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Muslim Brotherhood’s Mursi declared Egypt president

Obama threatened Egypt with the withdrawal of billions in aid if they did not hand over the country to the Muslim Brotherhood. I warned of this the day the protests started in  January 2011,. I told you.

He said in his book,

Muslim Brotherhood’s Mursi declared Egypt president BBC

Mohammed Mursi is announced as the winner of Egypt’s presidential election

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi has been declared the winner of Egypt’s presidential election run-off.

He won 51.73% of the vote, beating former PM Ahmed Shafiq, the Higher Presidential Election Commission said.

The head of the panel of judges, Farouq Sultan, said it had upheld some of the 466 complaints by the candidates, but that the election result still stood.

The announcement prompted scenes of jubilation in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where Mr Mursi’s supporters gathered.


January 2011 flashback to a Sandmonkey tweet that was retweeted by Mona Eltahawy, another Egyptian protest lover who was subsequently sexually attacked at one of these “freedom” protests. Of course, I disagreed with Sandmonkey and had my public falling out with him over my insistence that the Muslim Brotherhood was very much a major player in the overthrow of Mubarak and whatever freedom Egyptians had enjoyed under his government.

Flashback January 2011:

As I predicted by Atlas in January 2011, the Islamic supremacist killers have swept the elections in Egypt. Even then the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader was ululating “Prepare for War with Israel”

How the left was deriding me for questioning big media’s narrative of freedom lovers and democracy (here, too). So why isn’t this splashed across the newspages, front pages and broadcast news leads across the country? Instead, these spineless, gutless wonders slithered back under their rocks.

Posted on 24 Jun 12 by Atlus Shrugs

[ Editor’s note: Once again, Obama steps in to help the Muslim Brotherhood take over all secular Muslim or pagan, non-Muslim countries. He brings it to the criminal offense of extortion. And once again, showing his true Muslim brainwashing … I mean training as a child, he knows that the new Egyptian president (the Muslim Brotherhood crony) has vowed, and will proceed to go to war with Israel and try to take Jerusalem, to make it the capital of Egypt and to make it a place for the Islamic global Caliph. If Obama was a Christian like he claims he is, then he would know that the true Biblical prophecy found in the book of Revelation shows that in the war of Gog and Magog, the Opposing Muslim countries will lose big time, without any help except from the power of Yeshua, and Jerusalem will not be taken from Israel. But, overall, the fact is that the Muslim Brotherhood is working on fulfilling their Strategic Memorandum, by taking over secular Muslim and non-Muslim countries to further the Islamic world dominance.]


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