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FREE SYRIAN ARMY: “We will force Syria to become an Islamic state whether they want it or not”

Free Syrian Army (FSA) of terrorists and foreign mercenaries declares that they have rockets that will help establish the State of Islam in Syria, by force.

Muslim Brotherhood waiting in the wings to take control.

Posted on 13 Oct 12 by BNI

[Editor’s Note: You know the drill…this is my views, and doesn’t necessarily reflect that of the local Act chapters, nor the National Act office…Once again…Islam vows it is a peaceful religion…they only want peace and blah blah blah…but, as you see, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)…you know, the ones that took over Egypt and made it a hateful country towards the West and Israel, is in the process of taking over Libya, thanks to their good friend Barack “America is a Muslim Country” Obama, took over Tunisia, and on a “mission” to take over a few more, to make the world an Islamic world (which will fulfill Biblical prophecy from Revelation which tells us that the anti-Christ will be an Islamic dictator). These are the same ones that vowed in 1991 that they will take over America internally, partially by placing a Trojan horse in the White House to help Muslim unite by having extra “clout” in the US, and giving them some presidential help to conquer the states internally, and, oh yea, the master terrorist organizer group that has made a number of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda (the ones that attacked the US on 11 Sep 01) and Hamas, and funded and helped motivate terrorists like Osama bin Laden. Now they are vowing that they will make Syria an Islamic country whether Syrians want to be or not…much like the threat that the MB gave about Jordan…

The Muslim Brotherhood, is working on fulfilling a lot of Bible prophecy (unbeknownst to them)…only their belief is that they are trying to fulfill the Islamic prophecies, by doing all they can to get their Mahdi (which is a mirror image of the anti-Christ). It is a very sad thing currently, the MB, through Egypt, is starting to gear up for taking over Jerusalem as their Islamic Mahdi capital so the Mahdi can come faster, the MB is working on taking over all these countries, whether internally or violently, to help their Mahdi come quicker. The MB has put a Trojan horse in the White House…as a lot of folks already know, seeing that we have a Muslim president that is working on getting rid of the Constitution, and starting to setup a revived Ottoman Empire.


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