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Louis Farrakhan warns: “Allah will bring down America’s skyscrapers…unless America submits (to Islam)”

Posted: May 30, 2012 | Author: barenakedislam |

I loathe, but have to respect Screwy Louie Farrakan for accurately representing what Muslims believe but few would ever dare admit in the presence of non-Muslims.


The Blaze  During the last 10 minutes of another anti-America speech in San Diego, Farrakhan erupted with fervency, applauding the violence of sharia law and giving some cryptic warnings to America regarding Iranian intervention.

“To my Arab brothers, you should not kill your children in this honor killing after you bring yourself and them into a country that is a modern Babylon and they get sucked up into the culture of decadence,” he said. “Then you’re angry with them because they brought shame on the family. Let me tell you, shame on you for looking to America for your health and bringing your children into this and not creating a world for them to revolve in that will keep the decency that you taught them in the old country.”

From here, the conversation turned into a rant about what goes on in the Islamic holy city of Mecca. Farrakhan explained that, following Jumu’ah prayer on Fridays, if someone is guilty of stealing something, locals don’t wait for that individual to go to jail where he or she will be fed and cared for. Instead, he says the offender has his or her hand cut off in the middle of the prayer square and in front of everyone.

If the man or woman steals again, the other hand is lopped off, he said. This would essentially serve as an example of the punishment that one would encounter if entering into crime. Farrakhan then moved on to another story in which he discussed a Filipino man who apparently raped a Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia. This man, too, faced a harsh retribution for his alleged actions. In our world, that man that raped that sister, his head came off…and when that head goes off, it rolls down the street, you know…” (What Farrakan conveniently leaves out is that if it had been a Muslim who raped the woman, she would have been jailed or killed, NOT the rapist)

Then, Farrakhan’s tough message for America was weaved into his closing, as the faith leader warned of potential calamity if the United States or Israel decides to take military action against Iran. This danger, he contends, would be thrust upon America by Allah.

“So, America I close. I tell you, you’re on your way to war and if you declare war on Iran at the behest of Israel and you bomb Iran and some of you are saying we should invoke Hiroshima again on Iran, meaning drop an atomic bomb on Muslims — I have even heard that they’re talking about even bombing Mecca…,” he continued.


Then, Farrakhan went on to say that he’s willing to give his life, if needed, to properly warn of the danger that will befall the world if America attacks Iran. His words for the U.S. were cryptic.

“So I’m warning you, America, if you bomb Iran, I’m looking at San Diego, I’m looking at your beautiful cities — the God that I represent is going to take out some of your cities with earthquakes,” he proclaimed. “You live in the city, I live in the city, but some of us are going to die, because we agree with them, agree with evil. So the God of judgment and justice, he’s going to kill a lot.”

“I’m sorry to have to tell you, but I’m saying this to our president and the warmongers (Israelis). We can‘t stop you from bombing Iran if that’s what you want to do, but as you take out somebody else’s cities you’re sentencing Americans to the same death you have dealt to other people in other nations.

I am warning you: Take it or let it alone. He will take down cities and when I look at the skyscrapers in some of these major metropolises. He’s not going to take the big ones down first. He’s going to show you his power. In the meantime, one calamity after another until you submit (to Islam), America.

Posted on 31 May 12 by BNI

Shariah law in America is calling for removal of Statue of Liberty

Imam Anjam Choudary the funder of Sharia 4 UK wants :

The Islamic Demolition of the Statue of Liberty

One of the founding principles of the Islamic constitution is to ensure that all sovereignty and supremacy belongs solely to God; the Shari’ah is a practical manifestation of this sovereignty and supremacy because it seeks to establish His command in society.

The status of a nation subsequently does not depend on its number, strength or technological advancement, but rather how much it submits to the commands of God. When a nation seeks to be free from such commands, then ultimately it will meet its destruction.

The Statue of Liberty, designed by Frederic Bartholdi, stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor; representing Libertas, the Roman (false) goddess of Freedom, it is symbolic of the rebellious nature of the US constitution that elevates the command of man over the command of God.

In Islam, the public veneration of idols and statues is strictly prohibited. This has forced sincere Muslims to develop realistic plans that will aid in the removal of the Statue of Liberty.

Due to the scale of the task at hand, it is highly likely that rigorous safety checks will need to be employed before the demolition of the Statue of Liberty can commence; thus as a temporary measure, it is proposed that a large burkha is used to cover the statue, thereby shielding this horrendous eye sore from public view as well as sending a strong message to its French creators.

Post demolition, it is recommended that a minaret be built as a fitting replacement, allowing the glorification of God to be proclaimed daily as well as act as a powerful reminder of the superiority of Islam over all other ways of life.

Posted by shariah4america.com


This is a web site that I have found that shows how anti-freedom, or, in actuality, how freedomphobic Islamists/Muslims are. They claim that Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion, but they are trying to pass off a few HUGE deception, or taqiyya as their “religion” calls it.
Islamic Shari’a law, heavily influenced by 7th century Arab culture, denounces freedom of speech, religion, expression and action and denies equality between men and women.

They bust their buns to get to America, as well as other host countries, that all are tolerant towards them and their ideology, and the immigrants do what they can to stir up legal jihad…or monetary problems, through lawsuits…because they don’t get THEIR way. They want to be treated differently, like having more “religious” freedoms at work, school or government, because their ideology makes them think they are better than non-Muslims…and if the business, school or government doesn’t give them what they want, they deem themselves as victims and sue…and Shari’a advocates (like Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Prince Charles…just to name a few) allow them to get away with their unfairness…and some leaders of free countries, try to make changes to their culture to make Islam the primary and only religion and Shari’a the only law allowed in their country. Some even go so far as to encourage students and what not to occupy things like Wall Street and such, just to help destroy the country and helping make that country become an Islamic country. Really desperate for the leader to encourage illegal actions, and to get help from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), which is an Islamic, terrorist financier, and a cultural jihad terrorist entity to begin with. (The MB went to court and document they penned…a vow and commitment to take over America internally and is slowly succeeding).

They like to play the victim role because it is their “sacred” law, the Islamic Shari’a law, that tells them to go to war from the Qur’an (sura 2:123, sura 2:193) and commit violent jihad against the infidel (non-Muslim) (sura 8:12-13, sura 9:29, sura 9:36) as well as from one of the Islamic law books, the Reliance of Traveller, and also books from their Hadiths, or the writings of what Mohammad, after he died, was what he said or did in front of friends/acquaintances , so thus, “it is what the prophet and allah said so we have to believe it” (Sahih Bukhari book 52, Sahih Muslim book 19, Sunan Abu-Dawud book 14, and Malik’s Muwatta book 21).
So bottom line is this…sharia law, and its spread throughout America, and the world, is a great danger to you, your family and your way of living, your religious beliefs, and even your freedoms. Women will suffer even worse if “Change” hits America the way it was intended during the deceive people campaign year is complete the way he was planning/is working it.

[NOTE: …sections on Jihad deal with obligatory jihad against invaders of Islamic lands. There is oddly no mention of a direct command to invade others and to fight them and establish an Islamic state related in this book, however the above clearly does imply it, as its definition of jihad against unbelievers is open-ended. Another Islamic source which further defines jihad against unbelievers is quoted below:
Dr. Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti, Al-Azhar University Islamic scholar, in this book Jurisprudence in Muhammad’s Biography wrote,
“The Holy War (Jihad), as it is known in Islamic Jurisprudence, is basically an offensive war. This is the duty of Muslims in every age when the needed military power becomes available to them. This is the phase in which the meaning of Holy war has taken its final form. Thus the apostle of God said: ‘I was commanded to fight the people until they believe in Allah and his messages…’
“The concept of Holy War (Jihad) in Islam does not take into consideration whether defensive or an offensive war. Its goal is the exaltation of the Word of Allah and the construction of Islamic society and the establishment of Allah’s Kingdom on Earth regardless of the means. The means would be offensive warfare. In this case, it is the apex, the noblest Holy War. It is legal to carry on a Holy War.”


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