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Barack HUSSEIN Obama reassures ally Iran: “If Israel attacks you, the U.S. will NOT get involved”

“So, please don’t hit any U.S. military installations. Pretty please…with sprinkles on top.”

The Blaze  The Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot published a startling report Monday detailing a message it says was conveyed by the Obama administration – via two European countries – to Iranian officials. The request: if Israel decides to strike Iranian nuclear facilities, the U.S. will not support it and the Islamic Republic should refrain from retaliating on U.S. military installations in the Persian Gulf.

From the report by the well-connected diplomatic correspondent Shimon Schiffer [translated via hard copy by TheBlaze in Israel]:

The message that the U.S. conveyed to Iran via the most sensitive secret channels is unequivocal: if Israel attacks, we won’t stand behind her and we won’t be drawn into war (even though Obama has promised the opposite so many times)

In recent days, senior American administration officials turned to their Iranian counterparts via two countries in Europe which act as a back-channel during times of crisis. They made clear to the Iranians that the U.S. does not intend to be sucked into a campaign if Israel decides to strike unilaterally and without advance coordination [with the U.S.], and they said that they expect from Iran that it will not attack strategic American targets in the Persian Gulf. That means, among other things, Army bases, Navy ships and aircraft carriers sailing in the region.

Accompanying the article, the newspaper created a graphic map (pictured below) of various U.S. assets in the region including troops in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia as well as U.S. vessels in the Gulf.

The secret contacts with the Iranians combined with a public statement last week by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey that he won’t be “complicit” in an Israeli attack is being interpreted in Israel as a message from the U.S. that the Jewish state is on its own in stopping Iran from obtaining a doomsday weapon with which to threaten the very existence of Israel. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other Iranian leaders have articulated a desire to wipe Israel off the map. Schiffer writes:

Israeli sources point to the unprecedented low-point in relations between the U.S. and Israeli defense establishments. It appears that the Obama administration decided to warn decision-makers in Israel of the destructive results of an attack without coordinating with the U.S. […]

If true, the report begs the question: If he truly wants to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapons capability, why is President Obama investing in secret contacts with Iran about an Israeli strike aimed at destroying – or at least setting back – the nuclear program? Wouldn’t his efforts be better focused on warning Ahmadinejad of the dire consequences of his apparently accelerated efforts at one day possessing a military nuclear capability?

The Wall Street Journal may have an answer in an editorial this weekend. Though President Obama likes to say he has Israel’s “back,” “his Administration tries to sell to the public a make-believe world in which Iran’s nuclear intentions are potentially peaceful, sanctions are working and diplomacy hasn’t failed after three and half years.”

Also on Monday, The New York Times reported that President Obama is trying to find non-military ways to stall an Israeli attack and restrain Iran’s nuclear march, including naval exercises and new antimissile systems in the Persian Gulf. The Times reports that Obama officials are also considering implementing previously rejected covert activities as well as a new declaration by the president over what would prompt a U.S. military strike.

Posted on 3 Sep 12 by BNI

[Editor’s Note: This will be very bad for America if/when this happens…first off this once again proves mullah Obama is Muslim because with his upbringing, he despises the Jews, and does not want to help our friends/allies…second, he does not know the history of the US…you see, George Washington would not have won the battle at Valley Forge if it wasn’t for rebellious Jews that made and secretly gave guns to our troops, so the British wanted to stop that and the British re-enforcements that were supposed to go to Valley Forge, stopped in the Bahamas to stop the gun flow…thus, because of the Jews, we actually won the Revolution…I say all that because I wanted to stress a point…Obama does not know history, we actually owe our gratitude to the Jews for our independence, but Obama doesn’t give an American care…he wants to show his Islamic pride…

This is not necessarily the views of local chapters nor National Act for America office. The other item is that there was a prophecy given by the true, Christian God, that if America keeps showing God disrespect, then He will give America such an earthquake that it will literally rip the US into two pieces…the quake would be from the New Madrid fault line…”chapping” God’s hide so to speak will include going against Israel…Genesis 12 :3 “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt…” so, spiritually, as well as Biblically, if Obama follows through with his Muslim training and hatred, then the US is screwed…not saying this prophetic earthquake will happen at this time, I just wanted to let you know that there is a prophecy concerning it, and that it COULD happen at this time.

What is funny about this prophecy is that satan, allah is once again trying to take credit for something like this…Louis Farrakhan has stated recently that allah has told him that if America doesn’t convert to Islam, then it will get a huge earthquake that will split America…just something to think about.

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