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Islam’s 12th Imam

Editor’s Note: These are from Glenn Beck, with his guests of Joel Richardson and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, and they discuss the 12th Imam, or the Mahdi.

Pres. Jimmy Carter is a definite Dhimmi, he states that the Muslim Brotherhood has ties with Hezbollah, and Hamas (but doesn’t say that the MB created Hamas), but then goes and says there is nothing wrong with the Muslim Brotherhood. Apparently he never read the Muslim Brotherhood’s “General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America(if you would like to read it, click here. The English portion starts on page 16).

[This is my Biblical belief, and does not reflect that of my local Act chapter, nor that of the nation Act office.] The Mahdi and the anti-Christ, are the same person…if you actually study both the Bible (Revelation) and the Qur’an, you will see they are the same. Case in point, most denominations teach that the anti-Christ is the Pope…but in deep study in Revelation shows that the anti-Christ is Islamic…currently is the Pope waging war against all non-Catholic believing nations/individuals, and committing acts of terrorism to take over the world? No, but Islam is…[Once again, this is my thoughts, and my thoughts as I write this article…no influencing from my local nor national Act for America.]

Dr. Jasser has a good heart, but he is a moderate Muslim, and according to the Shari’a Law, Dr. Jasser is an apostate and would be put to death. Shari’a Law (Reliance of the Traveller O8.7(7) to deny any verse of the Koran or anything which by scholarly consensus belongs to it, or add a verse that does not belong to it; O8.7(17) to believe that things in themselves or by their own nature have any casual influence independent of the will of all; and, according to Shari’a Law, the act of apostasy is death O8.2 In such a case, it is obligatory for the caliph (or his representative) to ask him to repent and return to Islam. If he does, it is accepted from him, if he refuses, he is immediately killed. Now Dr. Jasser isn’t going to be killed in an obvious way in the US, because a lot of people have their eyes on him and CAIR and other Muslim groups, and they know that they will be the first to get the blame for his death if it was an apparent murder. So for what Dr. Jasser stated about the hadith that was not true, and that Mohammed never said that, shows that he is not fully learned in Islam, because, like Joel stated, it is in the main the Hadiths, Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, which has been deemed by Islamic scholars that those are very legit.

Posted in Feb 11 by Glenn Beck via YouTube


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