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Boston Church Gives Convicted Muslim Terrorist “Social Justice Award”


2 Responses

  1. I am beginning to feel that all Muslims are evil. It they are not radicals, they do nothing to stop the radicals and most times support them. If he is guilty as charged, there is no way he should get this award. It is in the Koran that Mohammad was what we call a pedophile and a polygamist, which are both permitted in Islam. Should we allow Muslims to come into this country and live by Sharia Law, or should the Muslims that immigrate to this Country have to live by U.S. Law. I know if you move to an Islamic Country, you have to live by their Laws. Why do they think that they do not have to live under our laws here?

    • it isn’t that Muslims themselves are evil, it’s their “religion”. There are a huge amount of “secular” Muslims that do not fallow the Qur’an, or just follow it so their family is happy, but don’t mean it, especially here in America, because Shari’a Law tells them a lot of does and don’ts, but in America, a vast number do the opposite of what their “allowed” to do. I am not racist, however, I have to agree with Japan. In my understanding, in Japan, Muslims are not allowed. Muslims in Japan, have to live like Christians do in Iran…under the radar. According to the US Constitution, there are to be no foreign laws allowed or followed while on American soil, but it is happening, mostly because we have an Islamic president. As far as awarding a terrorist with an award, there is something far worst than that…how about a criminal organization that was banned from the US Capitol, but is given a security waiver so they can work with the president…

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