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5-Year-Old Muslim Girl Abducted from Philly School by Niqab-clad Woman (video)

[Well, not meaning it bad, but it serves them right, if they weren’t such morons claiming bigot, racist, or anything because the school would have asked for ID if it were a non-Muslim, then this wouldn’t have happened…As the world can see after this incident, it’s too hard to see the face of the mother, or anyone, male or female, wearing this “religious” garb. President,because of the fake Sandy Hook incident, is working on totally banning guns, why doesn’t Imam Obama ban Niqabs, they are even more dangerous than guns, because the young lady could have been raped, murdered, sold into sex slavery, made a bride…why isn’t the government looking at banning those for the safety of our children? Could it be a setup so the school could get sued? Who knows, but the problem is someone posing as a Muslim woman can kidnap children, or even rob banks, and no one would get an ID of the perpetrator.]

Creeping Sharia

She couldn’t even tell it wasn’t her own mom. h/t to GroundZeroMosque

“They didn’t check ID.” Americans have beaten dog syndrome thanks to terrorists and their partners like CAIR, ACLU, Obama and the media. If the school asked for ID they’d be called racist, Islamophobic and face lawsuits and intimidation. If she did have ID, how could they tell the difference? Putting children in danger for Allah.

via 5-Year-Old Girl Abducted from Philly School

An Amber Alert was issued Monday night about 12 hours after Philadelphia Police say a kindergartner went missing after being abducted from her Cobbs Creek school.

Police say the 5-year-old went missing around 8:50 a.m. from the Cullen Bryant Elementary School on 60th and Cedar Avenue.

“Where is she, where could she be?” begged the girl’s tearful mother Latifah Abdur-Rashid.

The victim, a kindergartner at the school, was allegedly taken by a woman who claimed to be her mother. Police…

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