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JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: America’s first shari’a compliant football team?

Posted: December 6, 2011 | Author: barenakedislam

Instead of huddles, will the team be required to lift up their a**es and pray to Allah now? Last week, it was announced that the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team had been sold to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. Khan is a Pakistani-born Muslim, and will be the first of his faith to own an NFL team.

(Note to BNI Readers, this story apparently was written by a Muslim a**kissing left wing loon)

Shahid Khan, Pakistani Muslim owner

Sunshine Slate The deal was reported to be worth $760 million and includes a somewhat controversial first for the league. The Muslim-American community, which has been under attack since 9-11, no doubt sees Khan’s ownership as a sign that America is moving in the right direction, despite a vocal minority hell bent on demonizing all Muslims.

The Jacksonville Jaguars press release talking up the sale didn’t mention the fact that Khan was Muslim. That was probably a good thing – on the same day the sale was announced, it was also revealed that long-time head coach Jack Del Rio had been fired and assistant coach Mel Tucker – an African-American – would be taking over.

For redneck racist types – and in North Florida there are more than a few – the fact that the white owner and white coach of their hometown NFL franchise were replaced by a Pakistani-born Muslim and a black guy was just too much to take, especially in ONE DAY.

This Jaguars ownership change could be the final straw that sends Confederate flag flyers fleeing pro football for the warm, white blanket of NASCAR.

How fitting, a canon to shoot the other team if they beat the Jaguars

Just last year, members of the Jacksonville City Council jumped on the Muslim hate train in what was described as a huge embarrassment for the region. Parvez Ahmed – a University of North Florida professor, Fulbright Scholar and Muslim – had his Human Rights Commission nomination sent back to the Rules Committee because of “constituent concerns.”

3-2-1 Assume the a**lifter position and pray to Allah

It had already been approved, mind you. But that was before the Islamophobes in the ACT! For America organization made a bunch of noise and the spineless jellyfish on the city council caved to their concerns.

Out with the old Jaguars cheerleaders

Almost on cue, conservative news sites were rife with ugly comments about Khan’s big play. “I wonder if Khan has any friends who are terrorists?” asks forgotten man on www.FreeRepublic.com. “Rush Limbaugh was not allowed to buy into the Rams, but a Muslim from Pakistan can buy the Jaguars. Go figure.”

Khan just happens to have a religion in common with some people who have committed terrorist acts in the name of their god. The same could be said about any of the major religions. (Oh really, do tell, who else has flown planes into towers?)

When CNN ran the story, the comments sections was literally boiling over with stupidity, hate and a bit of Star Trek movie related humor. The awful stuff was counteracted by some progressive Jags/NFL fans protective of their city/league and of the new owner.

On CNN, Terri surmised, “That is how the Pakistani’s will get even with the United States. They plan to buy the NFL, one team at a time, and move it to Pakistan.”

Also on CNN, someone calling themselves Pakistani [sic] wrote, “The name of the new team will be the Jacksonville Jihadis. Expect the cheerleaders to show some ankle during games!”

                  In with the new Jaguars cheerleaders

DisgustedNY was concerned that, “Now you have some guy who grew up in Pakistan dictating what happens with an American tradition.”

But they weren’t all an embarrassment to America’s melting pot philosophy. JaxFan noted the political ramifications of Khan’s ownership, saying that, “The level of religious ignorance and intolerance represented in some of the city’s supposed leaders will make it absolutely hilarious to see those same anti-gay, anti-Muslim religious righties having to kiss the butt of a Muslim who now holds the keys to the Jaguars and their possible relocation.”

Things were about the same on Yahoo! NewsMac offered: “A new way to launder money to the terrorists. Wonderful.” And from John: “Sold to Islamic Terrorist from Pakistan.”

Jake was downright racist in saying that, “schweet! Sell them to a Sand Monkey.” And from Thomas: “I think he got the money to buy the team by tipping off where Bin Laden was hiding.”

DEF appeared to be a buoy of reason in a sea of hate and stupidity, analyzing that, “As a 20-year resident of Jacksonville, I can say that this is the most conservative bible belt town I have ever lived in. It has a huge redneck/conservative Christian base not to mention that many of them have their predisposed prejudices against Muslims.”

“This new owner … has a great opportunity to change Jacksonville for the better,” he said.

Although DEF cautions Khan – and he makes a good point in doing so that if Khan moves the team from Jacksonville (as has been widely speculated) that he, “could certainly see many in Jacksonville reacting by building a much deeper hatred for Muslims. … It could get ugly.” I think you mean uglier.


Forget the National Anthem, now the Islamic Call to Prayer will begin every game. Everybody bow.

Posted on 6 Dec 11 by BNI


One Response

  1. I personally would like to know where all these retarded liberals, who have NEVER lived around any of the crap minority groups they weep over; got the idea that ALL of America has a ‘melting pot’ philosophy and that if we did, it would mean that we want EVERY filthy a** piece of shit off the planet to come here.

    Also this line: absolutely hilarious to see those same anti-gay, anti-Muslim religious righties having to kiss the butt of a Muslim who now holds the keys to the Jaguars and their possible relocation.

    Okay, #1 ANTI-GAY and anti-muslim – that’s an oxymoron, muslims execute gays – so are liberals REALLY that f***ing stupid?
    #2 – what does ‘their possible relocation’ mean? What are they saying? That this man will somehow have the ability to FORCE people to be evicted from their homes? 😡 ???

    And finally: It has a huge redneck/conservative Christian base not to mention that many of them have their predisposed prejudices against Muslims.

    OKAY – SO NOW – ANYBODY who might be anti-muslim and who is a conservative christian IS A REDNECK. Before, you know, anti-black racists were rednecks, and that was about it. But now these mudsuckers are going to condemn any people who love their way of life, who are devoutly christian AS REDNECKS, which is basically the same as calling them TRASH.

    I am really angry, I am sick as S*** that American Christians have somehow been thrown into the REDNECK pot along with methheads, racists, uneducated, ignorant, hateful, etc. That is SUCH S*** !! I guess none of these A** KISS mother f***ers ever read an international news story in their life. I assume they have no idea how much Paki’s HATE americans, and wish for our deaths.

    I also was kinda pissed at the “this is how Pakistan will GET BACK at America” GET BACK AT US FOR WHAT? We give them f***ing BILLIONS of dollars a year; we came to help them get rid of their terror militias, which the govt should not want either, because they would be killed & overthrown if the militias got hold. They kill civilians, so why would they be in favor of Taliban? IDIOTS.

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