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Interfaith event reveals Islamic dawah to 100,000+ Minnesotan’s

Posted on July 5, 2012 by creeping

In an article about the one-way street called “interfaith” – you know the one where non-Muslims bow down to Muslims who take full advantage of same non-Muslims – this little tidbit was revealed. via Interfaith event to support Muslims in St. Anthony | StarTribune.com.

In the past decade, Muslim advocacy organization Islamic Resource Group (IRG) has given presentations about Islam to nearly 2,700 churches, businesses and other groups throughout Minnesota. There are about 150,000 Muslims in the state, with close to 40 mosques.

Zafar Siddiqui, president of IRG, said the group is also involved in the interfaith event, which he views as a positive step toward building understanding and tolerance.

“IRG in the past 10 years has reached out to over 100,000 Minnesotans in a face-to-face setting, and I can say with absolute confidence that in each of these 3,000-plus interactions, we have come away with a feeling of having built that human connection and friendship.”

And that’s how it goes. Dawah be any means necessary. You must tolerate the intolerant, because as the article also notes:

“We are here to stay, we are part of the society. We are growing…”

Adherents to many faiths around the world likely regret their hospitality to Muslims who have conquered their nations and are now violently persecuting non-Muslims in each of them.

Posted on 5 Jul 12 by Creeping Sharia

[ Editor’s Note: I believe, (this is not from the Act! for America office, just my notes) that the Holy Bible’s anti-Christ (AC) will be Islamic…the Bible points it out. I also feel that one way how the AC gets “his religion” spread across the globe is by Islam becoming an interfaith religion…the biggest thing that will be taken out of Christian faiths is the fact that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) was the Son of God, and that there is a Holy Spirit, a Holy Trinity…Even though satan, I mean allah wants Muslim to think that Christians’ beliefs, Holy Trinity, is polytheistic. It is, in actuality, a monotheistic belief, but off of that rabbit trail. Satan allah tells Muslims Jesus (Isa) was not the Son of God, that allah has no son, but an error in the Qur’an that exists is this…both Jesus’, Isa and Yeshua, were pure men, both were born from a virgin…if a man is born from a virgin, way back 2000 years ago before there was artificial insemination, or any sort of pregnancy surgery, then that means that the Divine Being had to of put the human “seed” in the virgin’s womb, thus making it the Son of whatever God your religion believes in. in the End Times, the AC will be, I feel an interfaith pusher because that would make it easier to spiritually “bind” the “backslidden” believers of any Christian faith, including the AC’s false prophet, which will be another Editor’s Note. So, I feel this is why the Muslims are doing what they can to “push” the interfaith religious interactions out to Christians.]


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