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[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. The answers to this quiz do not entail Pentecostals, Buddhists, Catholics, LDS, Sikhs, Baptists, Evangelicals…only one group…

Shariah Law’s Deadly Mandates & Counter-Terrorism/Western Leadership’s Willful Blindness/Ignorance. Toxic Mix…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Posted on July 19, 2014

watch-isis 1

AS is said, ignorance is bliss, or so it would seem. But a distinction must be made between the willfully blind and the truly ignorant. The latter is easier to convince and educate but the former is a harder nut to crack. This is especially the case when dealing with Islamic inspired terror via Shariah law, or anything which rocks ones ideological sensibilities.

BE that as it may, despite the Johnny-come-lately’s, some truths are irrefutable, regardless of their uncomfortable nature. Deal with it. Incontrovertibly, Shariah law is deadly and its blow back on the west will rip western civilization from its roots. Yes, this IS a clash of civilizations. Impossible to negate.

BEFORE anything else, it is imperative to internalize the Islamic dictates of taqiyya and kitman. In effect, a “holy” warrior  (male or female) is commanded to deceive their Shariah mandated enemies, even to the point of adopting their ways and mores. How so?

WELL, many Islamic adherents, when coming to the west, go wild, but not in the way most believe. Agreed, non-religious Muslims, apostates, surely derive pleasure from western freedoms, like many others. However, there are many more who infiltrate and ingratiate themselves, through “passing” as western-like, only to pounce when the time is efficacious. This is also a manifestation of stealth jihad, a “kissing cousin” of taqiyya and kitman. Know thy Islamic enemy as well as they know you! Indeed, it is a life and death struggle. Islamists (and their helpmates) count on the open-mindedness of westerners, basic ignorance, and, most especially, PC infused guilt-ridden attitudes towards perpetually aggrieved Muslims. Other perceived “victim” groups too.  

INHERENTLY, terrorist attacks that involve bombings and shootings are just one component of the jihad, or holy war, that Islamists are actively waging against infidels all over the world. Another component of that jihad consists of nonviolent initiatives which can be classified as stealth (or “soft”) jihad, whose goal is the imposition of Islamic law,Sharia, over every region of the earth by non-confrontational means. Under the banners of “tolerance” and “civil rights,” stealth jihadists introduce, in piecemeal fashion, elements of Sharia into Western societies and then demand that non-Muslims make allowance for those elements. Moreover, stealth jihadists smear those who dare to discuss the negative aspects of Sharia (and Islam) as “racists” and “Islamophobes.”

BUT since time is of the essence, we are sorely in need of further education. Brass tacks. So there is no better place to start than with the female persuasion. Why? Males are generally seen as jihadis on the front lines, giving the women short shrift. Not so fast. 

WITHOUT a doubt, Islamic hotties are harder to pin down, and this goes for those who are publicly known, as well as those who slide under the western radar. Let’s start with a well know Islamic diva, as exhibit number one.

Exhibit Number One:

ENTER, Huma Abedin. Who hasn’t already read all the drivel, the smokescreens, about Huma Abedin? Yes, the inseparable aide of Hill. More than meets the eye. In a nutshell, she is the most dangerous Muslim Sisterhood operative in the west. Undoubtedly. Her footprints lead straight back to Benghazigate and so much more!

Exhibit Number Two:

NOW, onto the hidden jihadis and some of them are smokin’ hot. If your heart can stand it, take a peek at their latest weapons. Male readers, pay attention, don’t get distracted. 

The cash was discovered “further hidden inside her body.”

The cash was discovered “further hidden inside her body.”

As reported by The Rakyat Post (of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on July 9, 2014, and by both The Arab Times (Kuwait edition) and The Evening Standard (of London, United Kingdom) on July 8, 2014, a British university student is facing charges of funding terrorist activities after being busted with a small fortune found stashed away in her knickers. Yet Nawal Msaad at least gives the outward appearance more of a high fashion model than that of an Islamist money mule.

The comely 27-year-old London Metropolitan University student was taken into custody at London’s Heathrow Airport earlier this year after €20,000 (£15,800/$27,273) was discovered by police. The tightly rolled wad of cash was initially wrapped in cellophane, then hid into a condom. Reportedly, other than the cellophane and prophylactic treatment, the 38 €500 notes, four €200 and the remaining two €100 euros were “further hidden inside her body.”

With the official title of The Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, Msaad appeared before England’s famed Old Bailey courtroom where prosecutors claimed Msaad is a “trusted courier” for her friend and co-defendant Amal El-Wahabi, also 27-years-old. Prosecutor Mark Dennis QC told the court that Msaad was attempting to board a flight to Istanbul, Turkey where she was to hand the cash off to El-Wahabi’s husband, Aine Davis, 30, which was alleged to fund the Syrian “jihadist cause.” Originally from the former-British colony of Gambia, Davis converted to Islam seven years ago and subsequently has taken the Muslim name of “Hamza.”

Already dubbed a “Jihottie” on various social media outlets, undoubtedly because of her striking good looks, it’s also being reported that Msaad’s legal problems stem from her inability to stop talking. While processing through one of Heathrow’s many security/customs checkpoints, the London born and bred accused terrorist enabler volunteered the information to police that she had 20,000 euros “around me” ostensibly to purchase gold for her mum.

It was then that the law enforcement officials took Msaad into a private room where she handed off to officers the banknotes that exited her body but remained in her underwear. Both Msaad and El-Wahabi have entered a plea of not guilty on all charges. The trial continues.

Exhibit Number Three:

INTO this deadly mix, one finds another frightening Shariah law underpinned fatwa – “jihad by sex”! Sick, twisted Islamic bastards. Their basis:Shariah law!

IS there any longer a doubt, as to why Shariah law must be eradicated from western shores?

Dave Gaubatz

It is vital to our national security that more Americans, specifically our counter-terrorism (CT) analysts begin to study Shariah law. A ‘Pure Muslim’ as labeled by Islamic scholars is one who adheres to Shariah law with his actions and mind. The more Shariah compliant a Muslim is, the more likely:

  1. They are Islamic terrorists AND/OR;
  2. They support Islamic terrorists AND/OR;
  3. They are getting closer to becoming a ‘Pure Muslim’ AND/OR;
  4. They are more likely to prepare for future terrorist attacks.

I will begin putting out educational information about Shariah law in future columns that will help one understand the Islamic mind.

Muslims are taught from an early age to be different/opposite from their enemies that Christians and Jews.

During the last few days most Americans, media, and counter-terrorism experts have been ridiculing the leader of ISIS/ISIL (Baghdadi) for wearing an expensive watch, when luxury goods are often prohibited in Islam. Ridiculing the expensive watch worn by an Islamic terrorist is a sure sign the person ridiculing does not understand Shariah law.

The watch on Baghdadi’s hand is an important aspect of understanding him and his followers. Instead of making jokes about his expensive watch, people should recognize that it is an honor for a Mujahadeen (Jihad Fighter) to wear the booty of their captors or the people they recently killed. It is unlikely Baghdadi bought this watch and as ISIS grows you (if you review closely) will begin to notice more and more of the regular Jihad fighters to begin wearing expensive watches and rings.

Another important aspect of Baghdadi’s watch is that he is wearing it on his right hand and the watch is silver. Shariah law prohibits gold for men and it demands a Muslim to do the opposite of the Jews and Christians. Most Jews and Christians wear a watch or ring on their left hand, therefore Muslims should wear on their right hand.

obl 3Look at the Osama bin Laden picture (left) and note the silver ring on his finger. It is worn on the right hand and the ring is silver per Shariah law.

An important matter counter-terrorist experts and U.S. law enforcement counter-terrorism specialists failed to notice was the beard changes during the months and years with Osama. One month it may be gray and soon after he has died his beard with a solid black henna.

ubl-beard 4News media and CT experts used to ridicule Bin Laden for looking silly because of the dark black beard (pictured right) he sometimes wore. Most CT experts do not know that the only time a Muslim can dye his beard black is when there is an upcoming Jihad fight, or that it is used by Islamic leaders to give a signal to their supporters that it is time to strike. This is all within Shariah.

There are times when a Muslim is allowed to not follow Shariah law. For instance Muslims will sometimes copy the Jews and Christians when they are deceiving their enemies. For example, Nihad Awad of CAIR National would tell his executives and staff to fit in with Westerners so they will look at them as ‘moderate’ Muslims.

It is imperative Americans study Shariah law on their own so they can begin to observe the Muslim people who are ‘Pure Muslim’. It does not mean that every compliant Muslim is a terrorist, but it is 100% guaranteed a Muslim who is 100% compliant with Shariah law is a supporter of Shariah and not the U.S. Constitution.

TRAGICALLY, ominously, a preponderance of counter-terrorism professionals have become useful idiots. Western leaders have made it known: an omerta is in place regarding Islam and this demands total silence re its underpinning – Sharia law!

EVEN intelligent high schoolers (and, they don’t even have to place in the top 5-10% of their classes) intuit that something is acutely amiss world over. On the one hand, their (western) leaders babble ad infinitum – not unlike idiot savants – about Islam being a “religion of peace”, all the while they witness (via the internet, social media and non-intimidated global sources) untold numbers of butchery in the name of Allah, Islam’s supreme “guide”. Credo quia absurdum!

SO if Islam is not at war with America – the west – then how come jihadists scream Allahu Akbar after every kill? Similarly, why are their scholars quoting countless Koranic passages, to back up Islam’s war against western infidels? Why aren’t western leaders listening to what Islamists are actually shouting from the rooftops, being that they plan to take over America and the entire west? 

Since Sura 5:32 is part of a series of verses, we must also read the next verse, Sura 5:33, which tells us what Muslims are permitted to do to corrupt mischief makers like the Jews:


MOST significantly, some counter-terrorism professionals are well paid whores and their shilling for Islam has reached critical mass. A clear and present danger is at the west’s door and America is at the epicenter. It is Islam’s ultimate prize. Whither America goes, Israel too, so does the rest of the west. It’s that simple.

Adina Kutnicki: Readers, one and all, relating as an American-Israeli, as someone who loves her birth country as well as her Jewish homeland, there is NO greater danger to western civilization than the Muslim Brotherhood and all its attendant jihadi offshoots. Indeed, the Iranian menace, through its Hitlerite regime, looms very large overhead, and they too are arming for nothing more than complete Islamic hegemony. Yes, once either, heaven forbid, prevails, they will merge forces (Sunni and Shia, after which they will fight each other for ultimate hegemony, as they have done for centuries) and aim straight for the west’s jugular. But whatever shakes out, the Brotherhood’s umbrella – spanning all over the globe – is Allah-bent on bringing down America. Rest assured, they are well positioned to do so, having many friends ensconced within President Obama’s White House. The situation is dire. If America falls, so too does the free world. Ditto, if Israel is, G-d forbid, destroyed. There is no room for equivocating. Like it or not, the two are twin pillars. They are, in effect, holding up western civilization.

And, even though some readers may be less than concerned about Jewish and Israeli interests, it can’t be stressed enough that Jews are simply one of their targets; a stepping stone to the Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate obsession. Their anticipated conquest. Hands down, the biggest catch of all, is America.

Straddling the precipice…for once they are done slaughtering all their rival Muslims – be they “moderates” or what not – they are coming for Israel and America.

The new “caliphate” of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—the Islamic State, formerly “ISIS”—recently made clear that it means to follow in the footsteps of the original caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Sadiq (632-634), specifically by directing its jihad against fellow Muslims, in Islamic parlance, the “hypocrites” and “apostates,” or in Western terminology, “moderates.”

This came out in the context of the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, with some Muslims asking the newly formed “caliphate” when it would launch a jihad on the Jewish state.

The Islamic State’s response? “Allah in the noble Koran does not command us to fight Israel or the Jews until we fight the apostates and hypocrites.”

Posted on 19 Jul 14 by Adina Kutnicki

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. This is coming to America rather quickly...it has pretty much, for the most part already invaded Europe in the onset of many "radical" Islamist...now they just have to start the extremely violent part against infidels. America, through the preplanned amnesty laws, will be over ridden with Muslims, 150-250 million Muslims have stated that if it becomes legal for immigrants to just move here, they would, but that isn't taking into effect the terrorists that are sneaking over the borders now, setting up sleeper cells to attack America when the caliph says its time to attack...Barack Hussein Obama, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, knows what could/will happen to America, and this is why he is doing what he is doing. He set it up for the terrorist take-over of Iraq, he set it up for the "invasion" of illegal immigrants (the OTM types), he set it up that the Constitution is being shredded, he knows what is happening/going to happen...]

The Kaffirese dictionary

Saturday, 17 May 2014

These are the words which are used within the world of Islam and the “kuffar” (Infidel – i.e. those who despise Islam)
Learn them well. Perhaps some degenerate has used one of these words towards you?

islamic words


KAFFIR/KUFFAR/KUFR (noun) Derogatory term of HATE SPEECH used to describe ANYONE who ISN’T a follower of ‘the religion of peace’.

KAFFIROPHOBE: (noun) INFIDEL HATER & also Weapon of silence used to deter critics of free speech, freedom of expression and equal rights.

KAFFIROPHOBIA: (noun) Term used to describe the HATE, BIGOTRY and INTOLERANCE aimed at ANYONE who doesn’t submit to ‘the religion of peace’

CAUCASIAPHOBE: (n) One who HATES WHITE PEOPLE but doesn’t see this as being RACIST and think they can spout this BILE with IMPUNITY

GYNOPHOBE: (noun) One who HATES and FEARS women and treats them as INFERIOR beings and de-personalised, tent wearing, 3rd class SLAVES

ISLAMOPHILE: (noun) One who just LOVES everything that the ‘religion of peace’ has to offer, because they are SO ‘cultural’ and ‘right on’

ISLAMOPHANT: (Islamo-sycophant) (n) Term used to describe those who FACILITATE and DEFEND the spread of ‘the religion of peace’ See QUISLING

TAQIYYA: (n) Blatant LIES told to INFIDELS for the cause of spreading ‘peace & tolerance’ see also KITMAN, MURUNA, TAWRIYA

TAWRIYA: (n) The religiously sanctioned RIGHT, for the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ to LIE to INFIDELS, with a CLEAR CONSCIENCE. See: TAQIYYA

KITMAN: (n) The ancient art of skillfully diverting attention AWAY from UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS when discussing ‘the religion of peace’

TAQIYYA ARTIST: (noun) One who is skilled in the art of DECEPTION and EVASION when promoting and defending ‘the religion of peace’, i.e BULLSH**TER

‘PULLING A KITMAN’: term used to describe an EVASIVE tactic used to divert attention away from the subject at hand, when discussing ‘p&t’

KAFFIRISH: (n) Term pertaining to the behaviour, customs and dietary habits of INFIDELS. i.e. It is KAFFIRISH to enjoy bacon sandwiches.

JIHADIWADI: (noun) One of the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ homegrown terrorist wannabes. Usually suffers OEDIPUS COMPLEX BY-PROXY and GYNOPHOBIA

JIHADIWADIPADDY: (n) A PETULANT, ranting mob of angry HATE PREACHERS and/or JIHADIWADIES, stamping feet and being OFFENDED.

MARIJUANAPHOBIA: (noun) A psychological condition, synonymous with ISLAMOPHOBIA, due to the inherent FEAR of being STONED.

WEIRDY-BEARDY (noun): a HATE PREACHER whose moral standing is inversely proportional to length of beard. See also KAFFIROPHOBE, JIHADIWADI

RESPECT: (n) Something constantly DEMANDED by ‘peaceful & tolerant’ SUPREMACISTS whilst providing NO valid reason for being or DESERVING of it.

OXYMORON: (n) Something that is the complete OPPOSITE of what its name implies. i.e. Religion of Peace, UAF, SWP, ANTIFA etc.

ISLAMONAUSEA (noun): The feeling of being SICK to the stomach at every HYPOCRITICAL reference to the term: ‘the religion of peace’

ISLAMOFAUXBIA: Term used to describe anything MINOR that the KAFFIR do, that the TERMINALLY OFFENDED use to CLAIM ‘OPPRESSION’ and ‘OFFENCE’

ISLAMOPHYLAXIS: (n) Any activity carried out in the name of COUNTER-JIHADISM. FINANCIOBOYCOTTISM being the easiest.

CONTEXT: (noun) A TAQIYYA (blatant lie) to try to confuse INFIDELS about the TRUE nature of ‘the religion of peace’. See also ‘BULLSHITTING’

ISLAMO-ANAPHYLAXIS: (noun) The severe, ANGRY, red swelling, one feels at the daily news of yet another outbreak of ‘peace & tolerance’

PEACE: (noun) a state of nirvana, sought by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ which will ONLY occur when the INFIDELS have been SLAUGHTERED.

TOLERANCE: (n) An OXYMORONIC state of mind and being to the ‘peaceful and tolerant’. ISLAMOFASCISTS DO NOT exhibit TOLERANCE to KAFFIR.

JIZYA: (n) EXTORTION MONEY demanded from DHIMMIS in ‘p&t’ countries, by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ for not submitting to ‘peace & tolerance’

DHIMMI: (n) 1) A 2nd class human in a ‘peaceful & tolerant’ country, who does not submit to ‘peace and tolerance’, FORCED to pay JIZYA.


FASIQ: (act) The use of EVIL WESTERN TECHNOLOGY by the ‘peaceful and tolerant’ which is forbidden..unless it’s to spread ‘peace & tolerance’

CLITORIDECTOMY: (FGM) The vile practice of slicing off a girl’s clitoris & labia and stitching up her vagina to appease PATHETIC men’s egos

MUFA’KHATHAT: Vile, 3rd world practice, of the ‘peaceful and tolerant’ in which a toddler’s inner thighs are used as a masturbation tool

MU’TAH: A temporary marriage contract that allows a ‘bit on the side’ without contravening strict adultery laws. HALAL PROSTITUTION

MISYAR: (n) Like MUT’AH but needing witnesses. A temporary ‘marriage’ for sexual pleasure without the financial responsibility of marriage.

RAPEYNESS: (noun) An emotion felt predominantly amongst ‘peaceful & tolerant’ men, who have limited ability to control ANY sexual urges.

CRANIAL HAIR: (subst) something both ‘OFFENSIVE’ and IRRESISTIBLE to ‘peaceful & tolerant’ men, the mere sight of which may cause RAPEYNESS

DAR-AL-ISLAM: (n) ‘House of Islam’ any country under the direct control and BARBARIC SUBJUGATION by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ SUPREMACISTS

DAR-AL-HARB: (n) ‘House of war’ Any country NOT under DIRECT CONTROL and SUBJUGATION by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ whose AIM is to MAKE IT SO

DAR-AL-AMN: (n) ‘House of safety’ Any country where the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ feel at liberty to be QU’NTS with the KUFFAR population.

ALOO-HACKBAR: Also pronounced as “Allah hu’akbar” A phrase screamed out by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ as they carry out RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE to a pagan moon god.

GUSTAKE RASOOL: ‘Insulter of prophet’ The ‘peaceful & tolerant’ equivalent of pointing to a woman and screaming ‘WITCH!!’ in medieval times


CULTURAL MARXIST: (n) LEFT WING COMMUNIST ARSEHOLE, who seeks to DESTROY the indigenous population identity through MASS IMMIGRATION and PC.

KAFFIRESE: (lang) The vocabulary, slang and terminology of the INFIDELS.

LAWFARE: (n) The shameless use of the legal system to SILENCE critique of ‘peace & tolerance’ Can be surmised as: SILENCE!!! I SUE YOU!!

CALIPHATE: (n) State of nirvana for the ‘peaceful & tolerant’, ACHIEVED when they have USED DEMOCRACY to DESTROY DEMOCRACY & INSTILL SHARIA

FLYING HORSE: (theory) A creature of DUBIOUS antiquity, who’s existence may be attributed to the WRONG kind of mushrooms in the soup.

STARS: (n) Heavenly missiles to launch at devils. Apparently NOT spheres of hydrogen and helium undergoing thermonuclear fusion processes.

MOON: (n) Earth’s only natural satellite and, despite being. 250,000 miles away, is allegedly possible to split with an axe from Earth!


SPHERICAL EARTH: (theory) Something of an anathema to ‘peaceful & tolerant’ “scientists” who INSIST the Earth is FLAT

MUDDY PUDDLE: (theory) That place where the sun sets in the evening. How could those EVIL WESTERN ASTRONOMERS have got it SO WRONG!?

MURUNA: (n) The art of HIDING one’s ‘peaceful & tolerant’ nature in order to spread subversion, by INFILTRATING the INFIDELS. See ESPIONAGE

MURUNIAC: (n) A ‘peaceful & tolerant’ SPY and sower of doubt and confusion. MURUNIACS have all ‘peaceful &tolerant’ prohibitions exempted

SHARIANANIGANS: (n) Term to cover acts of the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ attempting to TAKE OVER whole districts of the country for themselves.

CONVERT: (n) Someone who has embraced ‘peace & tolerance’ in sane mind, only to be classed as ‘INSANE’ AFTER they’ve done something BARBARIC

STONED (n) A barbaric form of execution in which the victim has rocks thrown at their head whilst buried to the chest. NOT a euphoric buzz.

AL HIJRA: (n) Spreading ‘peace & tolerance’ by VIRAL ACTION by emigrating to secular countries, OUT-BREEDING the KAFFIR & instilling SHARIA.

OEDIPUS COMPLEX BY-PROXY: (med) A psychological condition of JIHADIWADIS, by which they share THEIR fantasies of anal sex with YOUR mother.

POLYGAMISOGYNIST: (n) One of the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ who has more than one wife to treat in an unkind and UNEQUALITARIAN manner

COMPULSION: (n) Something that there supposedly ‘ISN’T’ in ‘the religion of peace’… until you try to leave…then it’s DECAPITATION

BACHE BAZ: (n) A ‘peaceful & tolerant’ PAEDOPHILE with a penchant for little boys dressed as little girls and wearing make-up.

BACHI BAZI BOY: (n) A young boy who is dressed and made up as a girl, who dances seductively for, and is pimped out to dirty old men

DAWAH: (n) The INCESSANT recruitment drive and TAQIYYA ARTISTRY to placate and CONFUSE the INFIDELS, by ‘peaceful & tolerant’ SUPREMACISTS

JIHAD: (n) The INCESSANT pushiness and WAR MONGERING of the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ against and, to assume DOMINATION OVER the KAFFIR.

INFIDEL: (n) A proud KAFFIR and supporter of COUNTER-JIHADISM. An ANTAGONIST of the ‘peaceful & tolerant’. A member of the RESISTANCE.

SUICIDE BOMBER: (n) A dead end job, but with an excellent ‘pension plan’ for JIHADIWADIS & CONNEDVERTS to ‘the religion of peace’ for JIHAD

FEDAYEEN: (n) One who takes an active part in NOT-SO-SMARTYRDOM on the unproven promise of eternal sex in the grand orgy in the sky.

PORKONITE (substance) similar in properties to KRYPTONITE. Resembles the crispy edges of grilled bacon. Known for inducing hysteria and rage

ZAKAT: (n) A charity tax imposed upon the profits of the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ 1/8th of which funds SHARIANANIGANS and JIHAD against KAFFIR.

INTERPRETATION: (n) A tactic to whitewash the justification of KAFFIROPHOBIA in scriptures by WEIRDY BEARDIES and JIHADIWADIS. See CONTEXT

NUANCE: The subtle art of trying to portray your CULT as something more refined than a BARBARIC code of BANDITRY on hallucinogens.


FINANCIOBOYCOTTISM: The easiest form of COUNTER-JIHADISM. An AK-47 you DON’T need a license for. Preventing YOUR money from funding JIHAD


OPPRESSION: (act) Something constantly CLAIMED by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ because they are hindered from DOING IT TO YOU.

OFFENCE: (n) A tactic used by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ to facilitate CAPITULATION of the KAFFIR by complaining about ANYTHING KAFFIRISH.

WHITE GUILT SYNDROME: (n) A tool used by CAUCASIAPHOBES, CULTURAL MARXISTS and ISLAMOFASCISTS to weaken the spirit of white people.

ABD: (n) The ‘peaceful & tolerant’ DEROGATORY term of HATE SPEECH and RACIAL SLUR for AFRICANS, which also means ‘SLAVE’ see ABDIFICATION

ABDIFICATION: (n) The IRONIC conversion of Africans and their descendants to the cult of their ‘peaceful & tolerant’ slave masters. See ABD

WHATABOUTERY: (n) The defence of religious bigotry by comparative analysis. i.e ‘What about the bible? It hates gays, so we can too.’

HEBEPHILIA: (n) the subtle art of trying to make the MARRIAGE between PUBESCENT GIRLS and OLD MEN sound more acceptable to gullible KAFFIR

GENOPHILIA: (n) Love of own’s own race. A natural instinct that CULTURAL MARXISTS want to ban (at least for CAUCASIANS).


MUJAHIDEEN: (n) Those who do all the WARMONGERING, RAPING TORTURING and BUTCHERING of KAFFIR for JIHAD on behalf of ‘The Religion of Peace’

COUNTER-JIHADISM: (n) the WORLDWIDE effort by INFIDELS to RESIST the spread and DOMINATION of ‘peace & tolerance’ in SECULAR countries

GENOCIDE DENIAL: (n) Like HOLOCAUST DENIAL, but of those who refuse to accept the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’


VANI: (n) The ‘peaceful & tolerant’ practice of forcible marriage of young girls as punishment for the crimes of her male relatives

NOT-SO-SMARTYRDOM: (n) The act of blowing your (and others) brains out on an unproven promise of an invite to the eternal orgy in the sky

CONNEDVERT: (n) A gullible one, taken in by the ‘peace & tolerance’ line, who now find themselves reluctantly strapping on a suicide vest.

CALIPHATION: (n) The ONGOING process of turning a SECULAR country into a MEDIEVAL, BARBARIC shit-hole, by JIHADIWADIPADDIES and LAWFARE

CALIPHFORMING: (n) Synonymous with TERRAFORMING except reducing the entire civilized world to an emotionless, loveless desert of barbarity.


EASING COMMUNITY TENSIONS: (PCism) Term that has come to be understood as ‘BEGGING the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ not to have a JIHADIWADIPADDY.’

COMMUNITY RELATIONS (PCism) Term understood as ‘giving in to what the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ demand or they’ll have a JIHADIWADIPADDY’

ALCOHOL: (n) A KAFFIRISH beverage and ‘SATAN’S SPUNK’ to the ‘peaceful & tolerant’. Produces similar effects to PORKONITE.

APOSTASY: (n) The act of LEAVING ‘peace & tolerance’. An act punishable by DECAPITATION by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ to ensure COMPULSION

APOSTATE: (n) Someone who has swallowed the Red Pill. One who has turned their back on ‘the religion of peace’ and now risks DECAPITATION.

MURTAD: (n) A derogatory term of HATE SPEECH for those who have become APOSTATES of ISLAM, a CRIME of which is PUNISHABLE by EXECUTION.

CANIGRAPHOBIA: (noun) The INSANE, hysterical FEAR and HATRED of untrustworthy, black dogs.

BLASPHEMY: Term to cover ANYTHING that ‘offends’ the TERMINALY OFFENDED i.e. Short skirts, cleavage, cartoons, pork products, alcohol etc.

BLASPHEMY LAWS: (sharia) The ‘peaceful & tolerant’ equivalent of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, but with EXECUTIONS involved. See: GUSTAKE RASOOL

HISTORYWASHING: (n) A form of ‘p&t’ CULTURAL MARXISM, by which other cultures achievements are replaced in history by WE-WERE-HERE-FIRSTISM.

ISLAMOPHOBIGOTRACIST: (n) Someone who exposes the TRUTH about the ‘religion of peace’

HATER: (n) A derogatory term hurled at people who oppose TOTALITARIAN, BIGOTED, MISOGYNISTIC, HOMOPHOBIC, SUPREMACIST, HATEFUL ideologies.


LAWMONGER: (n) One who ABUSES the legal system to SILENCE those who OPPOSE the spread of ‘peace & tolerance’ and SHARIA LAW.

TERRORISM: (n) The act of WARMONGERING against KAFFIR, which is NOT condemned by the ‘p&t’ as this is JIHAD, which is a MORAL OBLIGATION.

CULTURECIDE: (n) What happens when the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ eventually get their own way and instill SHARIA on EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU!


‘GOOD COP, BAD COP’ (v) Term used to represent EXTREMISTS and MODERATES playing each other off to facilitate CAPITULATION of the KUFFAR.

FLAGARSONY: (n) Term to represent how the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ show their gratitude for a FREE LIFE by demonstrations of FLAG BURNING.

SHIRK: (n) The act of IDOLATORY (worship to statues of god(s), which the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ find UNFORGIVABLE!! Meteorites are OK though.

NONCE: (n) A predatory PIEdophile. One, such as a middle aged man, with a penchant for wanting to shag 14 year old boys, for example.

FATWAHNKHA: (n) One who uses LAWFARE and BLASPHEMONGERY to try and SILENCE anyone who EXPOSES their PHONEY persona and AGENDA.

MUSHRIK: (n) DEROGATORY term of HATE SPEECH used by the SUPREMACIST ‘peaceful & tolerant’ to describe POLYTHEISTS, such as HINDUS.

AYATOLLATUBBY: (n) A ‘peaceful & tolerant’ figure of DERISION, who uses TAQIYYARTISTRY and KITMAN to emphasise their SUPREMACY over KAFFIR.

FOAMATION: (n,v) Term to describe the RABID, HYSTERICAL, frothing at the mouth, of the MARXISM INDOCTRINATED, LEFTIES as they TROLL you.


FAR RIGHT (n,v) NEWSPEAK (PCism) for DISSIDENT in the face of a combined CULTURAL MARXIST & ISLAMIST power grab for DOMINANCE

FAR RIGHTIST (n): THOUGHT CRIMINAL KAFFIR with BALLS, BACKBONE, BRAIN & possibly BRAWN fighting against ‘peaceful & tolerant’ KAFFIROPHOBIA.

FELCHER: (n) LEFT WING, COMMUNIST ARSEHOLES who align themselves with ISLAMOFASCISTS in the belief they will be in charge after revolution.

POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION: (PCism) A CAUCASIAPHOBIC form of RACISM which offers PREFERENTIAL treatment to minorities based on MELANIN.

REPARATIONIST: (n) One who seeks financial recompense because their ancestors were slaves whilst conveniently forgetting BARBARY SLAVE TRADE

BARBARY SLAVE TRADE: (hist) The slave trade carried out by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ which saw approx 1.2 MILLION WHITE Europeans indentured


GOAT: (n) A herbivorous animal valuable source of milk, protein, hide and sexual relief in 3rd world ‘peaceful & tolerant’ countries


IJTHAD: (n) A term meaning questioning and reinterpretation of Scripture, or ‘MAKE-IT-UP-AS-YOU-GO-ALONG-TO-SUIT-YOUR-CURRENT-AGENDAISM’

ISLAMOPHOBIA: (n) A term coined in 1990s by the I.I.I.T. purely as a weapon to silence critique of ISLAM. A VILE slur hurled at INFIDELS.

INFIDELOPHOBIA: (n) An irrational fear, hatred and bigotry shown towards INFIDELS. See also KAFFIROPHOBIA

OSTRITCHISM: (n) The act of preferring to bury your head in the sand rather than face and speak out against the troubles that lay ahead.

MATRIOT: (n) A STRONG lady with a PATRIOTIC streak, of the COUNTER-JIHADIST movement.


MARTYRIOT: (n) A PATRIOT who has been ARRESTED & DETAINED for attending a PEACEFUL demo but is now seen as a HERO and INSPIRATION to others

QURANIMAL: (n) A JIHADIST who enjoys their work of RELIGIOUS GENOCIDE, with a fervent brutality. See also MUJAHID.

ISLAMOFLUNKY: (n) one who throws themselves at barbaric 7th Century ideology like a groupie toward a lead guitarist at an after-show party

USEFUL IDIOT: (n) Someone in a position of power, influence or funding, who is groomed by the ‘peaceful & tolerant’ for gaining influence.

HALAL HIPPIE: (n) A “useful idiot” who defends the “values of others” even when they differ profoundly from his/her own values.


TAGHUT: (n) One who has ‘transgressed the boundaries’ by being a RADICAL APOSTATE who ENFORCES their lack of belief in ISLAM upon others.

MUNAFIQ (n) An APOSTATE who pretends to still be a PRACTICING Muslim to avoid the inevitable PERSECUTION & DECAPITATION proscribed by SHARIA

MUJAHID: (n) A JIHADIST or HOLY FIGHTER for the ‘religion of peace’ See: QURANIMAL, JIHADIWADI

MULTICULTURALISM: (n) Suicidal dogma of pagans & Jews in Arabia, who tolerated Mohammed imposing totalitarianism & killing them

‘FEEDING THE CROCODILE’: Term to represent the endless CAPITULATION to the demands of the ‘p&t’ in the hope they will eat you last.

Defiant Infidel

H/T to my FB friend Pamela Liner

Posted on 17 May 14 by Jewish Defence League UK

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. I want to let you know that a lot of these words are in jest, however they do define how Muslims think...I wanted to post this because overall, even though the words are in jest, it shows how ridiculous the "religion" is...]

ISIS killing innocent citizens just for fun

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. This is graphic, but shows how Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS) just wants to kill, even if its Muslims they are killing...and it's a peaceful religion...go figure...sounds like Pres. Obama's common core logic has been taught to them and their (including Obama's) new caliphate

Islamic State (IS) is demanding Iraqi Christians to convert to Islam, pay jizya tax (extortion in a lawful interpretation), or die…this is what is going to transpire here in America, and the other Western countries…soon…their caliph has told them to do it, upon following Mohammed’s actions in the path…]

US taxpayers fund Ramadan dinner in Turkey, Muslims burn US flags, injure 7

When paying the jizya backfires…the U.S. resorts to more dhimmitude, condemning Muslims for throwing the halal food on the floor. via Seven injured as group attacks fast-breaking dinner organized by US consulate in Diyarbakır. h/t @DanielPipes

Seven people, including a police officer, were injured during the scuffles that erupted after the group’s attack. AA Photo

Seven people, including a police officer, were injured during the scuffles that erupted after the group’s attack. AA Photo

A crowd protested a fast-breaking iftar meal organized in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır by the U.S. consulate in Adana on July 15, attacking the tent where the food was prepared and served.

Seven people, including a police officer, were injured during the scuffles that erupted after the group’s attack. Two of the injured people underwent surgery.

Some 72 NGOs and associations were invited by the U.S. consul general in Adana, John Espinoza, to the iftar in tents erected by Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality in the central Dağkapı Square.

A group gathered nearby to protest the event, burning U.S. flags, and some people from within the group reportedly threw flares at the tents, damaging tables and chairs and prompting police to resort to tear gas.

The U.S. consulate said it “understood the protests” but condemned the attack, noting that a similar iftar event was held during Ramadan last year.

We support the right to protest. But the fact that demonstrators threw all the food prepared is unacceptable. We condemn it,” said Espinoza, adding that the iftar meal was intended to show their commitment to the people of Diyarbakır.

“We wanted to show our respect for cultural and religious traditions with an iftar dinner in the district of Sur. We know that these hooligans who have breached this night unlawfully don’t represent Diyarbakır,” he said.

The head of the Democratic Regions Party’s (DBP) Diyarbakır branch, Zübeyde Zümrüt, claimed that the attack was planned. “Two of [the injured] are in serious condition. One has undergone surgery, while another is preparing to do so. One person may lose an eye,” Zümrüt said.

Diyarbakır co-mayors Gültan Kışanak and Fırat Anlı visited the injured in hospital. However, another group of people outside prevented her from making a statement following her visit to the hospital.

Posted on 19 Jul 14 by Creeping Sharia

Hamas Vows to Kidnap More Israeli Soldiers (Video)

Posted by sharia unveiled on July 18, 2014


A recent campaign by Hamas terrorist organization produced videos that aired on television illustrating the abduction of Israeli soldiers..

Hamas Vows to Kidnap More Israeli Soldiers:

Video courtesy of: MEMRI TV & Quoting Islam

Posted on 18 Jul 14 by Sharia Unveiled

Islamic State to Hamas: We Must Attack America Before Supporting Your Fight Against Israel

OFFICIAL RELEASE: Statement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada in Response to the Situation in Israel

Originally posted on sharia unveiled:

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper 1 (resized)



The following is an official release from:

The Office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper

re: In response to the situation in Israel

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement in response to the situation in Israel:

“The indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel are terrorist acts, for which there is no justification. It is evident that Hamas is deliberately using human shields to further terror in the region.

“Failure by the international community to condemn these reprehensible actions would encourage these terrorists to continue their appalling actions. Canada calls on its allies and partners to recognize that these terrorist acts are unacceptable and that solidarity with Israel is the best way of stopping the conflict.

“Canada is unequivocally behind Israel. We support its right to defend itself, by itself, against these terror attacks, and urge Hamas to immediately cease their…

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Obama Specifically Wants Muslims for Military and Pentagon Positions

by Brandon Walker / on July 12, 2014


It seems that a new report has President Obama lining the cabinet with the Muslim Brotherhood, and he is specifically seeking Muslims for military and Pentagon positions.

We already know the Muslim Brotherhood is in President Obama’s Cabinet. Did you also know there was proof of President Obama specifically requesting Muslims for military and Pentagon positions with a connection to the Muslim Brotherhood?

It seems that a full blown military purge is in full swing. Now, we just found proof of thousands of deployed soldiers given pink slipshundreds of officers ordered to move being fired afterward, and 197 Officers purged last year. Yet the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization, celebrates three Army Chaplains being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel?

Make no mistake, declassified FBI documents state INSA is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood! Yet they are celebrating that they have three Army Chaplains during the purge promoted to higher positions. Actually, you can find their strategic goal to take over the military and eventually the US here.

In fact, last year I covered a letter from one of the new Lieutenant Colonels saying Christians are the Anti-Christ and we own the military.

On top of this purge, President Obama has stepped up the hiring process for the military and the Pentagon for one specific religious group only… Muslims.

Never mind we should have headed the warning when he allowed a Muslim cleric to condemn fallen US soldiers and pardoned a US soldier that killed 5 Americans in Afghanistan as friendly fire.

It seems the Pentagon and President Obama have been tracking infiltration of American military by one religion only. The Administration admits they sought Muslims for positions in the military and the Pentagon.

“Our nation and our entire military family remain stronger because of the service and sacrifice of people of all faiths, including the thousands of patriotic Muslim Americans who have served and still serve in this long
period of war,” Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said last week.

The U.S. military currently has 4,500 uniformed Muslims, the Pentagon said on July 3. It was not clear how the Pentagon identified the Muslims. The department has not given statistics on members of other religious faiths. -World Tribune

Why would they be tracking just one religion?

It does seem rather funny considering the military was told to bend to Sharia Law overseas while condemning personally handing out bibles on Military Bases. This is all being carried out in a manner people won’t care about in the name of “peace and tolerance” to a political ideology that doesn’t care about peace or tolerance… or America. We the People should, but we don’t.

Critics of the Muslim Brotherhood in the military and the Presidential Cabinet are well aware of the situation and the treason being committed. They are also fully aware of who President Obama is hiring to replace the ones he just fired.

Critics have accused the administration of promoting Islam as the preferential faith in the United States. Over the last year, a senior adviser to the Homeland Security Department, Mohamed Elibiary, issued a statement that said the U.S. Constitution was “Islamically compliant” and that a Muslim caliphate was “inevitable.”

“I said America was an Islamic country not a Muslim country,” Elibiary said in a Twitter post on June 30.

On July 3, Work attended the annual Pentagon ceremony of Iftar, or the evening dinner after a day-long fast that continues throughout the Muslim month of Ramadan. The Pentagon has been conducting the ceremony since 1998 in commemoration of Islam.

“Tonight is an opportunity for people of different faiths to come together in the spirit of respect and tolerance to share the richness of our beliefs and to enjoy the traditions of hospitality that are such an important part of the Muslim community,” Work said.

The Pentagon, which hired Saudi-sponsored groups to raise awareness, has reported the employment of 1,000 Muslims. Officials said they included civilians and contractors for the Defense Department. ~World Tribune

Did you catch that? Over 1000 individuals were given pink slips while the Pentagon announced the employment of over 1000 Muslim individuals. Why would they state that and how would they know if they followed their oath of office or the Constitution; that no religious test for employment shall be given?

Have we forgot about Nidal Hasan screaming “Allah Akbar” before opening fire on US army personnel? (I’m sorry, John McCain. Senator Lindsey Graham, who you pal around with, is right. It’s a war cry.)

Have we forgotten that President Obama in the name of “peace and tolerance” sent a Muslim cleric to condemn our soldiers and refused to apologize? Have we forgotten his grin from ear to ear when Bergdahl’s father blessed the White House for Allah?  Have we forgotten the 5 US soldiers shot in the back by their own personnel? Have we forgotten the second Ft. Hood shooter? Have we forgotten the Naval Yard shooter? Have we forgotten the Fatwa on condemning other Muslims to die, preventing them from engaging another Muslim they agree with?

For those screaming peace and tolerance, please explain this:

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” ~Qur’an 9:29

The People of the Book are Christians and Jews.

The British Imam calling to humiliate Christians and Jews is absolutely correct in his translation of Sahih Bukhari Book 25, Number 5389. 

There is also the process in their political ideology of abrogation. What that means is the radical and violent Medina verses take precedence over the peaceful Meca verses, and anyone caught not adhering to these outside of the first of three stages of Jihad are as guilty and to be killed with the infidel. Why do you think the rise in violence is about that is off the charts in Europe right now?

They are also allowed Taqiyya, or lying about what is in their religion, in order to subvert or protect themselves.

Brigitte Gabriel was absolutely astounding in her rebuttal of the not all Muslims excuse. Despite President Obama at an INSA meeting talking about the “Muslim’s have made great contributions to America,” even the left-leaning Soda Head trashed him, saying that the only contributions were destruction. When the liberals brag on giving their oath on Jefferson’s and Adam’s Qur’an’s, they need to read the forward.

“This book is a long conference of God, the angels, and Mahomet, which that false prophet very grossly invented; sometimes he introduceth God, who speaketh to him, and teacheth him his law, then an angel, among the prophets, and frequently maketh God to speak in the plural. … Thou wilt wonder that such absurdities have infected the best part of the world, and wilt avouch, that the knowledge of what is contained in this book, will render that law contemptible …” ~John Adams

You see, the Muslims did give one great “contribution” to the United States. They gave us the reference to the “shores of Tripoli” and the birth of the US Marine Corps.  President Adams said that if he sent the new Navy and the newly established Marine Corps to stop the blackmail of 25% of the young country’s GNP we would be fighting Muslims forever with our military.

“If we go into the strait (of Gibraltar) with this fleet and we attack the Musselmen head on, we will continue to be fighting forever.” (Presidential Record Archives)

President Jefferson sent them anyway.

So far, they have been correct. Every time the United States seems vulnerable, they have attacked the United States. We HAVE been fighting for over 200 years, and now you want them in charge of our military Mr. President?

And for all the “peaceful” Moderate Muslims that refuse to speak out on the waves of violence, PROVE ME WRONG!

Posted on 12 Jul 14 by Mad World News

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has stated that they will put an Islamic Trojan Horse in the White House, to literally take over America in a non-Violent way (but we know that they are not dismissing a violent takeover, after all, the MB created terrorist groups like Hamas, the Islamic Association of Palestine, Al-Qaeda, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Libyan Free Army, Syrian Free Army, just to name a few). President Barack Hussein Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood as well, and he is doing what they want him to do...inertly take over America by discriminating against non-Muslims. This is part of a plan...to discourage Americans from joining the military, or "re-upping" because there is a slight, very slight chance a non-Muslim will every get promoted, especially if they are an officer. Another part of this "take over America"plan is having an amnesty law go through...opening the borders...most folks see that it was to allow Mexicans in America to help destroy America financially (like Obama needed that much help), but in reality, there are tens of thousands of "Other than Mexicans" (OTM) being caught illegally entering the US. In fact, there is a Hezbollah sect outside of Texas that is very well crossing the border. Why? You might ask...because it is part of the plan...if our president doesn't make America an Islamic country while he is in office, the MB has set it up so that there will be hundreds of thousands of "extremist" Muslims ready to partake in a violent, jihadist attack against America. Do you think the 2nd Amendment problem is only because the demoncrats are afraid of guns? No, it is part of Shari'a that Obama is working for...a Muslim must make sure his enemy's are easily attacked and defeated...

Obama "fired", in essence, many military veterans, by cutting our military down to less than WWII, which the DoD has stated that we cannot effectively defend our country, has allowed homosexuals/transgenders to enter the military, which did effectively stop a lot of people from enlisting or re-upping, has worked with Iran and allowed them to work on nuclear weapons, just at a slower pace, took the military out of Iraq early, which allowed the MB to take over Iraq and make a caliphate, wants to take the troops out of Afghanistan early, wants to step in and help the MB Syrian Freedom Fighters take over Syria...

Made it so anyone in the military having tattoos on their neck or on their forearms could not get promoted, and now this...he is trying to make America very weak so the MB could run in and take the offensive and conquer America...you look at the evidence, and you decide...the time is very short for America...all because a lot of people was thinking "CHANGE" was for socialism...]

Aisha and Muhammad – The Movie *JUST RELEASED*


A movie on Prophet Muhammad’s married life based on original Islamic sources. It shows Muhammad’s treatment and sexual abuse of his child-wife Aisha, and his treatment of and attitude toward women in general.


Aisha and Muhammad – The Movie – Just Released

                           WATCH HERE

Posted on 4 Jul 14 by Sharia Unveiled

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. I wanted to point out that there are two former Jesuit priests that were in the Vatican, that were given information in the '60's and '70's by high ranking Vatican officials, that stated that Islam was actually started by St Andronicus, because the Catholic Churches hated the Jews the Christians (because they would not submit to the teachings of the Catholic church), started putting together an "ally" to help get rid of the Jews, the Christians, and conquer Jerusalem. They started out by spreading the word through their faithful RC people in North Africa, and the Middle East, that a prophet will be coming, to save the Arabs. The two ex-Jesuits were Alberto Rivera and Martin Malachi...both are deemed as loony bins, both were assassinated. I was also on a Dearborn missionary trip, in which I talked with a Muslim, not a converted on, but a devout Muslim, that concurred that Islam was started by the Catholic church. One thing to look at is this...there are a number of similarities between the two religions.

The anti-Christ will be a Chrislamic, and the false prophet (prophesied as the last Pope, which Pope Francis meets the prophecy) will merge Catholicism and Islam...the mahdi, on the Islamic version, will come out of Iraq (there is a new Caliph in Iraq through the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS) and Jesus would be with him...the Catholics put the Pope, as a vicar of Christ...

Being the Vicar (A "vicar" is someone who serves "as a substitute or agent:) of Christ means that the Pope is a substitute of Jesus Christ...so therefore the Pope will be used as the Isa that is working with the mahdi.

I bring this up in this blog because, as you have seen if you watch the movie, the Catholic church, in the beginning was doing serious interacting with Mohammed...his 40+ year old wife was a devout Catholic, as was his "mentor" cousin...both working for the Pope...satan took this opportunity to finish the religion of Islam...]


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