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My Name is America, Don’t Tread on Me

[Editor’s note: A very awesome song for America, it is true, it is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when America was born…too bad we have a satanic Prince of Persia spirit oppressing us right now as Daniel had in the Bible. Now the Prince of Persia isn’t a real life person, but it is a satanic entity that is part of the Islamic “religious”/political system. Not that Islam has an entity named the “Prince of Persia”, but the Prince is a demonic spirit that stems from the area of Persia, which, as you know, is the Middle East, and, as you know, is mostly Islamic…Islam (the religion of the Prince of Persia, as well as the religion of the anti-Christ and satan himself) is working on taking over the world…we must intercede for America and its leaders, Romney is not any better than Obama, and Obama is the inside Trojan horse the Muslim Brotherhood vowed to get into the White House… pray that the GOP open the doors for a Christian lady, like Sarah Palin, to enter the race…not only to lift America up spiritually, but also to fulfill prophecy.]


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