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…End Times…

[Editor’s Note: Once again, this is my opinion, not that necessarily of any local chapters or nation office of Act for America], In the events that have happened in the last few days, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi (thanks to Muslim Brotherhood operative Barack Hussein Obama) stated that he is against the murders of the Ambassadors, but naturally Morsi is going to say that he had nothing to do with this…although he has stated in the past that he hates America and Israel, and knowing that he is part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s global regime in trying to get rid of the “great satan” (America) and the “little satan” (Israel). Also knowing that he has full “authority” from allah to lie or commit taqiyya to advance Islam, then he is going to try and buffalo the world. As has been proven in the past, Muslim leaders say one thing to the West so make them feel good about Islam, but in Arabic, say what is/was their true intent.

There is a lot of unconfirmed news going around that not only did Morsi know about this, he was part of this as being a strict Islamic pusher, and the police did nothing to stop it. It is also rumored right now that Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama knew it was going to happen up to 48 hours in advance, but they did not want to do anything either because they wanted a lesson to be learned…and that lesson was not to talk bad about Islam.

Now, with Obama knowing that he is the Islamic prophesied “Sun of the West” or the one that helps unit Islam throughout the world, and he possibly feels he is the Mahdi, he is not going to do anything concerning these Islamic terroristic events…the U.S. Embassy being attacked in Libya and Cairo on the 11th, which was pre-planned, and according to U.S. laws, is an actual ACT OF WAR, but also currently Islamic terrorist attacks on the Embassies of Yemen, and violent protests outside of U.S. Embassies in Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, and suspicious envelopes being sent to the U.S. Consulate in Germany, it seems that violent jihad has started against the West.

If we did not have a Muslim President that worked for the Muslim Brotherhood, then we would have started looking at going to war with Egypt and Libya, or at least stopping the 2 billion dollars a year, at taxpayer’s expense, financial aid, but a “good” Muslim will be looked down upon from not only fellow Muslims, but also from allah, so Obama isn’t going to do anything that will put his 72 Virginians…I mean, virgins, in jeopardy, you see, contrary to what people think…jihad isn’t only killing people, jihad is also supporting them, giving them money, giving them backing, taking care of the “martyr’s” families, indoctrinating infidels…and Obama is doing as much non-violent jihad as he can, and he doesn’t want to mess that up with allah.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG…and I can speak for local Act chapters, as well as for the Nation Office on this…WE DO NOT CONDONE ANYTHING LIKE THE MOVIE ( I will not even link the movie here because it is such a sarcastic piece of garbage, it isn’t worth anyone’s time) that supposedly upset the tolerant and peaceful religion of Islam (although originally it was in the news that the Islamic radicals I meant misunderstanders, wanted the US to release the blind sheik from the 1993 World Trade center bombing), nor anything like burning the Qur’an like has happened from individuals in the past, but let’s face it…hate crimes are, in essence, pro Muslim-anti anything else discrimination laws…so is the Islamic “religion”. You are a Muslim and say that Jews use Muslim blood in their Matzo bread for Passover (a fact that is, and never has been true), and the Jewish folks don’t go out killing Muslims for saying that, and in the U.S., Muslims aren’t arrested for inciting hate crimes against Zionism, but a kafir says anything about Mohammad that is true from history, or from his own words, like he is a pedophile, or a liar, or a pervert, or anything, than the Muslim world is enraged and kills people and in the U.S., you are blamed for the violence…how does this work? Where is the equality in this, where is the tolerance in Islam? Where is justice? Where is non-discrimination? Oh never mind, forgot Mohammad said you can be discriminating against infidels and kafirs…and Obama makes sure he fulfills his prophets’ will.

I want to end my sermon with this…the Biblical end time is here, kafirs in general, but “children of the book” specifically will be persecuted here in the U.S. shortly. Especially if Obama wins the elections, he will help the Muslim Brotherhood win American soil as an Islamic victory, and thus, Christians and Jews will be greatly persecuted…the Islamic Mahdi or, in reality, according to Revelation and Daniel in the Bible, the anti-Christ is the exact same person…just looked at on different sides of the wheel…I tell you this so you think about what you’re going to do when that happens, whether Obama gets re-elected or not, whether he is the anti-Christ or not, (there will be one, regardless of who it is, and the Bible points out that it will be an Islamic global leader). I strongly suggest you bow your head and ask Jesus Christ (not Isa) to come into your heart and to forgive you of your sins. Then you must start to change your life and gear your life towards Him. I strongly recommend you start going to a Holy Spirit filled, Evangelical church, and talk with the pastor to see what you can do to start to learn more about Christ.

Thank you for your time…and I pray that God Almighty, Yeshua Elohim, richly bless you and keep you safe from the Prince of Persia spirit that is quickly taking over the world!

Rev. Don


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