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If traditional Muslims celebrated Halloween, what costume would they wear…heres a peak

“True, hardcore, traditional” Muslims would not celebrate Halloween, because it gives Shayṭān (Arabic: شيطان‎ or satan in English) glory and not allah…so similar to some (not many) Christians, they do not celebrate it. Halloween was a celebration that was started by kufirs, which, as you know, Muslims don’t really celebrate any of our holidays because we celebrate it…but Halloween originated thousands of years ago, when the Druids (occultic devil worshippers) reeked havoc on 31 Oct…then, when occultism started to go into hiding so to speak, and human sacrifices started to slow down, it than became a celebration instead of a ransom action of sorts…

But today, Muslims that participate in Halloween are, in essence, backsliden or secular (to a point at least) Muslims…and they are not really allowed to participate in an unholy celebration.

I decided to post this blog to make you laugh, with life getting tougher and tougher, fanatical Muslims wanting the West dead, wanting Western women as sex slaves (just like Mohammad), Hurricane Sandy, Muslim American President Barack Hussein Obama trying to make America an Islamic country…I felt we needed a time to just laugh for a few…

You have a good day and may Hashem Elohim (the true and Almighty God) bless you!!


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