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The Five True Pillars of Islam

These are the five true pillars of Islam…they actually represent the political Islam that we see, have seen and will see in the future.  The apologetic Muslims say the radicals have it all wrong, they are misunderstanders of Islam…however, upon my limited study of Islam so far, I would have to say that the apologists are misunderstanders of Islam, well; actually, the apologists are indulging in taqiyya (lying to fool the public to advance Islam) which is permissible by allah.  The sad thing is that the vast majority of Americans, including our governmental entities (both local and federal) do not know the enemy, have their head in the sad to avoid learning about the enemy because they don’t want to make anyone mad, least they lose some votes.

Thomas Jefferson, along with John Adams came in contact with Islam…here is how it went…

In 1786, Jefferson, then the American ambassador to France, and John Adams, then the American ambassador to Britain, met in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the Tripolitan ambassador to Britain. American merchant ships had been captured by the Barbary corsairs and their crews and passengers imprisoned. They could only by freed by the payment of large ransoms. The Americans wanted to negotiate a peace treaty to spare their ships these piratical attacks. Congress was willing to appease the Barbary pirates if only they could gain peace at a reasonable price.

During the meeting, Jefferson and Adams asked the ambassador why Muslims held such hostility toward America, a nation with which they had had no previous contacts. Jefferson later reported to John Jay what the ambassador had told them: the reason for the Muslims’ enmity was that “It was written in their Koran that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every Mussulmen (Muslim) who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to [P]aradise.”

What was Paradise like? George Sale, the translator of the English edition of the Quran that Jefferson had purchased, wrote in his commentary:

[T]he very meanest in paradise will have eighty thousand servants, seventy-two wives of the girls of paradise, besides the wives he had in this world, and a tent erected for him of pearls, jacinths, and emeralds, of a very large extent; and, according to another tradition, will be waited on by three hundred attendants while he eats, will be served in dishes of gold, whereof three hundred shall be set before him at once, containing each a different kind of food…[T]here will be no want of wine, which, though forbidden in this life, will yet be freely allowed to be drunk in the next, and without danger, since the wine of paradise will not inebriate, as that we drink here…[T]he inhabitants of paradise will not need to ease themselves, nor even to blow their nose, for that all superfluities will be discharged and carried off by perspiration, or a sweat as odoriferous as musk, after which their appetite shall return afresh.

So Jefferson was well aware of the superstitious lunacy and irrationality that motivated the Muslims willing to die as martyrs for Mohammed. And when he became President, he resolved to repel force by force. Within days of his inauguration, Jefferson ordered four warships to sail to the Barbary Coast and blockade and attack any Barbary State that was at war with the United States. Jefferson and his Cabinet all agreed that American power was needed to protect the young nation’s commercial interests in the Mediterranean.

Joseph Wheelan writes in Jefferson’s War that the third U.S. President “pitted a modern republic with a free-trade, entrepreneurial creed against a medieval autocracy whose credo was piracy and terror. It matched an ostensibly Christian nation against an avowed Islamic one that professed to despise Christians…. Jefferson was willing to send a largely untried squadron across the Atlantic to go to war with a people whose customs, history, and religion were alien to the early American experience.”

The new President did not have a CIA to tell him what the enemy was like. He found that out by reading the Quran he had bought for his own edification. In other words, Jefferson’s copy of the Quran helped him understand the nature and mentality of the Muslim enemy. He was wise enough to do his own research long before the United States government had any intelligence apparatus.

The Barbary War was the first foreign war fought and won by the newly independent United States. After many attempts to appease the duplicitous Barbary Muslims, the U.S. finally decided that force was the only way to put an end to the piracy. And thanks to Jefferson, a new U.S. Navy was created to fight and win this war.

The result was that the United States and the Christian nations of Europe were then able to keep the Muslims at bay for over a hundred years. The French went so far as to invade Algeria and colonize it with Europeans. But in 1960, Charles de Gaulle undid it all — and now there are over five million Muslims in France. Indeed, the loss of Christian nerve has once more opened the gates of the West to a barbaric Muslim offensive.

That was a president that took the initiative to learn about his enemy, what they thought, how they acted, what they believed in, today, we have a president that already knows what the enemy thinks, how they act, and what they believe in because he is associated with the enemy…even employing enemy insurgents into the US Government ranks, per the will of the Muslim Brotherhood, to help implode the US and make it tumble into Islamic conversion.

When Jefferson was president he read the Qur’an. He wanted to defeat the Barbary Pirates that were Muslim terrorists in that day…that demanded that ALL countries pay “protection” fees or extortion fees to keep the country safe from being attacked while at sea. The US was paying $25,000 a year until 1801 when Thomas Jefferson became president.

Just to let you know about the truth about Jefferson’s reading and learning about Islam (contrary to what CAIR, MPAC or Congressmen Ellison or Carson, or Pres. Obama say), when he became president, he formed the United States Navy, created the Marine Corps, sent them to the shores of Tripoli, and soundly defeated the Muslim warriors. This brought an end to the “Barbary Coast Pirates.” This was the first foreign war fought by the U.S. and military aggressiveness of Islamic countries remained contained and weakened for over a century.

I went off on that rabbit trail to let you know this…the apologists are only, truly performing their religious ability to lie, so they can try to convince Kafirs into believing Islam is a “good religion” and converting to it. Besides the apologists lying their turbans off, the truth behind Islam is the above stated pillars…

[Editor’s Notes: These are my thoughts again, backed by history on President Thomas Jefferson, but, once again, I must tell you, this is only my thoughts on radical Islam, not necessarily the thoughts of the local chapter or nation office of Act! for America]


2 Responses

  1. thats fucked up. you sound retarded.

    • sorry you feel that way…but the posted five pillars are the truth about Islam…if you feel this way about the post, either you are Muslim and are brain washed, or you are not a Muslim, but are very ignorant to what Islam does/stands for

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