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MILWAUKEE: Two ‘mysterious’ building fires on the same day tied to Muslim family of convicted Hamas terrorism financier

Posted: June 25, 2012 | Author: barenakedislam |

The Muslim owner of the building that burned to the ground last Wednesday morning, served time for activities with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Another building owned by his brother also caught fire at nearly the same time. The family put out a statement claiming that the fires were “accidental” and that the simultaneous timing was “coincidental.” HAH!

WTMJ At the same time Milwaukee firefighters battled a five-alarm blaze Wednesday morning; a much smaller one was starting in Oak Creek. Salah Sarsour believes the simultaneous fires are simply a freak occurrence.

“It’s just coincidence,” Sarsour said. “I mean, I believe this happened coincidentally.” Sarsour spoke to reporters about a block away from the burned-out and crumbled corner building owned by his brother Jamil.

The 120-year-old brick building at the corner of 12th and Vliet caught fire sometime before 9 a.m. Wednesday and was deemed a total loss. Sometime around noon, the Oak Creek home caught fire. That home is owned by another Sarsour brother.

Just a coincidence, Salah Sarsour insists — though a coincidence that is raising eyebrows. In 1998, store owner Jamil Sarsour was convicted in both U.S. and Israeli courts as a terrorist money-man.



CBS  An Israeli police report detailed Sarsour’s confession. ”I occasionally send money to organizations that may be connected to Hamas without me knowing it,” the report quotes Sarsour. For that crime, he served a prison sentence in Israel. American authorities later accepted a guilty plea on an illegal money transfer charge and sentenced Sarsour to probation.

As ABC News reported in 2003: “Although he is not on the list of “specially designated terrorists,” Israeli and U.S. authorities say Jamil Sarsour helped to finance a string of suicide bus bombings in Israel, including one that killed two Americans.”

WTMJ  Jamil Sarsour plead guilty to aiding Hamas, served a multiple year sentence in Israel, and was deported to the United States. He was arrested in the US on a criminal complaint on December 27, 2002 and according to court records entered a plea deal that resulted in probation.

                         SALAH SARSOUR

When questioned about whether anyone would want to target his family, Salah Sarsour again pointed to the fires as a coincidence. ”We have no enemies,” Salah Sarsour said. “Things happened. Things happened the same day.”

In the 1998 Israeli report, Jamil Sarsour mentioned his brother as the source of some of the money passed along to Hamas. ”The checks that my brother Salah gave me were from a bank in Milwaukee,” Jamil told Israeli investigators.  “From the business account.  We didn’t want to use personal checks… so the government shouldn’t trace the checks back to us.”

Salah Sarsour has also been active in anti-Israel causes. A number of videos like this one show Sarsour leading pro-Islamist rallies.

According to Patrick Poole at PJ Media  “A Law enforcement source tell me the FBI is looking into the ties of a longtime convicted Hamas operative and fundraiser Jamil Sarsour to a massive five alarm fire yesterday in Milwaukee. The business fire also appears to be tied to a house fire across town that was set at nearly the same time. But it doesn’t appear that Sarsour is the victim in this case. As my source said, “This is definitely not a hate crime. He looks to be right in the middle of it.”

Posted on 25 Jun 12 by BNI


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