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John Bolton: Without Immunity, Assad Could Use Chemical Weapons

Homeland Security NTARC News | 12/5/2012

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton is warning that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could decide to use chemical weapons if he fails to get immunity from prosecution for war crimes against his own people.

In an interview Tuesday night with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, Bolton described a deteriorating situation for Assad that he likened to former Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi, who did everything possible to remain in power until he was killed by rebels.

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Posted on 5 Dec 12 by National Terrorist Alert Response Center

[Once again, the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to get more control by starting a civil war in Syria…they took over Egypt, in the process of taking control of Libya (after it got rid of Gadhafi) after it caused a civil war, working on taking control of Jordan by intimidation currently, starting to focus on the United Arab Emirates and all the Gulf countries, and working with the Palestinians through one of their created terrorist groups Hamas, trying to take over America through their Trojan horse and Muslim Brotherhood advocate (Obama) and his large Muslim cabinet and the initial attack on America through another one of their terrorist groups, Al Qaeda, whom the Trojan horse has sent help to aid them within conquering Libya and now starting to help with the Syrian civil war. The anti-Christ is coming quickly and America needs to repent of their hard heartedness against the true God, and not allah (actually Ba’al in pre-Islamic times). The Muslim Brotherhood had put forth their intentions to take over the world with their Strategic Memorandum they drafted in 1991, and their underground Project they drafted in 1982.]


2 Responses

  1. Sarin is the same toxic chemical that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s military used in 1988. Hussein’s sarin attack against the Kurdish town of Halabja killed 5,oo0 people.

    • That is correct, in fact, Saddam sent the majority of his chemicals to Syria during the flood before we went to war with Iraq a second time…per the advise of Saddam’s Russian advisors, and now that Saddam is out of the picture, Assad has the chemicals for his use…and that could and will be bad for all in the area.

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