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“Islam, Bacon and Beer”

Posted on 19 Jul 12 via YouTube by Wild Bill for America

[Editor’s Note: You guessed it, this is my Biblical beliefs concerning what the Book of Revelation from the Holy Bible tells us, it does not reflect the beliefs of any local Act chapters, nor the national Act for America office…this is my “preaching” piece as a reverend. The Book of Revelation tells us that the anti-Christ will take over the world, and the Qur’an and Hadiths say the Mahdi will take over the world with Islam…both ride a white horse…Islam, through the Muslim Brotherhood has let Islamic folk know that they will “conquer” the United States and make it an Islamic country internally (grand jihad). They are doing this with the Islamic prophesied “Sun of the West” or the Islamic “Uniter”. Christian clergy (no matter what denomination, Catholic, Jehovah Witness, Mormon, Evangelical) in the US does not teach their congregations about the false religion of Islam, because the majority of the pastoral staff on the vast majority of churches would rather be “politically correct” and not upset the Muslims, I think, in reality, the pastoral staff are afraid for their lives if they upset the local Muslims, but regardless, they do not teach about false religions in the last days concerning Islam…they teach about cults like David Koresh, Jim Jones, and the such…but nothing about Islam…terrorism has hit their hearts? Terrorism in the fact that they are terrified of not being “politically correct”?

The other item that clergy doesn’t do with their congregations is actually teach them how to be disciples…when Jesus Christ had chosen His twelve disciples, did the disciples think…”I want to watch the NFL (Nazarene Fishing League) fish-offs today, so I won’t go to the synagogue with Jesus, He’ll know that my heart is with Him, so he won’t mind”…or “Jesus knows that I can cast out and free demon possessed people without Him when I fast and pray, so I don’t need to learn anything like that today when He goes down the tombs in Gerasenes”…no, no they didn’t…they stuck with Jesus so He could teach them how to be like Him…that’s why they are called disciples…did David Koresh teach his followers how to be disciples? Yes. Did Jim Jones teach his followers how to be disciples? Yes. Did Mohammad teach his followers how to be disciples? Yes. In fact, Muslims at a young age, about 5, are taught the Qur’an, and also are required to memorize it. By Jr. High/High school age, they have it totally memorized (this happens in Muslim countries, not the US)…they are drilled on the Hadiths…they are taught how to be Islamic disciples…this is why they have between 250 million and 390 million that are, or would participate in violent jihad. The West’s clergy are failing in the teachings of Christ fully. They teach what is good for their church and, sad to say, some pastors teach the “Age of Grace” so that they can teach whatever they want and not have to fully obey the Lord as far as teaching the truth about false religions in the end times…One thing most denominations do do, they teach about the erred beliefs of each of the Christian denominations, because they don’t have to worry about being politically correct about those…after all, a Baptist, or a Mormon, or Catholic (unless in Ireland), or even other religions like Buddhism or Hinduism will not go and kill someone teaching against their “religious beliefs”.


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