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Michigan introduces bill to ban court use of international law

Posted on July 6, 2011 by creeping

For example, sharia law. If ever there were a state that needed it. via Bans on court use of sharia/international law: Michigan becomes 22nd state to consider, Texas House tries again to get Senate to adopt » Gavel to Gavel.

With Alabama, Iowa, And North Carolina all set to adjourn in June, it looked as if there would not be any additional sharia/international law bans introduced or debated in 2011. However, in mid-June Michigan introduced a bill (HB 4769) co-sponsored by 42 of 63 Michigan House Republicans that copied much of the language from the versions introduced in Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, South Dakota, and West Virginia, in particular the use of the term “informal tribunals” or “informal administrative body” in all of these versions, something that does not appear in the others.

If parties choose to subject themselves to sharia law in a jurisdiction outside of Michigan or the U.S., House Bill 4769 (2011) would seem to accommodate that:

(4) If a corporation, partnership, limited liability company,  business association, or other legal entity contracts to subject itself to foreign law in a jurisdiction outside of any state or territory of the United States, this act does not apply to that contract.

Bill Raftery at Gavel to Gavel has a listing of 49 bills in 22 states of which the overwhelming majority have failed.

The list and his statuses don’t seem to be complete as noted in this post, Tennessee and Louisiana passed variations of the American Public Policy Alliance’s “American Law for American Courts” legislation in 2010. Neither are on Raftery’s list, which may only refer to action taken in 2011. (Update: See Mr. Raftery’s comment and link below)

Even if Raftery is directionally correct, 20 states have rejected bills to ban international and/or Islamic sharia law. Another, Oklahoma, overwhelmingly approved of the legislation only to have terror-linked, pro-sharia law CAIR intervene and a rogue judge deny the will of the people.

The rate of failure is concerning in light of evidence that a new study found Shariah law involved in at least 50 court cases in 23 States. Understanding the study used a random sampling of publicly available information from one source, there are likely many more cases as well.

Some of these bills may be badly written. Many of your elected officials may be completely ignorant on the topic of Islamic sharia law, how it affects American citizens and how it has been used in American courts. Some of your elected officials may be influenced by those who are pro-sharia, such as CAIR, ISNA, MAS, MSA, Keith Ellison, the Saudi’s, and others.

Contact your elected officials and refer them to the Public Policy Alliance for starters, and some of the links above as well so they can try, try again.

Posted on 7 Jul 11 by creepingsharia


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