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Koran Index To Hatred, Terror and Intolerance by Book and Verse

If you go to this web page, you will see where in the Qur’an you can find all the verses on hatred, terror and intolerance…and as you know, because it is written in the Qur’an, it must be obeyed by all Muslims.



Click here if you want to go to the web page and copy the index. The Index shows you all the Koranic verses that pertain to hatred of Jews, Christians, and all kafirs, the 2nd class citizenship of women, everything…it is a great study file so you can learn about what the Koran teaches Muslims. Remember this, even though CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other radical moderate and apologetic Muslim groups, as well as Muslims, claim that the Qur’an is the most holiest of books, and is not wrong at all, and will give other Qur’anic scriptures to try and prove the index is incorrect…remember they believe in abrogation, which means that whatever Mohammed, I mean allah wanted to change for allah’s benefit, allah changed it, so in my opinion (as a kafir, as well as a Bible thumping, Elohim/Yahweh believing reverend) it shows that either the Qur’an has errors in it, or their “god” doesn’t have a clear train of thought when he decides to write a “sacred book”.


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