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Things that are forbidden under Sharia Law #7

[Editor’s Note: This is my thought and not that of the local Act chapters nor the National Act office. Did you know that Shari’a Law states that Infidels and Kafirs are not allowed to own firearms…and oh, Christian president Obama has made it a venture from original kingship in 2008 to ban guns. So, following the unConstitutional act of infringing on the 2d Amendment, as well as following his religious “obligation” of obeying Shari’a Law and what the Pedophile last “prophet” said to ensure. Mohammed made it an obligation to make Infidels and Kafirs slaves, he’s working that commandment I’m sure. Worst case conspiracy theory scenario…taking guns away from Kafirs and Infidels (from the “Great Satan” as Islam deems America) and with an Islamic Trojan horse that is in control and working behind the scenes to make this a Muslim country, and the fact that there are 35 “homegrown” Islamic terrorist training camps on American soil, and the fact that Iran has hundreds of Islamic terrorist sleeper cells here in America, and the fact that there is a huge enclave of Hezbollah sleepers that are, on a constant basis according to the US Border Patrol, sneaking into America through the borders that our king has left open, and the trying to infringe on our God given 2d Amendment…the scenario could end up with a violent jihad against America…an actual jihadi war against the “Great Satan”, and we would have a possibility of losing due to the actions of our king and hid dhimmi yes men. Once again, this is only my thoughts as a possible scenario.]

ACT for America Houston


Firearms are forbidden (for Infidels).

Do you like to be able to own guns?

Do you enjoy keeping in practice by visiting your favorite gun range?

Aren’t shotguns fun?

 Ladies, isn’t it great to be able to defend yourself with a weapon if you choose? You’re a much harder target if you can fight back!

Aren’t you glad to live in a country with the 2nd Amendment?

In sharia compliant countries- Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc., infidels-that’s you and me- are not allowed to own firearms.  There are folks in our country right now, attempting to chip away at our Constitutional rights. Little by little, they plan to insert sharia law. And if we were forced to live under sharia law, you could kiss your shotgun, rifle, handgun, etc., goodbye.

Never forget: Sharia law is not compatible with the United States Constitution.

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