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MICHIGANISTAN…well on its way to becoming the first Islamic sharia-compliant state in America

Dearbornistan Heights Police Department now providing halal food to detained Muslims.

law_enforcement_guide-vi-129x300 Arab American News  Local Muslim sharia proponents have welcomed the Dearborn Heights Police Department’s recent decision to provide halal food to Muslims who are detained in their custody.  In recent months, members of the terror-linked CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations of Michigan) have held meetings with the Dearborn Heights mayor and police chief to discuss the need for the City’s police force to better accommodate Muslim suspects and criminals. These meetings have led to the recent halal food accommodation. CAIR-MI is also seeking similar accommodations from other law enforcement entities in Michigan and says the Police Department’s decision is a testament to recognizing the religious sensitivities of Muslims.  

Michigan Police: Muslim female detainees can wear headbags in jail.

cair statement

Detroit News  After meeting this week with officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Michigan, the Novi Police Department has agreed to allow Muslim women to wear the traditional hijab [...] covering during detainment.

“We welcome the sensitivity shown by the Novi Police Department and look forward to working with them in the future, which will include providing sensitivity trainings,” CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid said in a statement.

Satan is trying to take over America with his fake “religion”, because America and Israel have been (until the Muslim King Obama came into rule) very good allies, looking out for each other. This makes satan upset for he will lose in the end times, and the Islamic AC will be exited out of the picture.

I went off on the rabbit trail just to let you know that, with the Biblical “End Times” quickly approaching, Christians, and Christian oriented countries, will start to be more persecuted and pressured into converting to Islam.

Dearborn Muslim Calls for Killing Anti-Islam Protesters

McDonald’s Pays $700,000 to Dearborn Muslims for Allegedly Serving non-Halal Chicken

MICHIGAN: Hamtramck City Council enacted law permitting mosques to amplify the Islamic Azan call to prayer over loudspeakers.

Muslims have also gained 3 of 6 Hamtramck City Council seats.

               Mosque just miles away in Dearborn Michigan.

Mosque’s allowed to amplify
Muslim call to prayer over
the city of Hamtramck.

Click here to listen to the Islamic Azan

call to prayer.

CBSnews.com reported on December 5, 2007 that the Hamtramck Michigan City Council City was “expected Tuesday to pass a noise ordinance amendment that would permit mosques to issue the traditional Islamic call to prayer over loudspeakers.  But some longtime residents are resisting what they consider an affront to non-Muslims.  Long known for pierogi and polka, the bustling city of Hamtramck, Mich., is now debating whether to add an amplified Arabic chant to the local sights and sounds.”

I’m so glad you are trying to warn people!”  Kathy W. told Florida Family Association in an email.  “I live in Michigan, so I have heard so much about the Muslims in Dearborn. In Hamtramck, they got permission to sound their call to prayer over LOUDSPEAKERS several times a day. But they complained about church bells ringing, even when it was just on the hour. These people don’t want to be Americans. They want to conquer America! So many people have their heads buried in the sand when it comes to this topic.” Kathy W. September 20, 2011.

Click here to read the full CBSnews.com report titled Mosque prayers irk Michigan City.

Click here to listen to the Islamic Azan call to prayer.Recent elections have bolstered the number of Muslim City Council members in Hamtramck to three out of six.

Click hereto see Hamtramck City Council.

Posted by Welcome to Tampa Florida
[Editor’s Note: My understanding is that, in conjunction to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal of the Group (the document where the MB plans on taking over America internally, and changing it to an Islamic country, with the help of their Trojan horse in the White House), Michigan is the first state they will work on to make it an Islamic state…and so far, it is working out well for the enemy. Non-Muslims get to hear the cursed chant/prayers 5 times a day in the city of Hamtramck, about 20 miles southwest of Dearborn, Michigan. When I was stationed in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Egypt for about six months each, it was very annoying to hear that, and now Americans get to hear that on a daily basis. So, Michigan is possibly the first state in the MB takeover; you can see the evidence that foreign law and beliefs are taking over America in general, thank you very much oh “Son of the West”! Wonder how many times our Christian, Founding Fathers turned in the graves with the traitorous, Muslim president and his Shari’a advocate cronies in office…and, to me, a big problem is also the discrimination...churches aren't allowed to ring their bells because it upsets the Muslims, but Muslims are allowed to force feed the entire city with it's satanic prayers...go figure.]

Freedom of Speech 0 Shari’a Law 1

Acting on a tip from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), police shut down a private event in a rented room that was promoting the American constitution and the “American Laws for American Courts” legislation initiative.

Amid calls of “What about free speech?” the Allegan Police Department entered the room in the middle of the event and ordered it shut down.

Police originally gave as their reason for the shut-down the appearance of Kamal Saleem, a former Muslim terrorist who converted to Christianity and who was a featured speaker at the event.  However, the chief of police later admitted to a reporter that he was acting on no specific threat or danger being posed by the event.

The event was located in the Allegan High School auditorium which had been rented by Willis Sage, an Allegan County commissioner.  Sage is the author of “Constituting Michigan – Founding Principles Act,” which would require Michigan public schools to teach the history and constitution of the United States.

        Kamal Saleem

No specific threat of violence was received by either the City of Allegan, the police department, the Allegan Public School District or the Allegan Public High School.

However, school officials had notified police that they had received a letter complaining about the event from Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR – Michigan.  The letter asked the school to cancel the event despite an existing contract.

CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism funding trial in U. S. history, U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation.

A civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR- MI), its Executive Director, the City of Allegan, the Allegan Police Department and the School District for violating the constitutional and contractual rights of the event organizers and participants. The lawsuit was filed for the plaintiffs by the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Law Center commented, “It’s amazing how much clout CAIR has with the political establishment of both parties in Lansing [Michigan’s capital] and throughout Michigan and the nation — this, despite the fact that CAIR has its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood, was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, and the FBI’s  former chief of counterterrorism noted that CAIR, its leaders and its activities effectively give aid to international terrorist groups.

Richard Thompson “Press accounts make it clear that an indictment naming CAIR as a defendant in the Holy Land Foundation trial was squelched by Attorney General Holder’s office despite vehement objections by FBI agents and the federal prosecutors in Dallas.”

The purpose of the event was to inform the public about the importance of honoring the United States Constitution, to recognize the internal threat to America posed by radical Muslims and the dangers to American society posed by the imposition and insinuation of Islamic (sharia) law.

Saleem has spoken at numerous high schools and universities, Christian churches and Jewish institutions across the nation.  He has also spoken at the U. S. Air Force Academy, Michigan’s State Capital and Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.  At no time before or after the Allegan event has an event where he has spoken been shut down by law enforcement.

Commissioner Sage had notified the Allegan police chief ten days before the event and invited him to check out the background of Saleem, which he never did.

In addition to Sage, plaintiffs in the case include Michigan State Representative David Agema, sponsor of the “Restriction of Application of Foreign Laws Act,”, which bans the use of foreign laws including sharia by courts and administrative bodies of the State when those laws conflict with fundamental rights protected by the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Michigan.

CAIR is an outspoken opponent of the act.

The American Laws for American Courts act is designed to protect American citizens’ constitutional rights against the infiltration and incursion of foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines, especially sharia.

Foreign laws are frequently at odds with U.S. constitutional principles of equal protection and due process, and freedom of religion, speech and assembly. They typically enter the American court system through the principle of comity (mutual respect of each country’s legal system). Granting comity to a foreign judgment is a matter of state law. Most state and federal courts will grant comity unless the recognition of the foreign judgment violates an important public policy of the state.

The “American Laws for American Courts” act has been passed into law in Tennessee, Louisiana and Arizona. To find out more about the law, a Forty Minute Course is available online.

Posted on 17 May 12 by radicalislam.org

OH, BOO HOO! CAIR thugs say high school football players are victims of anti-Muslim discrimination

Posted: January 24, 2012 | Author: barenakedislam

DEARBORNISTAN: After four Muslim teenage football players were charged with misdemeanor Assault & Battery, their attorney from terror-linked CAIR and Arab-American community leaders claim the players were targeted for prosecution because they are Arab (Muslims).

WXYZ NEWS  (H/T Rob E) The Muslim players for Star Academy High School in Dearborn Heights say what occurred at the end of their game against Lutheran Western was just a typical gridiron scuffle.

Investigators accuse three of the teens of punching, kicking and yanking the helmet off of a rival quarterback after referees stated that the quarterback was off-limits because he was “taking a knee” to run out the few seconds that were left on the clock. A fourth teen is accused of assaulting a member of the coaching staff for the opposing team.

The school district suspended all four players for several games and from classes for two days. Attorneys for the boys say that should have been sufficient punishment.

There is controversy over charges against four Star Academy football players who are charged with assault and battery after the young quarterback at Lutheran Westland High school was left with a serious concussion.

It happened at the end of the game.  The Lutheran coach who is P.J.’s dad says the refs told the players to stay away but police in Dearborn Heights say they charged anyway. 15-year-old P.J. Guse ended up at the hospital with a grade three concussion, he spent time off school, was dizzy, had memory loss and says he can’t believe it happened.

It took nearly three months of investigating but four senior players from Star have been charged with Assault and Battery, a misdemeanor.  Their lawyer, Nabih Ayad says he believes they were charged because they are Arab American. He wants the charges dismissed.

Police and prosecutors have viewed the tape of the game, talked to witnesses and say this had nothing to do with the players being Arab American. They say it has to do with an assault that could have ended much worse.

Posted on 25 Jan 12 by BNI

MICHIGANISTAN: High School student on $10,000 bond for calling a Muslim a terrorist

Posted: December 7, 2011 | Author: barenakedislam

This means bow down to Muslim students’ demands for special accommodations for their religion

A Saline High School student is accused of ‘ethnic intimidation’ after he allegedly called another student a terrorist and then punched him in the face. Funny how the report says the Muslim yelled back but we don’t get to learn what he called the non-Muslim.

Ann Arbor News  Daryl Larkin, 17, was the passenger in a vehicle driven by another 17-year-old Saline High School student on Campus Parkway near Saline High School at about 11:30 a.m. Thursday, said Pittsfield Township Deputy Chief of Police Gordy Schick.


Schick said Larkin allegedly called the pedestrian a terrorist, which the pedestrian took exception to and yelled back at Larkin and the other student. The driver turned the car back around and went back to the pedestrian and more words were exchanged, Schick said.

“The victim told the other two students he didn’t appreciate being called a terrorist and he felt they were challenging his ethnic background,” Schick said. (NO, they were challenging his ‘ethnic’ desire to kill all non-Muslims as taught by his religion) “That’s when the passenger got out and punched him in the face.”

Larkin was arraigned on one count of ethnic intimidation and was given a $10,000 personal recognizance bond, according to Washtenaw County Jail records. If convicted, Larkin faces a maximum of two years in prison and a fine of $5,000.

The ‘victim’ suffered minor injuries, Schick said. The victim’s ethnic background isn’t known by police, Schick said. (If you don’t know his ethnicity, how do you charge the other kid with ethnic intimidation?)

Posted on 6 Dec 11 by BNI

Male Nurse Claims He Was Fired for Treating Muslim Women

by David J. Rusin  •  Nov 30, 2011 at 3:43 pm


In one of the more intriguing cases to emerge recently, male nurse John Benitez Jr. filed suit against the city of Dearborn, Michigan, for sex discrimination last week, charging that he had been terminated for tending to Muslim women at a government-run medical facility after receiving contradictory instructions about the need to adhere to gender separation:

Benitez, 63, of Madison Heights, worked at the city’s taxpayer-funded health clinic. He alleges he was ordered by a female supervisor not to treat conservative Muslim women, specifically those wearing head scarves, according to the lawsuit. He was told the clinic’s male Muslim clientele did not want a male treating female patients.

He complied until November 2010, when a doctor ordered him to treat Muslim women as he would any other patient. Benitez followed the doctor’s order and was fired less than one month later, according to the lawsuit.

An Associated Press item clarifies that his former female supervisor is Muslim and “told Benitez to refer patients wearing hijab to her, rather than treating them himself.” The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gave the suit a green light in October.

Alarming on their own, the allegations also reinforce a pair of trends tracked by Islamist Watch:

  • Islamism in Dearborn. Nobody should be surprised to hear such a tale coming out of this Detroit suburb, which has a large Muslim population and public entities known for bending over backwards to accommodate it. Examples include the University of Michigan-Dearborn installing foot-washing stations to aid Muslims preparing to pray, Fordson High School holding football practice from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. in 2010 to ease the Ramadan fast for Muslim athletes, and officials’ repeated attempts to inhibit Christians from engaging in speech that might discomfort Muslims. Without a doubt, Dearborn is at the very center of the battle against Islamist encroachments in the U.S.
  • Strife over gender mixing in medical settings. Hospitals and other health-related venues commonly spawn gender controversies, as rapidly moving events and limited resources can make male-female contact unavoidable. Two months ago, a Muslim woman demanded to see a female doctor in a Pennsylvania emergency room, but a male nurse declined the request and reportedly said that God would forgive her for being examined by a man; she left in a huff. Last year, relatives “attacked and kicked” a doctor trying to treat a woman at a Swedish hospital “because they objected to him being a male.” An altercation involving medics even erupted at an Australian accident scene in 2009.

A court will need to weigh the veracity of specific claims made by Benitez against Dearborn, but his attorney’s remarks are relevant well beyond the parameters of this one suit: “When you get to the point that taxpayer-funded entities are having to comply with personal religious beliefs rather than letting people do their job, you’re going down a road that does not end in a good place.”

Posted on 30 Nov 11 by Islamist Watch

Detroit terror suspect accused of vehicular jihad against FBI agent

Posted on October 5, 2011 by creeping

via Terror suspect accused of trying to hit FBI agent – Yahoo! News. h/t Religion of Peace

AP Photo

DETROIT – A federal judge in Michigan has ordered a man suspected of supporting terrorist groups held on allegations he tried to crash into the car of an FBI agent who was following him as part of heightened security for the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Reed S. Berry, 26, of St. Joseph was under surveillance because of his suspected terrorist links, according to an FBI affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids.

The government has said the links include Internet communication with one or more groups involved in international terrorism.

Defense lawyer Elias Muawad said what the government has labeled terrorist links in court filings appear to be online speech protected by the First Amendment. He also said his client, Berry, has been upset about being under investigation for months, subject to searches and barred from air travel.

“He was feeling like a caged person,” Muawad told The Associated Press on Sunday.

According to the Sept. 23 complaint that charged Berry with assaulting a federal officer, the FBI executed a search warrant March 9 seeking evidence linking Berry to foreign terrorist groups.

“The FBI investigation to date has developed information that Berry was using the Internet both to contact and to provide affirmative support to one or more FTOs,” or foreign terrorist organizations, the complaint said.

The FBI then got a warrant May 11 to search Berry’s Yahoo email account, and investigators now are reviewing its contents, the complaint said.

In anticipation of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, “the FBI decided to maintain around-the-clock knowledge of Berry’s whereabouts that weekend,” the complaint said.

FBI Special Agent Samuel Moore and Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Larry Dyksterhouse were watching Berry the night of Sept. 9 and had been told that their “target” was aware he was under surveillance, the complaint said.

The agents followed Berry as he drove around Benton Harbor and St. Joseph. They said he traveled to various locations and at one point turned his headlights off and just sat in the vehicle.

Moore said Berry eventually put his car in reverse and began speeding toward Moore’s stopped vehicle. The agent said he “immediately accelerated forward and to the hard left, avoiding a direct collision” with Berry.

On Wednesday, U.S. Magistrate Hugh Brenneman in Grand Rapids ordered Berry detained before the assault trial.

“In addition to the present offense, defendant is well aware the FBI is using considerable resources to investigate whether defendant has been participating in terrorist-related activities,” Brenneman wrote in his order that Berry stay behind bars until trial.

Brenneman also cited the fact that Berry has a wife in London and “has told the FBI he wants to leave this country and never return.” And, the judge said, Berry’s state criminal record shows “a repeated disregard of the judicial system” with bond and parole revocations.

Posted on 5 Oct 11 by creeping sharia

Michigan Bill Bars “Foreign Laws”

On August 14, 2011, in islam, news, by velvethammerIslamic Sharia law would of course fit within that distinction. And with good reason.

PIGMAN Breaking Sharia Law ~Bosch Fawstin

(The Detroit News) –Detroit— A state lawmaker wants Michigan to join the trend of states banning “foreign laws,” but Muslim activists say the effort is a thinly veiled attack on Islam.

Rep. Dave Agema, R-Grandville, is pushing a bill to bar the implementation of foreign laws. It doesn’t mention Sharia — Islamic law — but he acknowledged it would be prohibited in courts under the legislation intended to prevent anyone “who tries to shove any foreign law down our throats.”

“No foreign law shall supersede federal laws or constitution or state laws or constitution,” Agema said. “Our law is our law. I don’t like foreign entities telling us what to do.”

As it should be, now and always. Period. End of sentence.

Agema said his bill would protect the “vast majority” of Muslims, whom he contended “come to this country to get away from Sharia.”

Brilliant point! I bet they dodged that one.

The legislation comes at a time of heightened debate about Sharia, a set of religious rules governing personal conduct, family relationships and religious practice for Muslims. Critics fear Sharia could supersede civil law and have an impact on divorce and child custody cases, and similar legislation has been introduced in 25 states.

Some say the bills are unnecessary and pander to anti-Muslim paranoia.

Let me be perfectly clear. It is NOT anti-Muslim, it IS anti-Islamic Sharia law. They know that, we know that, let’s drop the charade.

“Agema … is a reflection of a segment of the GOP that is openly xenophobic and Islamophobic,” said Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Michigan chapter.

Islam is EXTREMELY and OPENLY xenophobic, freedomOphobic, ChristianityOphobic, JudaismOphobic, and pretty much everything non-Islam Ophobic. The problem is that Islam is not jihadOphobic or lieOphobic.

State Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Detroit, plans to speak out about the bill during a press conference Tuesday in Midtown. Victor [Ghabib] Begg, a prominent Republican and co-founder of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan, called the bill “appalling.”

Islam is appalling. Each and every single facet of the bloody, barbaric totalitarian ideology is as appalling as anything could possibly be.

“Some in our party find it politically opportune to target my faith by sponsoring an innocuous sounding bill, knowing well that their intent is so-called ‘creeping Sharia,’” Begg said.

Memo to Muslim BS artist Begg: FYI The target is Sharia. Which is antithetical to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. And that is the POINT! Either you respect the US Constitution or you don’t. Attacking measures to protect the United States and her citizens from anti-Constitutional foreign laws (and yes that includes Sharia) leads one to believe that you have zero respect for the Constitution. Thou art protesting tooooo much.

And as far as “so called ‘creeping sharia’”? If only that were the case. But alas it is NOT.

Agema called the criticism “hogwash.”

“If anybody has a problem with this that means they don’t agree with U.S. laws,” he said. “If they don’t want it passed then they have an ulterior agenda. It shows the people accusing me of that (bigotry) are guilty of it themselves.”

Continued >>>

Another brilliant point! It is not islamophobic to oppose sharia law it is –SURVIVAL. Besides, if Muslims who so virulently oppose anti-Sharia law legislation do not wish to implement sharia in the US, then why would they care??


Illustration by Bosch Fawstin, used with permission. If you weren’t familiar with Bosch’s work before today ( I don’t see how, but just in case). Check it out. It’s pure genius smash mouth comic artistry. Bar none.

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