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This is a word in the Qur’an…Infidel

We all know non-Muslims are Infidels Right?

The lower class sister word in the Qur’an to infidel is KAFIR….

That is the worst 4th class meaning word they have for infidels like us.
This is in their Holy Book remember! (Does not sound like my Holy Book)

So any Muslim that believes in their holy book uses these terms (words)
Read the definition below.

I 100% believe that [Obama] in the White House is a Muslim. [with his words, with his actions, with his biasness, with his shunning Israel, with his catering to the Muslim Brotherhood, with his ring, with his admission in his book “Dreams From My Father” that he was a devout Muslim,  with his Ashura Tatbir ritual scar, with his supposed “apostate” Muslim status by converting to a Christian going into Muslim countries, and, with Muslim world leaders stating that he was a Muslim, and the Pakistani president nominating him as a global Caliph.] The King lies about his religion! He has sided with Muslims over and over countless times and ways. His foreign policy should be commended by all Muslims. (Oh, by the way, that is how they voted, with instructions from their Imams according to Shariah Law!)

[Obama]’s Goal, as the “most powerful one in the world”, is to push Islam’s agenda!
Every Single thing he says (pro-Islam/mocking and ridiculing Christianity speeches) and things he does overseas to his hosts (bowing and encouraging Islam) and the terrorist advocating guests (Muslim Brotherhood and its front, terrorist financier groups) he allows in the White House! And the Islamic celebrations he has on days of the year in the White House…


Why does that matter?
Well, the killing of the Kafir Christians and Jews, and any Kafir (Buddhists, Atheists and Hindus) is sanctioned in the “Holy of Holy books” (the Qur’an).

Islamic Rule means Shariah Law! That is the political portion of the holy Qur’an, that most countries in the world that Islam is in, is ruled by “Islamic Law” THE SHARIAH!

Remember as Allah said through Mohamed…Islam will dominate the world until the whole world is under Shariah Law. Islam will never rest. That is fact! That is what is written in the Quran! Look it up.

Shariah Law is above all man’s laws. Allah’s Law Prevails and is demanded!

This is what is in their doctrine.
This is what they preach in all Mosques. They preach what is written in the Quran…


This is from a friend of mine that is an Act chapter leader…he states the truth about what is going on now…Dhimmitude, a term Mohammed made up, and political correctness, a term American politicians and lawmakers made up (concerning Islam, they are the exact same thing). President Thomas Jefferson had the Qur’an translated to English and encouraged Americans to read it. Contrary to what Muslims tell us to believe, President TJ wanted Americans to learn about a deadly enemy of the United States.

I follow after President TJ. I insist you read the Qur’an and learn about the political/religious enemy.


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