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Attention non-Moslem America:  NO MORE 9/11 – Fort Hood massacres – Detroit Airport – Times Square near misses – terrorist acts

                 During 2008 and 2009 an undercover agent was able to penetrate, for the first time in the fifteen years of its existence, the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Islamic fifth column conspiracy’s foremost front group in America, the so-called Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR).   As a result of the agent’s success in recovering over 12000 pages of CAIR’s internal operative documents a book, “MUSLIM MAFIA – Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America” was recently published that identifies many of the hidden ringleaders behind 9/11 and reveals Islam’s very active plans to overthrow our government, abolish the Constitution and submit America to Islam’s barbaric, militant, political/religious shariah Law.

The Islamic conspiracy now imbedded in America is waging a stealth political and open terrorist war against us.  In their own words, from the documents recovered, all Muslims say 9/11 was just the beginning and there will be many more as needs be, as opportunities arise, until the American people give up and submit to Islamic rule – even if it takes 100 years.  The documents prove that Islam is diametrically opposed to freedom of religion guaranteed by the US Constitution.  They also prove that imams in mosques here in America are using our religious, social and political tolerances to preach sedition against the United States.

Islam, however, is not religiously tolerant.  It is a theocratic political system that allows no other religion to freely exist wherever it attains dominant political power: like Saudi Arabia.  Wherever Muslims take control, non-Muslims, including atheists and homosexuals, are forced to convert to Islam or maybe be allowed to pay a poll tax just to exist or maybe just be put to death. If you have any doubt about the makeup of Islam’s “religion of peace” aim to subjugate America, compare Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to Allah’s murderous rants against the infidel (meaning you) as spelled out in the Koran and then get ready to battle for your liberty.

Muslims in America, ever obedient to the commands of their Koran, don’t believe religious freedom comes with required allegiance to our Republic.  As freedom of speech does not allow crying fire in a crowded theater, or the right to keep and bear arms does not allow for holdup and robbery, Muslims demand their political/religious freedom grants them the right to disregard the Constitution and American law in any case where they contradicts the political rules of their intolerant Koran and shariah law.

Said documents reveal Muslims believe they are commanded by Allah to rule over the United States and all other countries; and if/when they are successful in Islamizing America the rest of the world will fall in line. They say, if America falls who, then, can stand against them.  Will you, Christian or Jew American, let politically religious anti-American Muslims take over your country?

The documents also reveal relatively few of the estimated two million plus Muslims in America seem willing to blow themselves up to convert America to Islam.  Even so, to satisfy the dictates of the Koran, all Muslims are mandated to strive otherwise for shariah to rule in America, or be subject to being declared apostate with a death sentence hanging over their head.  Rep. Pete King (R-NY) of the Homeland Security Committee said when it comes to cooperating with the authorities charged with investigating terrorist cells, established here in America, Muslims are silent and uncooperative.  Perhaps when the whole Muslim community realizes Islam will be outlawed if it doesn’t, it will stop harboring terrorists and cooperate with the FBI by turning over, known to it terrorists in its midst it says, after every attack, it does not support.  If the Muslim community is as patriotic and loves America as much as it says it does then turning over known to it terrorists is in its best interests, right?  We’ll believe it when we see it as since the 1993 World Trade Center bombing it hasn’t.   And since its’ founding in 1995 CAIR has been pressuring imams in every mosque in America not to cooperate with the FBI.  Are Muslims to be trusted then?  Yes, if you would want to see national suicide.

No, if you’re interested in preserving Christian America, Muslims can’t be trusted.  Right after 9/11 President Bush said Islam was a peaceful religion.  Perhaps he can be excused because he didn’t know what Islam was all about.  However, his naive   remark went a long way towards putting, as Muslims say, America’s “useful idiots” to sleep about Islam’s plan to conquer America from within.  Obama, however, whose father was a Muslim, says America is not a Christian nation, went to Saudi Arabia and bowed to its king fully aware that Saudi princes are helping finance the Muslim Mafia.  What‘s Obama’s explanation for kissing up to Islam?  Obviously, based on his own words and deeds, Obama believes he was elected to be the Muslim in Chief of America.  As time goes by Islam will find itself closer to deportation back to where it came from as a majority of Americans united on this issue will see to it.

We need a return of the House Un-American Activities Committee and your pledge to support it.  Islam has enlisted support from the Communist ACLU, Congressional Black Caucus, big shot “progressives” in D.C., liberal academia and news outlets.  Religiously the Koran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the Constitution.  Oh, you didn’t know that?  So they have no right to be in America.   Screw PC and “sensitivity.”  Americans must round up these arrogant religious invaders and deport them NOW.  It’s time to put totalitarian, homicidal Islam on the defensive by calling for a Constitutional Amendment to Outlaw Islam in America.  Besides all the bull crap from Obama about “Islam always being a part of our American family,” which has no basis in fact and is just another of his bold face lies, the Islamic community as a whole  has never contributed anything to America except universal public apprehension and fear of more promised terrorism.  Some say “but not all Muslims are terrorists.”  Oh really?  Then let Muslims put their own house in order or too bad for them.  Not every “Jap” bombed Pearl Harbor either, but they all paid the ultimate price for it.

A study of the Koran and 1400 years of Islamic history; American history from “the shores of Tripoli” to Muslims in  the post Spanish American War Philippines, to Afghanistan, shows that political warlike Islam has never been warded off by the West other than by armed brute force.   But, by enforcing our laws against sedition (disguised as religion) and our vote in 2012 we can stop Islam at the ballot box, bloodlessly, by electing a natural born American President who will call for OUTLAWING ISLAM IN AMERICA.


Should 1st Amendment Religious Freedom for Moslems Outweigh 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech for Non-Moslem?

[Editor’s Note: This is from a friend of mine, but I agree with it wholeheartedly, again, as well as what I have conveyed to my Congressman several times…during WWII, Japanese here in America were put on the back burner…taken out of office and everything so the enemy didn’t learn anything from within our government…but here, after 9/11 we keep them in government offices, even go so far as betraying our own country and electing them into government offices…including the White House…

Now, there is a big thing going on with people being deemed “Moderate Muslims” that are believed to be non radical/extremists, and who do not want to upset the host country they now live in…however, due to ignorance on the average American part, “moderate Muslims” still want Shari’a Law to take precedence over the U.S. Constitution, and still want Islamic world dominance, and still pay their zakat (their “charity” tax that goes to, potential Muslim terrorist groups, i.e. Holy Land Foundation charity) as well as still participating in jihad…not violent jihad, but non-violent, behind the scenes jihad, but giving money, suing employers, trying to get laws changed…ultimately trying to get things changed so Shari’a Law and the Qur’an take over the American (Islamic great satan). If we could make Islam illegal, then we could slow down the high probability of America succumbing to the apocalyptic Biblical anti-Christ.]


2 Responses

  1. Rights cannot supercede law or responsibilities; you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater and hide behind the 1st Amendment nor can you murder “infidels” for “jihad”.

    The 1st amendment was written under the ASSUMPTION that all religions are BENIGN. Islam is not. It calls for the MURDER of those who do not believe in their draconian “religion”, and it is ACTIVELY and CURRENTLY being adhered to, world wide.

    Leftists who cite the Old Testament fail to mention that it did not call for the murder of non-believer’s and that it’s “laws” were superceded by the New Testament and Christ’s call for love and forgiveness, which are currently and actively practiced by Christians.

    Islam also calls for Sharia Law to supercede the Constitution, which prohibits them from lawfully entering or living in the US.

    Muslims should be banned from entering or living in the USA under existing RICO and other laws, which they are actively in VIOLATION of.

    If they are not, we will PAY for our “Political Correctness” with the BLOOD of our children.

    • You are very true…Islam has decided that they will kill or enslave everyone that does not believe the way they do, and that sharia’s law is above all other laws. The Old Testament does show violence, but it doesn’t show Hashem God trying to take over the world. Sad thing, especially with a Muslim president that caters to the Muslim Brotherhood, devout Muslims break federal laws, and sheik Obama and his regime doesn’t want to act upon it. They break several laws, that were originally written to entail communism, but contextually, the laws mean ANY political ideology that threatens to take over the US.

      Yes, political correctness will kill America, and it is happening already.

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