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Source: Major Terror Plot Underway, Team to Carry It Out ‘In Place’

Aug. 3, 2013 8:09pm Dave Urbanski

A major terror plot is underway and a team to carry it out “has been selected and is in place,” according to CBS News senior correspondent John Miller’s sources.

While there is no other information—date, time, location—Miller reports that it’s the most specific, credible threat data in years.

Which helps explain the State Department’s decision Friday to issue a broad global travel alert for U.S. citizens for the entire month of August, as well as the order to close 21 embassies across the Muslim world beginning Sunday because of an unspecified threat.

terror-threat-e1375574718969(Credit: CBS News)

CBS News reports that officials have noted Yemen as a potential target, as it’s the home base for al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, a.k.a. AQAP, widely considered the most dangerous in the world.

President Obama was briefed Saturday morning on the potential terrorist threat before departing for Camp David, according to CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues.

August has been an active month for terrorism, CBS News says: 15 years ago this week the U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania took more than 200 lives and injured more than 4,000.

CBS News adds that next month is the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which killed four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador.

“Current information suggests that al-Qa’ida and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks both in the region and beyond, and that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of August,” the alert posted on the State Department’s website stated.

The alert warned of the “potential for terrorist attacks” particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, and also possibly in the Arabian Peninsula.

“Terrorists may elect to use a variety of means and weapons and target both official and private interests,” the alert said. “U.S. citizens are reminded of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure.  Terrorists have targeted and attacked subway and rail systems, as well as aviation and maritime services. U.S. citizens should take every precaution to be aware of their surroundings and to adopt appropriate safety measures to protect themselves when traveling.”

Check out the report from CBS News:

CBS has a news video on this…click here to watch it.

Posted on 3 Aug 13 by the Blaze

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. Something to think about...not trying to be political, however; I can see what plausible "false flag" scenario Micheal Savage has stated in that Barack Hussein Obama is trying to distract the American people from the unconstitutional stuff he is performing, like sending troops to Syria, funding the Muslim Brotherhood created terrorist group Hamas, the list goes on...amazing how he tells the Americans that the war on terrorism is over, as well as (when he first got into office) that we are not at war with Islam, then he turns around and (possibly falsely) blames a terrorist group for plotting a global terrorist incident, knowing that most Western people in the world do not know that the Muslim Brotherhood created a number of terrorist groups, and Al-Qaeda is one of them. Once again, you decide what is the situation. ]

Terrorist super-axis to strike within U.S.

Imminent attacks planned by al-Qaida, Quds Forces, Hezbollah

Islam-340x173Update: On Tuesday, the source provided additional new information on the terrorists’ plan for a major attack – that it is to take place within weeks and is planned to be “spectacular,” using a new method. The information was immediately passed on to the appropriate U.S. agency.

Iran has given the go-ahead to operatives of three terrorist groups that have infiltrated the United States to carry out missions, including what is expected to be a Mumbai-style attack on a hotel where innocent bystanders would be killed, WND has learned.

A full report with many details of the missions has been passed on to U.S. officials.

Three targets have been chosen within America for imminent attack, and the terror teams have now cut communications with the operational center in Iran, a sign that they are moving ahead with the attacks, according to a high-level intelligence officer within the Islamic regime.

If only one of the attacks occurs, the regime will consider the operation a success, the source said. Tehran believes, he said, an attack would not be traced back to Iran due to the nationalities of the operators.

For their video clip, click here

One of the planned attacks resemble the Mumbai attack in 2008, the source added, in which a hotel was targeted, hostages were taken and 164 people were killed over several days. India alleges Pakistan used proxies to carry out the Mumbai attack so it wouldn’t be traced back to Pakistan, just as Iran now is using proxies to hide its current terrorism. The information provided by the source provides details of a new jihadist coalition with a focus on creating instability in the U.S.

The source said the regime views the Boston bombing as a successful terrorist attack in which fear was created, U.S. intelligence questioned and a sense of security diminished. There has yet to be any link to a specific group or country.

As WND reported exclusively April 22, the regime’s Quds Forces have done extensive planning on gatherings, events and high-value targets in the U.S., but for two years have focused on events such as the Boston Marathon. The Quds Forces run an extensive network of terrorists out of South Asia.

A Feb. 14, 2010, meeting in Iran either set up the new jihadist coalition or continued the coalition among the Quds Forces, Hezbollah and al-Qaida. The latter coalition was formed years ago by Imad Mugniyeh, the dead mastermind terrorist from Hezbollah, under the direction of Ahmad Vahidi, then the head of the Quds Forces and the current Iranian defense minister, to collaborate on their fight against the U.S.

At the 2010 meeting, Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Quds Forces; Seif Adel, the operational head of al-Qaida; and Mustafa Badr al-Din, the operational head of Hezbollah; devised a plan for operations against the U.S. under a new coalition, dubbed the “Coalition of Muslim Soldiers.” The coalition includes al-Shabaab, an al-Qaida offshoot based in Somalia, and has its central command in the Iranian city of Kerman. Command and control centers are located in the Iranian provinces of Kerman, Khorasan, Khuzestan, Kurdistan, and Sistan and Baluchistan, the source said.

The coalition, led by Soleimani, with Iran the main source of funding, is based on a strategic collaboration and devoid of ideological differences and opinions of Shiite and Sunni Marjas. The main operational commanders, mostly well-known terrorists, are:

  1. Gen. Soleimani, the head of the Quds Forces with full power given to him by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
  2. Brig. Gen. Abdolreza Shahlabi of the Quds Forces.
  3. Brig. Gen. Hamed Abdollahi of the Quds Forces.
  4. Brig. Gen. Hossein Movahedian of the Quds Forces.
  5. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagher Zolghadr of the Quds Forces.
  6. Seif Adel, the operational head of al-Qaida.
  7. Abdul Rahman Yasin of al-Qaida operations.
  8. Abu Saeed al-Mesri of al-Qaida in Latin America.
  9. Adnan ShokriJuma of al-Qaida in America.
  10. Hakimalah Masoud of al-Qaida operations.
  11. Mustafa Badr al-Din, the operations head of Hezbollah and the brother-in-law and cousin of the dead terrorist Imad Mugniyah, who now serves as Mugnyiah’s replacement as the military leader of Hezbollah and the deputy to the Quds’ Soliemani.
  12. Talal Hamieh, the head of the External Security Organization, strategic planning and funding for Hezbollah in Venezuela. He commutes directly from Venezuela to Damascus, Syria, then to Lebanon and back.
  13. Fozi Mohammad Mostafa of Hezbollah operations.
  14. Mohammad Ali Hamdi of Hezbollah operations in Toronto, Canada. He targets nuclear power plants and other sites in Canada.
  15. Ebrahim Saleh Mohammad al-Yaghoub of Hezbollah operations.
  16. Mohammad Ahmad al-Monavar, the operations commander for Abu Nidal.
  17. Jahad Servan Mostafa, the operations commander for al-Shabaab in Somalia.

Based on intelligence and infiltration by Western intelligence agencies into institutions, operations and cultural centers of radical Arab Islamists after 9/11, the new coalition recruits non-Arab Islamists from many other nationalities and Arabs from countries not on the hot list for American agencies.

Iran believes that the perception of security in America that has helped empower its actions in the Middle East must be turned 180 degrees, not only to defeat and derail all U.S. calculations based on gathered intelligence but to destabilize the political, economic and social conditions in America, the source said.

Based on that understanding, he said, the U.S. through its military might has kept the fight in the Islamic region and away from its homeland and its allies’ turf. Now continuous operations must be conducted in the U.S. homeland to change that equation, they believe.

More than 2,600 targets, including public places, government buildings and military installations, have been chosen for attack, and reconnaissance has been done. Information about some of the targets, based on direct knowledge of the source, has been given to U.S. officials to neutralize the threat and confront the terrorists. They include specific government buildings, news networks, malls and sports events.

This new coalition has also prepared for a major attack to avenge al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden’s killing to satisfy Seif Adel, the operational head of al-Qaida, for his collaboration with the Iranian regime.

The radical regime ruling Iran has set up several channels for financial support of the new coalition with its terrorist activities. Multiple commerce, cultural and financial institutions in the U.S. are part of that network. The connection includes individuals running businesses in Damascus and its connections to al-Qaida operatives in America.

Since 2001, more than $270 million has been invested in the expansion of mosques and Islamic centers in America by institutions in the Iranian city of Qom. As part of the coalition’s plan, some 27 mosques and Islamic centers in America are their target for collaboration, infiltration and recruitment of sympathizers for various missions, including reconnaissance and terrorist acts.

The source said the new coalition, due to its composition of different people in Central Asia, is a very complex organization.

The publication of a limited version of the full report is an intention to put the Islamic regime on notice that should it go ahead with its planned attacks in the U.S. homeland, it will be held responsible, the source said.

Posted on 14 May 13 by WND

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. With having Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Quds Forces in the United States, and these are Muslim terrorist groups with the intent of conquering America, and we having an Islamic president that is trying to allow them in here without any background checks, green cards, visas, through the open borders that Obama doesn't want patrols on. The fact that in 2011 close to 8000 Hezbollah operatives were caught crossing the border is alarming with the current terrorist threat, and the fact that Pres. Obama is allow them in here, and his cutting our military down drastically, and trying to disarm Americans, and his working hand in hand with the Muslim Brotherhood (which created Al-Qaeda and Obama has helped Al Qaeda in both the Libyan and Syrian civil wars), it is clear that the US has let the terrorists move right in with their dhimmitude and political correctness, and the pushing of the president and the Muslim Brotherhood, and we are setup for a huge harbinger concerning our apostatedness from Yahweh God.]

Terrorist attempts to blow up Federal Reserve Bank

Posted: 3:13 PM, October 17, 2012

                         Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis.

A young Bangladeshi on a mission to “destroy America” tried to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in lower Manhattan Wednesday with what he thought was a 1,000-pound van bomb, according to a criminal complaint.

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, 21, allegedly wanted to kill scores of people, wreak havoc on the US economy and stop the presidential election when he parked on Liberty Street around 8 a.m. and repeatedly dialed into the cellphone detonator from a nearby hotel room.

But all he did was set off an indicator in the van that proved he tried to set off the explosion. He was promptly arrested, with his grand plans up in smoke.

“I don’t want something that’s like small. I just want something big,” Nafis, 21, told an undercover agent during a recorded August meeting in Central Park.

“Something very big. Very very very very big, that will shake the whole country…that will make us one step closer to run the whole world. I want to do something that brothers coming after us can be inspired by us.”

The al Qaeda-obsessed terrorist — who was living with relatives in Queens — also recorded a video addressed to Americans right before he tried to detonate the bomb.

“We will not stop until we attain victory or martyrdom,” he said in the video, in which he covered his face, wore sunglasses and disguised his voice.

Had the bomb been real, the outcome would have been catastrophic.

It “could have done significant damage to the building, possibly taking it down,” said a law-enforcement source.

“It could have killed hundreds of people who were walking by it — and it would have traveled for blocks, taking out windows. Who knows how many people could have been injured from that.”

Looking meek and overwhelmed, Nafis was arraigned yesterday afternoon on charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to provide material support to al-Qaeda in Brooklyn federal court.

He was dressed in jeans with the cuffs rolled up, a brown T-shirt and athletic shoes. He sported a trimmed beard.

Nafis, who was held without bail, faces life in prison. He is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

His attorney, Heidi Cesare, declined to comment.

Federal agents raided his Jamaica apartment, where they took out his computer and boxes of evidence.

Here is the original Complaint Against Terror Suspect Nafis, that was posted shortly after he was arrested yesterday.

Complaint Against Terror Suspect Nafis

Posted on 17 Oct 12 by New York Post

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily reflect the views of local Act chapters nor that of the National Act office…however; how dare the Federal Government, through BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, the Imam in charge of the United States, say that we are not at war with Islam…ALL of the terrorist plots, all of the terrorist attempts, were not done by Buddhists, nor Hindus, nor Catholics, nor Mormons, nor Baptists, nor the Messianic Jews, nor Zionists, nor any denomination from the Christian religion…not even occultic “church”, or Wiccan, or even the Assyrian Church of the East…none of these religions have done, or planned on doing, or plotted to terrorize the world into making the world submit to their “religion”…only the Muslims have done this…and what religion does the Muslims follow? Oh yea, that’s right, ISLAM. Islam, Barack Hussein Obama’s religion, is the only one trying to terrorize the world for world domination…Islam is the only religion that actually teaches their young children to kill or enslave ALL that will not accept allah as their God.

Islamist claim that they do not condone terrorism…but the problem with that is that they use a play on words…it is very true, they do not condone terrorism, however, they do condone JIHAD. They use the play on words because they do not feel terrorism and jihadism are the same…jihad is mandatory from their god to make people either come to him (allah) or they will spend eternity in hell. And the US government, under the restrictions of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, are telling people that we are not at war with Islam, we are at war with lone wolf people…too bad between 250 million and 390 million Islamic MUSLIMS (including “moderate” Muslims) are will to become jihadists if their Imams or a caliph told them to do it.

If you look at those numbers from a military point of view…that would be a very large violent military force to fight, on account of superpower countries’ military are between 2.7 million and 2.9 million (US and Russia), and China is around 3.5 million…so, even if all three superpowers were to join to fight the radical jihadist, the three would have a huge chance of failing…8 million versus 250 million…not good statistics is it…good thing ISLAMIC BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA tells us, and works on convincing us that we are not at war with ISLAM…(yea right idiot)…very good thing that MUSLIMS are not fully going to work on following their god’s mandatory law of jihad!

Suspicious Backpack: Backpack Found With Grenades, Black Powder Under Bridge


Homeland Security NTARC News | 7/10/2012


The FBI was brought in Monday to help investigate the discovery of a cache of explosives in a backpack under a bridge near the border of Anaheim and Placentia.

The backpack contained six grenades, blasting caps and fuse igniters and blasting powder, according to authorities.

According to Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino, the backpack was spotted under a bridge off Lakeview Avenue near Orangethorpe Avenue Monday morning.

Posted on 10 Jul 12 by National Terror Alert Response Center


“Scorching Summer”

Al Qaeda has called upon its operatives and supporters to carry out fire attacks as part of its struggle against its enemies

While Israel awaits the State Comptroller’s report concerning the Mount Carmel fire, al Qaeda is threatening and preparing for a “forest jihad” – a modus operandi of Islamic terror organizations.

In the latest issue of al Qaeda’s English magazine in the Arabian Peninsula, “Inspire,” the organization calls on its operatives and supporters to set forests on fire as part of its struggle against enemies of Islam. The magazine, which emphasizes that forest fires are a permitted combat method in Islam, provides relevant quotes from the Koran as proof. The magazine also includes detailed explanations on how to prepare incendiary bombs to set forests ablaze.

This is not the first time that al Qaeda is calling for operatives to commit arson. In June 2003, a published FBI memo revealed that an al Qaeda operative arrested in the United States planned to cause a series of forest fires. Influenced by the tremendous damage caused by Australian forest fires, the operative planned a series of attacks in which terrorists were to plant bombs with delay mechanisms at several sites around the US. The operative claimed that the fires were meant to influence US public opinion and its ability to demand and change governmental policies.

In November 2007, a website affiliated with al Qaeda published a call for a “forest jihad” during summer. The publication listed the advantages of setting forests ablaze, including causing many casualties, damaging tourist locations, creating an absence of wood for industry, and creating difficulties for fire and rescue services. The publication also justified the acts from the perspective of Islamic law.

In October 2008, the British journal “Sunday Express” reported that al Qaeda had threatened to open a new environmental front in its anti-Western campaign. Western intelligence sources explained that they intercepted messages from the organization’s activists that threatened to ignite forest fires around the world in an effort to spread panic and hurt the West’s economy. One of the messages stated: “Imagine that, after all the damage is caused, if a jihad organization were to take responsibility for the forest fires. You can imagine the dread it would cause people in the US, Europe, Russia, and Australia.”

At the end of January 2012, an announcement was published on al Qaeda’s websites by an unknown group (known as Masadat Al-Mujahidin) that said it was “declaring war on America.” It should be noted that Masadat Al-Mujahidin is also the name of the group that took responsibility for setting forest fires in the state of Nevada in the US in January 2012.

Al Qaeda and Israeli Fires

On May 13 2012, internet websites associated with al Qaeda published news about instances of arson throughout Israel (in the Ashkelon, Haifa, and Umm El-Fahm areas) that were allegedly carried out by Masadat Al-Mujahidin Fi Palestine.

On the Al Handasat website, the group’s commander, known as Abu Amar Alansari, stated that the group was established in order to fulfill the Jihad obligation and recruit youths towards the fight against the Jews in Palestine.

However, this was not the first group that called for arson tactics against Israel. Palestinian terror organizations started carrying out arson attacks prior to the founding of al Qaeda in 1989. During the 1980s and 1990s, arson attacks constituted about a third of all the forest fires in Israel. The First Palestinian Intifada, which began in 1987, was one of the reasons behind the dramatic increase in the number of arson attacks, as it was a tactic used in the violent struggle against Israel. During the Al Aqsa Intifada (2000-2005) and afterwards, the use of arson attacks in general, and forest fires in particular, continued as part of the terror  groups’ modus operandi.

While the Carmel fire appears to be the result of negligence, various terror organizations, including Hezbollah, rushed to take responsibility for the fire and use it to broadcast Israel’s weakness.

At Al Handasat, it was claimed that the Carmel disaster was the result of arson carried out by Masadat Al-Mujahidin Fi Palestine. One Palestinian commentator on Israeli affairs even claimed on a websites that “the Carmel fire proved without a doubt that Israel cannot enter a war – not with Syria, not with Hezbollah, and not even with Hamas in Gaza.” He also posed questions to his audience about what Israel would do if Hezbollah missiles were to fall in the same place where the fire erupted. “Netanyahu would have called on the world to help him because of one fire. What would he do if many fires erupted in the next war?” he wrote.

In the Palestinian daily “Palestine,” which is identified with Hamas in Gaza, the columnist Mustafa A-Sawaf wrote: “This fire revealed a clear helplessness on Israel’s part in its internal arena in enduring a natural disaster. Such a disaster may occur at any time – whether from arson by a mentally disturbed person or due to a rocket, such as those fired at the Gaza Strip. Defeating Israel is a simple and possible matter. Israel is nothing more than a paper-country that cannot last against the resistance and against history. A single spark could set it on fire and there’s no need for a military balance or nuclear capability in order to wipe it off the map,” he wrote.

Forest fires represent a relatively cheap and efficient modus operandi that requires few resources. Locating an appropriate target and high temperatures with strong winds that can turn an arson attack into a national disaster are the basic requirements.

One problem arson attacks present to authorities is the difficulty in finding the perpetrator – a lone attacker, a local terror group, or a terror organization can cause it, and it is difficult to foil an attack in advance due to the ease in which it can be carried out. In recent decades, Palestinian terror organizations have carried out dozens of arson attacks and caused considerable ecologic and economic damage. The 2010 Carmel fire and its extensive media coverage, which revealed Israel’s weakness in dealing with the event, may serve as inspiration and as an incentive for terror organizations trying to exploit the hot summer.

While al Qaeda is not the first group to call for the use of forest fires as a means of terror, its extensive distribution of propaganda on Jihadi websites and the organization’s unique standing may encourage “forest jihad.”

In the past two years, Israel has taken considerable action to improve the challenges posed by forest fires. This includes establishing a firefighter squadron, which has already extinguished forest fires, as well as improving the coordination between security elements and rescue services needed during a fire.

Al Qaeda, as well as other terror organizations, will likely exploit the hot summer weather to their advantage. This possibility necessitates readiness on behalf of the intelligence organizations, so that they can find and foil planned attacks before they are implemented. It also requires deploying ground or air observation systems in high-risk areas to locate arson attempts as early as possible, and provide an updated situational picture to rescue and firefighter forces so that they can provide an optimal response.

Posted on 18 Jun 12 by Israel Defense

[Editor’s note: In doing a little research on this, I have found that there are fires in Colorado, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Utah, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Nevada…I am not saying these fires have been started by terrorists, but there is that possibility, especially since that type of jihad has been plotted here in the US in 2003, and the western part of the US is under severe drought conditions, and the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s front groups, as well as it’s terrorist groups that the MB started, all want to take over America, and what better way to do that than by terrorizing the US until they give in? Once again, I’m not saying that these fires were started by terrorist operatives, all I am saying is that there is a big possibility that terrorists can do this, and the US has no real way to monitor this because the Obama administration wants to hid the actions of radical, Islam misunderstanders.]

Well, it didn’t take 24 hours for Terrorist Front Group CAIR to start whining about the NYPD arresting yet another MUSLIM TERRORIST

Posted: November 22, 2011 | Author: barenakedislam


NY Muslim Leadership Council Issues Statement on Arrest of MUSLIM TERRORIST Jose Pimentel, by CAIR on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 12:39pm

A Statement from the Majlis Ash-Shura (Islamic Leadership Council) of Metropolitan New York, on the Arrest of Jose Pimentel

For Immediate Release Monday, November 21, 2011

Two days after Muslim leaders and activists convened by the Majlis Ash-Shura (Islamic Leadership Council) of Metropolitan N.Y. held a (November 18, 2011) prayer service and rally decrying the NYPD’s illegal, outrageous and completely inappropriate ethnic and religious-based mapping and surveillance of the New York Muslim community, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have announced the arrest of an alleged “lone wolf terrorist” intent on taking innocent lives in a pipe bomb plot.

                          Jose Pimentel, Convert to Islam, Terrorist

It is worth noting that the individual described by both the Mayor and the Police Commissioner was apparently tracked and, ultimately, arrested because of his interest in bomb-making and the steps he allegedly took towards assembling an explosive device. Assuming this early version of the facts is accurate, it is worth noting how different that policing approach is from the NYPD/CIA program targeting our faith community, based not on suspicion of criminal conduct but on religion, race, ethnicity, and such legally protected activities as mosque attendance, enrollment in a Muslim school, or where one shops for food or has coffee or tea. (That’s right; all Muslims should be considered terror suspects. It’s only a matter of time until they have an outbreak of Sudden Jihad Syndrome)

                           Working on my kuffar-killing pipe bombs

Considering the long history in America of “lone wolf” assassins and terrorists of different ethnicities, political persuasions, and religious affiliations or none, on one hand we are glad whenever a wrong or evil is averted that would result in the taking of innocent human lives. The Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York continues to oppose all acts of terrorism – at home or abroad, whether by individuals, groups, or states.

On the other hand, we await the details of this particular arrest. We are waiting to determine the answers to the following questions (Nobody owes you answers to anything)– As we have already learned that there was a “confidential informant” involved in the case for some time, is this arrest yet another example of police generated entrapment schemes and plots? (Whenever a Muslim terrorist is arrested, the Muslim infiltrators always yell about entrapment. The FBI should be investigating the Muslims behind this press release)

   Authorities have been watching his every move since May 2009 and finally  cracked down on the al Qaeda supporter. He had been making pipe bombs and planned on unleashing his wrath on the city of New York by blowing up certain facilities and murdering U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

What was the informant agent’s role in pushing the plot forward? Is the timing of today’s announcement purely coincidental or strategically convenient? Is the defendant mentally deficient or unstable in any way? How long was the NYPD monitoring the defendant’s online activities? Was the NYPD directly engaged in surveillance on the defendant in Schenectady? (How about, none of this is any of your [dern] business?)

Why were the federal authorities only at the “assessment” stage in this case, and did they decline to investigate or prosecute under federal laws? Time will tell. In the interim, we call on the independent media to ask serious and probing questions regarding the extent and nature of the threat posed by the accused. (Why just him? We’re equally interested in the threat posed by ALL Muslims)

  Joseph Zablocki. Esq? Hey, how come I don’t get me a JEW lawyer? This sucks.

In the meantime, the Majlis remains committed to combating domestic terrorism from within Muslim ranks, (CRAP!) while at the same time preserving the civil liberties and civil and human rights of Muslims, as with all Americans. (Muslims are NOT Americans)

88-29 161 STREET, JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY 11432

Posted on 22 Nov 11 by BNI

In Georgia town – mixed reaction to alleged militia plot

Homeland Security NTARC News | 11/7/2011

[T]he Waffle House booth often used by three local men arrested in a domestic terror plot was empty on a recent morning but the case that has unnerved this former textile town was on the minds of the breakfast crowd.

Linda Evert peered into her cup of coffee and shook her head in dismay over news that the men, according to federal authorities, were part of a militia group that planned to buy explosives and make a deadly toxin to carry out their attacks.

Read More

[Here is the other portion of the article]

TOCCOA, GA (Reuters) – The Waffle House booth often used by three local men arrested in a domestic terror plot was empty on a recent morning but the case that has unnerved this former textile town was on the minds of the breakfast crowd.

Linda Evert peered into her cup of coffee and shook her head in dismay over news that the men, according to federal authorities, were part of a militia group that planned to buy explosives and make a deadly toxin to carry out their attacks.

“Where is all this anger coming from?” said Evert, who noted that one of the accused men once spent an afternoon in her basement repairing electrical sockets. “It’s really kind of creepy, knowing what I know now, that there are people in this town that belong to militias.”

A man sitting at the nearby counter, who wouldn’t give his name, offered a different view.

“I don’t condone violence,” he said without turning his head, “but the militias are not such a bad idea. The founders of our country didn’t trust the government either. And our government now is taking away our rights, one by one.”

A federal indictment returned last week described a murderous plot sounding more like the work of a villain in a James Bond novel than four weather-beaten, aging mountain men.

Toccoa residents Samuel Crump, 68, and Ray Adams, 65, were charged with conspiring to manufacture ricin, a toxin extracted from beans that is fatal if swallowed or inhaled.

Emory Dan Roberts, 67, also of Toccoa, and Frederick Thomas, 73, of nearby Cleveland, were charged with conspiring to possess an unregistered explosive and possession of an unregistered silencer.

While there is widespread revulsion over the accusations made against the four, the seeds of anti-government fervor can still sprout rage and paranoia in this isolated swath of Appalachia 95 miles from Atlanta.

Some people here say they can understand why their fellow residents, however misguided, join extremist movements out of a patriotic reaction to perceived tyranny.

“We’re living in a very negative and angry time,” said David Harris, a technical writer. “Maybe it’s that the great American dream isn’t happening for a lot of people.”


All four men remain jailed ahead of a bond hearing scheduled for Wednesday, and none of their attorneys returned calls for comment.

The foursome’s inflammatory words, secretly recorded on tape and relayed back to the government by at least one informant who infiltrated the group, may be the prosecution’s most damning evidence.

There is a reference to Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, and vows to incinerate the buildings that house federal agencies such as the FBI, Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, considered by militiamen to be their bitterest enemies.

According to the criminal complaint that led to their arrests, the men planned to disperse ricin along interstate highways, killing anyone exposed to it, whether or not the victims were federal employees.

“There is no way for us, as militiamen, to save this country, to save Georgia, without doing something that’s highly, highly illegal: murder,” Thomas was quoted as saying in the complaint.

Largely overlooked before 1995, violent militias became famous overnight after McVeigh, a member of a Michigan militia, set off a bomb that killed 168 people at the federal building in Oklahoma City, a crime for which he was executed.

One expert says she believes the horror of Oklahoma City served only as a temporary setback for the extremists who share McVeigh’s views.

“After the carnage in Oklahoma City, much of the militia activity seemed to subside,” said Eileen Pollack, author of “Breaking and Entering,” a novel about the militia movement. “But I knew the extremists were still out there.”


The outskirts of Toccoa, a Cherokee word that means “beautiful,” nearly touch the South Carolina state line. The city of 27,000 people used to be part of America’s textile belt until the industry moved its factories overseas.

On an autumn afternoon last week, the observatory at Toccoa Falls, one of the steepest in the state, teemed with families.

Shielding his eyes from the sky, resident Mack Evans groused to a reporter, “You want to ruin this beautiful day asking about those guys?”

Other visitors derided the men as “weirdoes,” “kooks,” “pot-bellied weekend warriors” and “all-American Osama’s.” Some dismissed the men’s railings against the government as nothing more than bravado.

Those who spoke up for the militias as a bulwark against the power and conspiracy in Washington were careful to draw a distinction between free speech and violence.

“People can see the handwriting on the wall,” said resident Paul Weir, accusing local and national law enforcement of “a Gestapo mentality.”

“It smells like what happened in Germany. Are we going to wait until the horses are all running down the street before we close the barn door?”

If the allegations against the four Georgia men prove true, it will be a stunning outcome in the eyes of Sheila Rayburn.

She said the Adams she knew was the burly man with a long, luminous white beard whom locals often called upon to play Santa at their holiday gatherings.

“He was just perfect, and the children adored him,” she said. “I can’t believe this is the same man who would blow up innocent people.”

(Editing by Colleen Jenkins and Peter Bohan)

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American Muslim Terrorist who planned drone attacks on Pentagon and Capitol wanted to kill women and children, too

Posted: September 29, 2011 | Author: barenakedislam

More information about the self-radicalized Islamic jihadist from Massachusetts who said killing Americans was “my duty to Allah.”

ORIGINAL STORY HERE: breaking-news-muslim-man-charged-with-plotting-terror-attacks-on-pentagon-and-capitol-building

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Emerson Interviewed on Fox News on Current Terror Threat

Interview on Fox News
September 9, 2011

MEGYN KELLY: Going to get back, now, to our top story this afternoon. We are awaiting specifics on the alleged suspects involved in this suspected terror plot. One is reportedly a U.S. Citizen. According to our research team here at fox news, there have been at least 46 home-grown, violent jihadist threats of attacks inside the U.S. Since 9/11 Steve Emerson is the executive director of the investigative project on terrorism and author of “jihad incorporated.” Steve, thank you so much for being here. Tell us what you know at this hour is the latest in terms of this threat?

STEVE EMERSON: Actually, there are two American naturalized citizens here legally but who are believed to be involved in this plot. The third person seems to have come from Waziristan but they don’t know where he is. Number two and most importantly is that the information comes from a single source, and there was a debate within the intelligence community about the credibility of releasing this information, but since the source was considered credible and the treasure-trove of documents seized out of bin Laden’s safe house constantly mention 9/11 anniversary as a time the launch an attack, they decided to put two and two together and issue this type of alert. The specificity [of details] went down to the point of saying truck bombs, talked about New York City, [and may have] talked about possible other cities. But again, it was a single source piece of intelligence, and there’s always a danger when you have single source intelligence without confirmation which is why the White House said “credible but unconfirmed,” sort of a contradiction [of terms]. But that’s the way they phrased it.

KELLY: I know they’ve been looking at this as a possibility since bin Laden was killed, they found his papers that there were general advisories going out to the terror and intelligence communities. I should say the intelligence community about terror threats prior to this. But something happened within the last 48 hours to gin up the concern. Was that the information from this source which had proven credible in the past at least sometimes?

EMERSON: Yes, that’s exactly true. I don’t know the history of the source, but I can tell you that since the bin Laden raid and since the exploitation of the computers, the documents, and the phone numbers, you know, they really found a treasure-trove of potential attacks around the world, but definitely an emphasis on attacking the United States on the anniversary of 9/11. Then five days after the killing of bin Laden, an al-Qaeda team announced that they were going to avenge his death on the 9/11 anniversary. So that was constantly emphasized and I can tell you since that incident, I have been getting briefed about 9/11 anniversary as the date to be looking for a potential attack. But, again, that wasn’t confirmation of something credible.

KELLY: Right that was the general concern–

EMERSON: The credible information that you just pointed to today came 48 hours ago.

KELLY: before I let you go, we’re not just talking about New York and Washington, correct? There are other cities they are concerned about at least today.

EMERSON: Yeah, the FBI briefed police chiefs in, I think, five cities: Chicago, L.A., New York and two others. New York was specifically mentioned. I cannot tell you if the other cities were mentioned. But definitely the information, concerned the notion that if New York wasn’t chosen, another metropolitan center would be chosen.

KELLY: We should mention to our viewers they have not elected to raise the security alert, homeland security level of concern, so nonetheless, you can see, I mean, that video we were showing with the card checks in New York at least, I can attest to it firsthand- it’s real, it’s happening, and it’s going to keep happening at least through Sunday. Steve Emerson, thank you so very much for the latest information. We appreciate it.

EMERSON: You’re welcome

(go to the link below to watch the video clip)

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Accused Seattle attackers wanted media attention

AP – Col. Anthony Wright speaks with

media members outside a federal

building that houses the Seattle Military …



By GENE JOHNSON, Associated Press Fri Jun 24, 5:33 am ET SEATTLE – Two ex-convicts planned an attack on a Seattle military recruiting station hoping that it would get attention from the media, authorities say, and even imagined the headlines: “Three Muslim Males Walk Into MEPS Building, Seattle, Washington, And Gun Down Everybody.” Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, also known as Joseph Anthony Davis, 33, of Seattle, was arrested Wednesday when he and another man showed up at a warehouse garage to pick up machine guns they planned to use in the attack, authorities said Thursday. The weapons had been rendered inoperable by federal agents and posed no risk to the public. Authorities learned of the plot this month when a third person recruited to participate alerted Seattle police, according to court documents. Agents then set up the sting through the confidential informant, who had known Abdul-Latif for years. Abdul-Latif had little knowledge of weapons, but served briefly in the Navy in the mid-1990s and was familiar with recruiting stations like the one they targeted, a criminal complaint said. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle said he and his alleged accomplice, Walli Mujahidh, planned to attack Joint Base Lewis-McChord but later changed targets. “If we can get control of the building and we can hold it for a while, then we’ll get the local news down there, the media down there, you know what I’m saying,” Abdul-Latif was quoted in a court document as saying. “It’s a confined space, not a lot of people carrying weapons, and we’d have an advantage.” Mujahidh pictured the headline — “Three Muslim Males Walk Into MEPS Building, Seattle, Washington, And Gun Down Everybody” — according to the court document. Authorities said the two planned to use machine guns and grenades in the attack. In audio and video recordings, they discussed the plot, including strategies to time their attack on military recruits, such as by tossing grenades in the cafeteria, the complaint said. The attack would not target “anybody innocent — that means old people, women out of uniform, any children,” Abdul-Latif allegedly said. “Just people who wear the green for the kaffir army, that’s who we’re going after.” Abdul-Latif was recorded in conversations with the informant where he spoke admiringly of the 2009 massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, that claimed 13 lives. He referred to war crimes charges against five soldiers accused of killing Afghan civilians for sport last year, saying “he was not comfortable with letting the legal system deal with these matters,” according to an FBI agent’s affidavit filed in U.S. District Court. Mujahidh confessed after the arrest, saying the attack was aimed at preventing the U.S. military “from going to Islamic lands and killing Muslims,” court documents said. He is also known as Frederick Domingue Jr., 32, of Los Angeles. Court-appointed lawyers for the men declined to comment. The arrests and news of the plot come after a May 31 assessment from the Homeland Security Department that said coordinated terrorist attacks against military recruiting and National Guard facilities were unlikely. But it warned that lone offenders or groups would try to launch attacks against those facilities. Abdul-Latif and Mujahidh face federal charges of conspiracy to murder officers and employees of the United States, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, and possession of firearms in furtherance of crimes of violence. Abdul-Latif was also charged with two counts of illegal possession of firearms. “The complaint alleges these men intended to carry out a deadly attack against our military where they should be most safe, here at home,” U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan, of Seattle, said in a statement. “This is a sobering reminder of our need to be vigilant.” Abdul-Latif was previously convicted for robbing a Bremerton, Wash., convenience store and for custodial assault, as well as for obstructing a law enforcement officer, assault and theft. When he faced the robbery charge in 2002, he was found to have some “issues” during a psychological evaluation but allowed to stand trial, FBI Special Agent Albert C. Kelly III wrote in the complaint. A copy of the evaluation showed that Abdul-Latif believed he suffered from depression and abandonment issues, because his father served time in prison in California and he had not seen his mother in a long time. He also said he “huffed” gasoline and smoked marijuana to get high, and that he tried to kill himself in 2001 by deliberately overdosing on seizure medication. He served prison time on the robbery charge from January 2002 until July 2004. State Corrections Department spokesman Chad Lewis said “nothing in Davis’ records that indicates that he converted to Islam while he was in prison.” A sign on the door of Abdul-Latif’s apartment read in part: “In the Name of Allah we enter, in the name of Allah we leave, and upon our Lord we depend.” It wasn’t immediately clear how the suspects became acquainted, though Mujahidh formerly lived in Seattle. He was convicted in municipal court of violating a domestic violence protection order stemming from a 2007 incident. Abdul-Latif filed for bankruptcy last month, reporting that his monthly income from his janitorial business was nullified by its operating expenses. Steve Dashiak, his bankruptcy attorney, told The Associated Press he was stunned by the charges. “I sensed no ill will from him whatsoever,” Dashiak said. “He seemed like a guy just trying to make it, having a rough time because business wasn’t going very well. To say that I didn’t see this coming would be an understatement.” ___ Associated Press counterterrorism reporter Eileen Sullivan contributed from Washington, D.C., writer Mike Baker contributed from Olympia, Wash., and writer Manuel Valdes contributed from Seattle. posted 24 Jun 11 by Yahoo News


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