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Remember our fallen soldiers/sailors/airmen…they made us free

Starting in 1776, and continuing through today, the United States of America had freedom because people volunteered to give their lives so people could live in a free country, void of totalitarianism and tyrants, dictators and supreme caliphs or kings. These volunteers did not die for socialism, communism, or Islamic ideals, they died for FREEDOM, plain and simple…with this freedom there came a need for a leader of this country, and we started off with leaders that feared and trusted the great and omnipotent El Shaddai, Hashem, which is the Judaism/Christian God Almighty, then we started the downhill trek to allowing other god’s in our country, as well as atheism, and now we have a country that does not really believe in the true God (YHVH, Hashem, El Shaddai) but believe primarily in the god of self and the god of money. The worst thing is that we have a leader now in office that is trying to “change” our Christian/Judaism foundation  into a country of his beliefs, one that entails honor (which is a good thing, because a lot of American’s no longer have that) but also entails dictatorship, authorized killing because of “honor”, extortion, authorized killing if you don’t believe the same way this religion does (which the religion includes premarital sex, abortion, homosexuality, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs, rape, marital affairs, pedophilia marriages, incest, to name some…most of which will result in death if you violate it)…American military that have given their lives did not fight for this kind of country, they fought and died for freedom. If we wanted this kind of life we would have never had the Revolution, we would have remained part of tyranny and dictatorship, but we wanted freedom, and they died for that…following after Jesus Christ. He died voluntarily for us to be free from sin and hell, and we make the choice if we want to accept Him or follow after the world and live a life of bondage. That is the spiritual aspect of life, and the current aspect of life is fight Islam, or become an Islamic convert or at least an extortion paying subservient to an Islamic dictator.

The books of Daniel, Zechariah and Revelation tells us that there will be an Islamic dictator that has overtaken the world and forced everyone to bow down to him…the Bible calls this person the anti-christ because he is the son of satan himself, and, as everyone knows, satan got exited out of heaven because a foul demonic person because he thought he was better than God. The Qur’an tells us this identically matched end-time person is called the Mahdi, but in Islam’s ideology, he is the messiah, that will kill all that do not accept him as God. So see, fighting Islam is a necessity in helping keep satan’s son out of America as much as possible, the American  military, deceased or not, did[is] not fight[ing], for satan to rule America.


Posted on 28 May 12 by retired Don


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