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By Frank Lake on November 12, 2012

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said The U.S. Constitution is out-of-date, so he is ripping it up and writing a new one.

President Barack Obama told reporters last night that the U.S. Constitution has become a hindrance to progress in America.  “The document is so out-dated, that it is now becoming a hindrance to governing the country.”

Obama said that he has signed an Executive Order voiding the U.S. Constitution.  “We need to move forward.  We need change.”

Obama said he has already drafted a new constitution and that Americans “will love what I came up with.”   Insiders say that Obama is keeping a lot of old elements from the original constitution “he’s just making it better, bringing it into the 21st century,” said White House Spokesman, Jay Carney.

Many Democrats said that President Obama was a constitutional scholar and probably the only President – since the Founding Fathers – who is qualified to change the Constitution.

“President Obama knows more about the Constitution than  any man who has ever lived,” said Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.  “It’s about time we changed that document and we are lucky to have President Obama to do it.”

Republicans, of course, were outraged that Obama would even consider changing the constitution, and they vowed to fight.   “We will fight this to the bitter end,” said Speaker of the House, John Boehner, “there’s no way we are going to let the Constitution of the United States be altered even a little bit.   If there are changes to be made to the Constitution it should be done the appropriate way – through amendments and we think Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor are the ones to make any changes.”

Insiders say the new Constitution will look a lot like the constitutions of Kenya, France and Soviet Russia.

There are many, many changes in the New U.S. Constitution, but here are a few of the highlights.

1) SUPREME COURT – Will now have 11 members, which reflects the growing U.S. population. President Obama will appoint two new members immediately.  The President can name a new justice without needing the approval of Congress.

2) EXECUTIVE FINANCIAL POWER – The President will have the power to unilaterally enact any financial policy he chooses, without approval of Congress.  He must inform them, but they will not “stop” him (or her) from promoting their agenda.

3) LOBBYISTS – They will now be outlawed. There will be no more lobbyists in Washington.  However, there are some exemptions outlined in the New Constitution”:  Trial Lawyers, National Education Association and unions.  They will all be able to lobby.

4) REPRESENTATION – California, New York and Illinois will double the number of representatives in Congress – permanently.  “The President feels that the smartest people in the country live in these states, so they should be over-represented,” said Jay Carney.

5) GUNS & RELIGION – Both will be banned in the United States.

Posted 12 Nov 12 by Weekly World News

[This blog is not to be a political blog, however it is of a serious nature concerning America and it’s laws and our freedoms. Barack Hussein Obama, being a devout Muslim, and his first campaign slogan “CHANGE” was Islam, he is now going to rewrite the Constitution, which will rid us of a lot of our freedoms. The Constitution needed to be totally annihilated or re-written for Islam to work in America, and now we are facing it big time. America is in great danger now, I will do a little research to find out if this blog is 100% true and 100% correct. If it is, say good-bye to your freedom.]



The information, once I did some research, found out that even though Sheik Obama does do executive orders behind the door, in secret, Republican Congressmen, and other anti-jihad expert have let me know that this blog from Weekly World News is not happening. However; WWN did say that it was reported that Obama had initiated this. This would be something that would be more out in the open, I am told. I do not fully buy it, but in the same token, I do not think King Obama, with all the people that he has upset with the seemingly fraudulent re-election, and the catering to there Muslim Brotherhood, and going against the Constitution almost on a weekly basis.


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