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  • Truth about Islam and Shari’a law

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Attention Non-Moslem America:

            “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.  The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”  

            Omar Ahmad, Co-founder, Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

             As you may or may not yet be aware of there can never be domestic peaceful co-existence between American Constitutional government and politically theocratic Islam.
Why?  For at least three good demonstrable reasons:

1)     The Koran and its subordinate books prescribe every Moslem, on pain of apostasy and death, to make it their life’s work to cooperate with all other Moslems in obeying Mohammad’s command to conquer (by violence or guile whichever is feasible at any given time) and convert all people of all other faiths to Islam in all non-Moslem countries where they reside- or kill them;

2)     In non-Moslem European countries today, where Moslem populations have exploded in size to 4% or more of the whole, Moslem imams, feeling the strength of numbers and with the tacit approval of their Moslem communities as a whole, increasing make outrageous demands that the native non Moslem “infidel” society submit to whatever their political demands (couched in religious terms) of the moment may be– OR ELSE – be subject to frivolous law suits, threats of violence and/or outright murder and terrorist acts – as was the 9/11, Fort Hood massacres, and the Times Square, Detroit Airport near misses.

3)     As evident in America today, as the Moslem population is growing in numbers we see more and ever more incidents of Moslems demanding our non-Moslem civilization to conform to their shariah law sub-culture and practices – OR ELSE.

However, as stated in the oath taken to defend the Constitution from “all enemies foreign and “domestic,” Americans have always realized we may have domestic enemies.  For the Constitution and national security’s sake, then, every Moslem in America must be looked at as a potential domestic enemy whose seditious plans we must defend against.

By their actions we see Moslems have no problem publicly whining about alleged profiling and discrimination against anything Islamic, but where is the public moral outrage and condemnation by the so-called “religion of peace moderate Moslem” community living in our country against over 18,000 terrorist acts committed worldwide in the name of the same Allah since 911 by the so-called “radical/extremist Moslems?”

We say, don’t hold your breath waiting for the “moderate Moslem” community to condemn the “radical Moslem” community.  “If it walks and talks like a duck it’s a duck.”

Non-Moslem Americans FOR

The Constitution, Public Safety, Domestic Tranquility, National Security, and for


[Editor’s Notes: This is my opinion, not necessarily that of the local Act chapters, nor that of the National Act office, however, I agree with this document wholeheartedly. If Islam was just a religion, than I would have no problem with it. But, considering the FACT that Islam is trying to dominate the world, and the FACT that approximately 250-390 Million Muslims would practice violent jihad to help PUSH Islam onto the world, and locally (country wise) is in the process of CHANGing America into an Islamic country, with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “yes man” Barack Hussein Obama, I do feel that Islam should be ousted from America, and deemed illegal…funny, Obama has legalized the presidential assassination plan against all he feels is a threat to America, but he doesn’t do anything against the Muslim Brotherhood or it’s front (some have been convicted as terrorist financiers, including the Muslim Brotherhood itself) groups, even though he vows that he is not a Muslim (but he caters to the Muslim Brotherhood and to Muslims, even though he is screwing over Christians, and all non-Muslims. Anyway, my feelings are that Islam is a dangerous religious cult (started, actually from the Moab idol/god Baal, in pre-Islamic times) and should be eliminated from America…but from my Reverend background, it will not be. In fact, it is the global religion of the Biblical anti-Christ. So, this is only the starting of the end times. This is a from an email that I received from a friend, but it is very true and accurate.]


2 Responses

  1. In Hazlet, NJ the Iman makes the children at his school chant “Allah is God, and who doesn’t believe, strike him down!” oh yeah? If this isn’t radicalism, then what is? The Christian God is a God of Love. Where in islam does it say Allah is God? It don’t! Time to put what is to what is…..islam is another word for “insanity, lets make murder” Get ready for the war. Don’t think for a minute, that’s what islamists are itching for. Gun Control? NOT YET!!!

    • In Islam it does say allah is God, in translating allah from Arabic to English, the translation is God, however, their concepts of God is very different than the Christian’s concept of God…We have a loving, peaceful God, their god (exactly like the idol god Baal) is a god that wants total control (like satan before he was thrown out of Heaven) over everything…

      Islam is a dual ideology. They have it as a religion, with false hopes and lies being spread about how great and peaceful their religion is, but in the same token, they also have it as a political movement. The political part of Islam is geared more for killing or enslaving ALL that are not Muslims…gun control, or the disarming kuffars (non-Muslims) is mandated in shari’a law, the “holy and sacred law” allah gave, and Obama is doing what he can (even making a fake incident [Sandy Hook] to further his Muslim art of deception).

      Radicalism is running rampant here in America, especially with a Muslim president leading us. Especially when he puts Muslims above all others in America, and makes sure that mentioning the word radical Islam or extreme Islam, or jihad is not permitted to be used in documenting or stating events that have happened.

      Islam is another word for false religion and it will be the global “religion” of the anti-Christ in the end days.

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