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Muslim Hate preacher/terrorist smirks outside his new £450,000 ($730,000) four bedroom home being paid for by British taxpayers

bbc muslim 1Wearing a s***-eating grin that mocks British justice, hate preacher/terrorist Abu Qatada strolls home from a shopping trip – to the £450,000 house he is now living in at taxpayers’ expense. He had left his previous £400,000 four-bedroom rented home after apparently complaining it was too small for him and his family. 

UK Express  (h/t Susan K) Abu Qatada al-Filistini, born Omar Mahmoud Othman, is a Palestinian Muslim of Jordanian citizenship. The Islamic extremist, who preaches violence against the West, had every reason to smirk yesterday.

He has defied every Government effort to get him booted out of Britain. And fresh out of prison, he has just overseen his family’s move to a larger free home in north London.

The man once described as “Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe” swaggered along accompanied by members of his family on the suburban street on the shopping outing with his curfew tag bulging under his sock on his right ankle.Police officers in plain clothes told press photographers not to follow the family, who left the house at 1.30pm. But two unmarked police cars parked in the street roared after Qatada, 52, dropping off an officer who then shadowed the extremist on his two-hour trip. The two police cars returned to the house just minutes before the cleric reappeared at the top of his road.

bbc muslim 2

Qatada, fighting deportation to Jordan on terror charges, was relocated with his wife and four of his five children last week from another property in north London after complaining of media intrusion following his release from prison. His bail conditions include a 16-hour curfew, wearing an electronic tag, not using the internet and not contacting certain people.

bbc muslim 3

The family who unknowingly rented their house to Qatada said yesterday they were “powerless” to remove him. The owners rented out the property through an agent and said they were told the tenant was an American company looking to house its employees. They were horrified to learn that the hate preacher and his family had been moved in by the Government. 

A family member said: “We signed a contract, we can’t do anything about it. That is it. It is sod’s law that this has happened, it could have happened to anyone else. “We are just simple people, we are not into all this stuff. We are powerless, we don’t even want to express an opinion about it.”

bbc muslim 4

Furniture movers (paid for by taxpayers) unload Qatada’s satellite dish

Yesterday it emerged that frozen bank accounts and seized assets owned by Qatada – worth more than £200,000 – could be used to cover part of the cost of keeping him in the country. His legal aid bill alone has broken the £500,000 barrier.

Home Secretary Theresa May told the Home Affairs Select Committee that there had been an attempt to cover some of the cost by using cash and assets taken from the preacher.

bbc muslim 5

Among his belongings that were being moved was professional cross-training equipment (apparently never used)

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission last month upheld Qatada’s appeal against deportation to Jordan, where he was convicted of terror charges in his absence in 1999. The Government is appealing against the decision but the case is not expected to be heard until next year.

This BBC schmuck says the decision bodes well for Britain’s dedication to human rights, in that they don’t want to send the terrorist back to a country in which he might be tortured.

[There is a video that cannot be reposted here, but you can see it here]

Posted on 18 Dec 12 by BNI


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