order this course. You can do that by clicking here.

The main reason for this particular blog is that the vast majority of US citizens, especially the Christian populace, have no clue about Islam. Islam is a satanic “religion” (the religion the apocalyptic anti-Christ will use during the end times) that shows that Mohammed was not a prophet of any sort, that the Koran was a derivative work, that it was just a book in which things were copied from the Jews and Christians, Zorastrians and the old Arabic religions, that allah was simply the tribal moon god of the Quraysh tribe.]

Egypt: Muslims attack Christians over the installation of a church bell

Umdat al-Salik (The Reliance of the Traveler), a manual for the Shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence certified as “reliable” by Egypt’s al-Azhar University, explains that non-Muslims are:

… “forbidden to ring church bells or display crosses, recite the Torah or Evangel aloud, or make public display of their funerals and feastdays, and are forbidden to build new churches” – o.11.5 (6,7)

But don’t just take one book’s word for it; take the evidence. We have seen similar cases regarding bells and audible non-Islamic worship in Muslim-majority areas quite distant from one another, including Russia, Bosnia, Somalia, Gaza, the Philippines, and even Britain.

“Muslim Attack on Christians in Egypt Provoked By Installation of Church Bell,” by Mary Abdelmassih for the Assyrian International News Agency, July 28:

(AINA) — An exchange of harsh words on July 25 between Ruth, a Christian woman, and Gassem Fouad, a Muslim man who had parked his tricycle in front of her home, escalated into assault by the man on Ruth and other Christian villagers, and the arrest of one Copt. After Ruth, who is 5 months pregnant, was assaulted, a Muslim mob waited for Coptic farmers to return from the fields, where they were intercepted and beaten with iron rods and pipes.

Security forces managed to contain the situation.

Six Christians, including Ruth and her sister-in-law Hannan, were hospitalized with concussions, head injuries and broken limbs. No Muslim was injured.

None of the Muslim perpetrators was arrested. Ruth’s husband, Kirillos Daniel, was accused of possessing a weapon — a rifle found thrown where the Christians were attacked, and is under detention.

In an interview on CTV Coptic TV, Father Estephanos Shehata, of the Samalout Coptic dioceses, said “The real reason behind this assault was the church bell, which has greatly angered the Muslims in the village.” He said the dilapidated church in the village of Ezbet Jacob Bebawi, outside Samalout, north of Minya, was given permission to renovate and this was completed last week, and the church bell was reinstalled.

“This is the first time such an incident has taken place in this village,” said Father Estephanos, “which is 60-75% Christian, and the reason is definitely the presence of the church bell.”

Christian villagers believe this assault was premeditated and they fear their church faces imminent attack, especially since Muslims have been slowly congregating in the village, which has a very weak presence of security forces.

Posted by Marisol on July 28, 2011 12:54 AM | 21 Comments

Posted in:  Jihad Watch

Egypt: Hundreds of Muslims Torch 8 Christian Homes on Rumor of Church Construction

Look for the OIC, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, ISNA, ICNA. MAS, MSA etc will club me with the fallacious of “islamophbobia” for reporting the relentless, inhumane, supremacist jihad against non-Muslims.

Ground Zero mosque radical Rauf suggests a news blackout on all reporting of jihad, homicide bombings, ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims. Yes, that’s the answer.

(AINA) — A mob of nearly 200 Muslims torched eight Christian homes on Saturday morning in the Upper Egyptian village of Awlad Khalaf. The attack was initiated by a rumor that a house which is being built by Wahib Halim Attia will be turned into a church. Two Christians and one Muslim were injured, no fatalities were reported.

Wahib Halim Attia obtained a license to build a house in the village on a 95 square meter plot. The house grew to an area of 350 square meters but was still on agricultural land that he owns. This gave rise to the rumor that he intended to build a church instead.

Father Weesa Azmy, the priest at St. George Church in the neighboring village of Negou Madam East, said that someone went to the City Council in Dar es Salam and told them about the irregularities in the house construction, and Wahib was ordered to remove the excess by June 24. “Instead Wahib carried on with the construction, which angered the Muslims, who decided to play God and take the law into their own hands; they attacked the construction site and other Christian homes.”

According to Father Weesa, Muslims broke into the home of Ihab Tamer, who defended himself with a rifle. A Muslim who was there to help Ihab was injured by a bullet in his leg from Tamer’s rifle. The matter was explained and resolved with the family of that Muslim.

According to eyewitnesses the Muslims, mostly Salafists and some youngsters, looted and torched eight homes belonging to Wahib Halim Attia and his two brothers, his three cousins and two other Copts, including Ihab Tamer.

The police arrived three hours after the looting and torching had ended.

Father Weesa said Ihab Tamer, who was in hiding after the shooting incident, contacted him and he advised him to give himself up to the police as he was acting in self-defense. “If someone sees people breaking into his home, surely he has to defend his family and himself.”

The police told father Weesa, who did not witness the incident himself, that most of the attackers were teenagers between the ages of 10 and 14 years old. This was refuted by eyewitnesses. However, he said “if it is true that there were children and teens, then definitely someone else has sent them.” He added he will not attend any reconciliation meetings and the rule of law must be upheld, on the Copt if found guilty and the attackers. Most of the teens and children were arrested by the police but no adults were arrested.

Police and security are now present in Awlad Khalaf village and the 30 Christian homes are being guarded, the Security Chief said tonight on

the Egyptian State TV.

Posted in:  Atlas Shrugs

Algerian Government Launches Attack on Churches –Ordered All to Close Permanently On June 10, 2011, in news, by velvethammer

This is what a Muslim majority will get you. If Christians ignore the order “severe consequences and punishments will be applied.”

Islam the cult of the anti-Christ?

STANBUL, May 25 (CDN) — Seven Algerian churches face closure this week after the governor of their province sent them written notice that they were operating “illegally.”

The notice on Sunday (May 22) from Police Chief Ben Salma, citing a May 8 decree from the Bejaia Province governor, also states that all churches “in all parts of the country” will be closed for lack of compliance with registration regulations, but Christian leaders dismissed this assertion as the provincial official does not have nationwide authority.

“All buildings permanently designated for or in the process of being designated for the practice of religious worship other than Muslim will be permanently closed down in all parts of the country, as well as those not having received the conformity authorization from the National Commission,” Salma stated in the notice.

On Sunday (May 22) the governor of Bejaia sent a statement to the president of the Protestant Church of Algeria (EPA) informing him that all churches in the province were illegal because they were unregistered. Registration is required under controversial Ordinance 06-03, but Christians report the government refuses to respond to or grant their applications for registration.

The controversial law was introduced in 2006 to regulate non-Muslim worship. In 2008 the government applied measures in accordance with Ordinance 06-03 to limit the activities of non-Muslim groups, ordering the closure of 26 churches in the Kabylie region because they were not registered. No churches had been closed down since then.
According to the governor’s statement, if the churches do not comply, authorities may use force. The leaders of the churches in Bejaia have decided to conduct church services this weekend as scheduled and “see what happens,” said Krim, who also expects police to show up. >>>

Copy of the high commissioner letter – Faith Freedom.org

I, Mr Ben Salem, the high commissioner of the police in the Bejaia area, have informed Mr. Mustapha Krim, the President of the (EPA) Algerian Protestant Church Association. We have informed him to close down all the worship places around the country once for all, the places which are used now and the places which are under construction.

The decision has been made according to the article 03-06. The authorities will make sure that the order has to be obeyed and applied,otherwise severe consequences and punishments will be applied, according to article 97 and the law number 09-90, registered on 07-04-1999.

The high commissioner of the police authorities,
Mr. Amar Ben Salem
22nd May, 2011″

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Bishop fears for survival of Christians in Nazareth


That’s Qur’an 3:85, hung near the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, as reported here. Such banners are nothing new; nor is the supremacist menacing. And the world largely continues to look the other way. “Bishop Concerned Over Survival of Christian Community in Nazareth,” from Voice of America, June 1 (story and photo thanks to Weasel Zippers):

A senior Roman Catholic cleric in the Holy Land says the Christian Bishop Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo says the emigration of Christians from the Israeli Arab city of Nazareth is endangering the survival of the Christian community in a place of biblical importance to Christianity.

The bishop says the main cause of that emigration is a campaign by Islamists to boost their political power in Nazareth at the expense of Christians and moderate Muslims.

“Our problem is not religious, but it’s the political situation of insecurity, of non-peace, of non-justice, of non-equality among the people,” said Marcuzzo.

Insecurity, non-peace, non-justice, and non-equality among the people. For non-Muslims, that’s really life under Sharia in a nutshell.


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