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Islam v. the Supreme Court, the 50 States and YOU


It’s very simple:  In Muslim ruled countries religion is the State and the State is the religion.  Therefore, after 1400 years since Islam came into being, common sense dictates Islam is a theocracy and wouldn’t be so if Muslims didn’t want it that way.   In 1947, however, in defiance of 327 years of historic and customary state/federal government interaction with the Christian religion since the nation was first settled, in spite of 156 years of no supporting judicial precedent since the 1st Amendment was adopted, and its’ avoidance of the founding fathers’ Original Intent, the Vinson Supreme Court concocted its’ now well known but ludicrous, fictitious, and notorious decision (Everson v. Board of Education): the “WALL OF SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE.”

Are Muslims, as a group after 1400 years, ready to live in a country subject to the “wall of separation between church and state?

So, how does/will this profound conflict between court ordered mandatory secular governance in the USA and Koran ordered mandatory theocratic governance in the world of Islam affect the religious practices of Muslims living today in the USA?  Are/will they be obedient to the “wall of separation” or to Islam’s theocratic Shariah Law?  Will their religiously zealous Imams (Shariah enforcers) allow them to disobey?  Even in Islam it’s understood “no man can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other.”  As a crisis of allegiance how do/will Muslims choose?  Also, will the biased, against Christian public worship, Supreme Court enforce its’ phony separation edict on Muslims too?

In the face of Islam’s ageless, irrefutable, and unchangeable circumstances it’s truly amazing that since the 9/11 and Fort Hood massacres some of America’s natural born, native born, or naturalized citizens can still reconcile themselves to the idea of future civil and social harmony in our country between religiously intolerant Islam and the vast majority of us Christians and other religiously tolerant non-Muslim Americans.   It is truly said “self-deceivers sow the seeds of their own destruction.”  Amen.

Funk and Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary – 1963 Edition:

Theocracy – “a State, polity, or group of people that claims a deity as its ruler, a government of a State by a god or priesthood claiming divine authority:” Saudi Arabia for instance.

Caliph – “the spiritual and civil head of a Moslem state.” – Caliphate – “the office, dominion or reign of a caliph:” Iran for instance.


Consider these realities:

1)            If the Islamic religion in the countries where it rules does not fit the definitions of theocracy, caliph and caliphate what does?  In plain English: freedom of religion as is practiced in America does not exist in Islamic countries.

2)            Islamic countries are ruled by the Shariah law.  For readers yet unfamiliar with it, Shariah absolutely contradicts Common Law, Constitutional law, all 26 Amendments to the Constitution and the democratic processes so loved and revered in our Republic.

3)            Even so, a growing chorus of Moslems and their Imam leaders here in America believe they have a “divine right” to not only practice Shariah but, to further advance it many openly avow they are on a holy war mission to kill the “great Satan” by any and all means necessary, including terrorism, to make Shariah the law of the land and establish a caliphate – even if it takes 100 years.  The nerve of these religiously tyrannical bastards coming to our country gaming our legal system, civil liberties and social tolerances to conspire to have their Dark Ages repressive Caliphate rule us someday.  Are you going to sit back and let this happen?

­­­4)            Since its’ “wall of separation” edict the now, not so “Supreme,” Court sits idly by while administrations of at least the past four presidents, especially Obama’s, encouraged and  supported most  favorable immigration policies for radical Muslims and their Imam leaders to come into our country?   What is the Court’s test of their allegiance to its edict on separation of church and state?

5)            Again, for obvious reasons just as the First Amendment allows for freedom of religion in matters of personal belief, it does not allow for any religious practice that is criminal and Shariah has practices that are criminal according to American laws.

6)            The Oklahoma state legislature has banned the practice of Shariah (see OKLA. JHR 1056 the Save Our State Amendment) for all the right reasons herein stated; despite that a petty recalcitrant federal judge has since wrongfully ruled it unconstitutional.

7)            Public dissension about whether or not a mosque should be built at Ground Zero is a minor sample of the social discord coming to the streets of America as an irrational, reckless immigration policy continues to swell the Muslim population.  Just as the “progressive” Muslim immigration policies that have overwhelmed most European countries with hosts of street defiant Muslims.

8)            You volunteered to be one of your state’s elected leaders which requires you follow up on this basic Constitutional public safety issue.  If you have not already done so study Shariah; then, stand up and call Islam out for the un-American conspiracy it is.

Then, for a good start by Constitutional Amendment to OUTLAW ISLAM IN AMERICA – outlaw Shariah law in your state.

Just in case you are not aware of all this about Islam thank your leftist biased, malfeasant mass media “free press.”

Sincerely Yours, A Very Concerned Natural Born Christian American Citizen – anno Domini 2012.

PS.  Best Web Site for daily updated truth about Islam’s evil intentions in America:  www.rightsidenews.com

[Editor’s Note: This, once again, is from a friend of mine, and he and I agree, but this does not reflect the views of local Act chapters, nor that of the National Act office. It goes back to how the lefties and the Obama regime are dhimmis, as well as advocators toward making America an Islamic country…this is what Obama’s “CHANGE” was, proof, is he bending over backwards for Islamic beliefs and the Muslim Brotherhood? You decide…]


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