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Jihad…What exactly is it…is it just killing? What is a “Mislead” Muslim taught at a young age?

[Editor’s Note: Watch the Matrix scene when Morpheus talks to Neo about the red pill and the blue pill…and mentally change the word “MATRIX” to “JIHAD

What exactly is jihad? “Well”, you might say, “Jihad is when the “Mislead” Muslims go out and kill non-Islamic believers, dummy!” Well, that is correct, but it is not a full answer…

You see, jihad is bigger than us kafirs thought it was. First and foremost, what Muslim “apologists” and taqiyya groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American-Islamic Relations will tell us kafirs is that “Jihad is only a struggle to purify oneself”…well, once again, in their play on words, that is correct.

There are two jihads Muslims are taught, the lesser and the greater. We will start, briefly, with the greater, because our rabbit hole doesn’t pertain to the greater jihad. The greater jihad is an internal struggle that a Muslim has to be purified of sins he has done against allah. Now the rabbit hole jihad, or, in Muslim terminology, the lesser jihad. The lesser jihad is also a struggle…a struggle to purify the earth of sins against allah…which, as you know, entails ridding the earth of the “sin” which, in Islamic terminology, is kafirs, infidels , pagans, apostates, anyone that is not a Muslim is a sin that needs to be purified from the earth.

Here is what I must do before I give references from Islamic documents…the information can be traced back to the source by use of the reference numbers:

Ishaq234 is a reference to Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah, translated by A. Guillaume as The Life of Muhammad. This reference to margin note 234. All of these references are condensed for ease of understanding.

Bukhari2,3,45 is a reference to Sahih Bukhari, Bukhari’s Hadith. The three example numbers are volume 2, book 3, and number 45, a standard reference system.

Muslim2,345 is a reference to Sahih Muslim, Muslim’s Hadith. The example would be book 2, number 345.

Koran12:45 is Koran chapter (sura) 12, verse 45.

Now down the rabbit hole, because I am assuming if you’re still on this blog, that means you took the red pill…now the truth comes out…

Who participates in the lesser jihad you might ask. Well, the blinded kafirs and infidels and “children of the book” (Christians and Jews) and those that refuse to take action and follow after President Thomas Jefferson and learn the enemy to aid in stopping them, the jihadi participants are astronomical…the “primary” jihadists are the “martyrs” that go and kill themselves, as well as the soldiers that go out and engage the “crusaders”, and don’t forget the bomb setters that like to blow things up and kill people, but they are too afraid to die themselves. These are the ones that the blinded West sees and, to a point affirms that they are the jihadis, they are the ones that perform jihad for Islam. You will find out, this isn’t the only participants in jihad.

The Koran’s duality of believer and kafir is the basis of jihad. Jihad applies supreme force to make kafirs submit. Jihad is Islam in the extreme.

Jihad was a unique invention by Mohammed. The actual meaning of jihad is not war, but struggle. Harb is the Arabic word for war.

Another misunderstanding [from kafirs] about jihad is that it is strictly killing. Not so! Jihad is all of the struggle against the kafirs. Writing a letter to the editor about peaceful Islam is jihad. Claiming that the Declaration of Independence (in America) is based on upon Islamic principles is jihad. Giving money to Islamic charities for jihadists is jihad. When a Muslim marries a kafir girl that is jihad, because all of the children are to be raised as Muslims. All struggle against the kafirs is jihad. Jihad is done by tongue, the pen, money and the sword [and here in America, we see jihad through lawsuits from Muslims against American companies and individuals].


This is just a short synopsis on jihad. I will do another part or two down the road…but remember this…jihad is obligatory and mandated for ALL Muslims to participate, and as you have found out today, zakat that Muslims have to pay goes to Muslim charities which has a good possibility to be, not only funding jihad, but supporting the jihadists family, like the Holy Land Foundation.

Ishaq 599 Jihad wasn’t over. Soon Islam would bring terror to the kafirs. After death they would burn in Hell. Their destruction would come because they do not believe in the religion of Islam.

Koran 3:151 We will strike terror into the hearts of the kafirs because they worship others besides allah, which he gave them permission to do. Their home will be the fire, a terrible resting place for the evildoers.

And on a last note on your jihad lesson today…this goes against the “moderate” Muslims that are all over the US and the West…any form of jihad, and as you have learned in the rabbit hole, there are many facets of jihad…but Shari’a Law states, as a sacred law…(Reliance of the Traveller) o9.1 Jihad is a communal obligation. When enough people perform it to successfully accomplish it, it is no longer obligatory upon others (the evidence for which is the prophet’s saying…allah bless him and give him peace)

This is all from the Self Study Course on Political Islam, the jihad chapter…Thank you very much Bill Warner for your awesome work in dissecting the political Islam and its duality!!!
This Self Study Course on Political Islam is a great resource if you want to learn the dualistic Islam…you will learn a lot about Islam that isn’t taught in schools or universities because of their whitewashing and ignorance. I highly recommend you order this course. You can do that by clicking here. This is the online store from PoliticalIslam.com.

Now, aren’t you glad you took the red pill?


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