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MINNESOTASTAN Court submits to sharia law, spits on the Constitution

Posted: June 7, 2012 | Author: barenakedislam

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Minnesota, in a ruling June 4, threw out 19 of 20 contempt citations that Chief U.S. District Judge Michael Davis had levied against Amina Farah Ali, Somali Muslim convicted terrorist funder, because she wouldn’t rise when court was called to order.

Twin Cities  On the first day of her trial on charges of raising money for the terrorist group Al-Shabaab, Ali ignored Davis’ order to rise, telling him she interpreted Islamic teachings to mean she didn’t have to stand for anybody.

                                               Amina Farah Ali

The judge disagreed, saying that rising was a show of respect to the legal process and that court decorum demanded she stand. But the appeals court said Ali’s refusal “was rooted in her sincerely held religious beliefs”, and that Davis was wrong not to consider those before he found her in contempt and sentenced her to 100 days in jail.
The court said Davis’ ultimatum to Ali — violate your religious beliefs or face criminal penalties — “substantially burdens the free exercise of religion.” Davis should have considered Ali’s rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, a three-judge panel of the court said. The panel told Davis to reconsider his actions and “reach a balance between maintaining order and avoiding unnecessary and substantial burdens on sincere religious practices.”
Ali, 35, and co-defendant Hawo Mohamed Hassan, 65, also of Rochester, were convicted last fall of conspiring to raise money for Al-Shabaab, a group fighting Somalia’s U.N.-backed government. They are awaiting sentencing while in a St. Paul halfway house.

                          Hawo Mohamed Hassan and Amina Farah Ali

Hawo Mohamed Hassan and Amina Farah Ali caused a stir on the trial’s first day in October when she refused to stand when the judge entered the courtroom. Three days earlier, after being told that Ali had remained seated at the start of a pre-trial hearing, Davis had issued an order requiring everyone to stand when court was called to order.

The woman told Davis that the Prophet Muhammad once told a group of followers they didn’t have to honor him by standing. She said that if she didn’t have to rise for the founder of her religion, she didn’t have to rise for anybody.

The judge found her in contempt and said he’d do so every time she refused to stand. He also ordered her jailed. After two nights in jail and after talking to Muslim elders, she rose when court was called to order on the trial’s third day.

The appeals court let the first contempt citation stand. It said Ali’s attorney, Dan Scott, should have raised the religious objection before his client violated the judge’s order.

But Scott said he was pleased with the ruling. ”When you get down to it, under the statute the judge has to find … that there’s just no reasonable way that he could have order in the court unless she gives up her religious beliefs,” he said.

He said Davis erred in believing that he wasn’t discriminating against Muslims because everyone was required to stand. (Other Muslims in the courtroom, including Hassan, rose when court was called to order.) 

“The judge was saying that if everybody is equally burdened, regardless of your religion, you all gotta stand up, and if it burdens one religion a little more than another, then that’s too bad,” Scott said. “But that’s not the statute. The statute is accommodation.”

Jason Marisam, an assistant professor of law at Hamline University School of Law who has lectured on the free exercise of religion in constitutional law, said the tension between the secular and religious often winds up in court. 

“It’s understandable that a judge would take offense when a party refuses to stand when the court is called to order. It’s called the rising requirement and it’s supposed to show respect for the court system,” he said. “But some feel that showing respect to a secular institution doesn’t respect their religious beliefs.”

The 1993 law “exempts religious believers from having to comply … unless the government has a compelling reason,” he said. “Here, the question is whether this symbolic showing of respect is a compelling reason. Generally, these symbolic things are not compelling reasons.”

Posted on 7 Jun 12 by BNI

[The Muslim Brotherhood has declared “war” or civilization jihad against America, in 1991 in their General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America (for the English portion of the document, go to page 16). In this document, that was used by the Federal Government in prosecuting the Muslim Brotherhood and Council on American-Islamic Relations, and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the Holy Land Foundation trials, it tells all groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, (and, by and large, all mosques/Imams are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, so the document is actually meant for all Muslims in America) to wage non-violent jihad against America…by going to court and using the Constitution against us. And, in case you haven’t noticed, Muslims, as well as Muslim groups have taken countless US businesses to court and winning because, not only are they using the Constitution against us, but also using the discrimination “victim” card, and our politically correct tolerance allows them to win. That is why Shari’a Law is quickly spreading across the country. This is all part of the HOLY BIBLE’s book of Revelation that talks about the end times…the anti-Christ, or son of satan, will be Islamic, and the anti-Christ will impose a global “religion”, some Christian denominations, as well as people, feel that the anti-Christ will be the Pope and the religion will be Catholicism, however, if you look at it, is the Pope trying to take over the world? Does the Pope behead people for blasphemy against God when people say “God da-m it”? That is taking God’s name in vain, but no one is beheaded…so a lot of Christians are in error on this belief, it is an Islamic anti-Christ, and America is quickly allowing him to subdue this country…the country that was founded on the belief of Jehovah God. So ask Jehovah God into your heart and ask for forgiveness of your sins, and pray that the US gets rid of the “Son of the West”, (Obama) and that we, as a nation, come back to Jehovah God, to keep the Islamic anti-Christ out of here as much as we can.]


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