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When Political Correctness was First Invented…thank you Mohammad part one

Political Correctness came about when Mohammad invented dhimmi. Dhimmis are Kafirs (infidels/non-Muslim believers) who agree to serve Islam. They are second class citizens, actually slaves.

Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasual Allah, (translated by A. Guillaume as The Life of Mohammad (Ishaq) 756 After the treaty of Al Hudaybiya, Mohammad stayed in Medina for about two months, before he collected his army and marched to the forts of Khaybar, a community of wealthy Jewish farmers who lived in a village of separate forts about 100 miles from Medina.

Ishaq 759 Mohammad seized the forts one at a time. On the occasion if Khaybar, Mohammad put forth new orders about raping captive women. If the woman was pregnant, she was not to be used until after the birth of the child. Nor were any women to be used who were unclean with regards to the Muslim laws about menstruation.

Ishaq 764 Mohammad knew that there was a large treasure hidden somewhere in Khaybar, so he brought forth the Jew who he thought knew the most about it and questioned him. The Jew denied any knowledge. Mohammad told one his men, “Torture the Jew until you extract what he has.” So the Jew was staked on the ground, and a small fire was built on his chest to get him to talk. When the man was nearly dead and still would not talk, Mohammad had him released and taken to one of his men who had a brother killed in the fight. This Muslim got the pleasure of cutting off the tortured Jew’s head.

Ishaq 764 At Khaybar Mohammed instituted the first dhimmis. After the best of the goods were taken from the Jews, Mohammed left them to work the land. Since his men knew nothing about farming, and the Jews were skilled at it, they worked the land and gave Mohammed half of their profits.

There is no mistake in the numbering… Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasual Allah has it written this was with 764…it’s like part A and part B like in some Bibles, however it is not written with any separation in the “verse”.

Ishaq 774 There were a total of 1,800 who divided up the wealth taken from the beaten Jews of Khaybar. A calvary man got three shares, a foot soldier got one share. Mohammed appointed eighteen chiefs to divide the stolen wealth. Mohammed received his one-fifth before it was distributed.

Mohammed’s invention of the dhimmi was the last necessary political element to rule the world. Now the Kafir had a place in Islam. The dhimmi was a semi-slave who was not a Muslim and deferred to Islam. Islam ruled every aspect of government, law and custom.

Today we see dhimmitude. When a Kafir calls Islam the religion of peace, the Kafir is a dhimmi. When universities teach about Islam and don’t teach about the suffering of the Kafirs, the university is a dhimmi organization. Political correctness and multiculturalism are dhimmitude.

This is from a Self-Study Course on Political Islam, by my friend Bill Warner. I strongly recommend you go here and purchase the course, it will teach you a lot the politicalness of Islam.

[You know the drill by now…this is my thoughts and knowledge concerning churches, not necessarily that of local Act chapters nor the nation office. Most churches in the U.S. are very big on being a dhimmi organization. Very little churches will talk about Islam, and the false religion they are pushing upon the American people…not only a false religion, but one that was actually started and practiced before Mohammed became demon possessed…it was the idol-god called Baal…I will dive into that sermon one day, but what satan did/does to try and still become the God of the universe, sheesh, what an idiot.]


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