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#MyJihad – Muslim Women’s Role to Encourage Loved Ones to go for Jihad

[ Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily go with what the local Act chapters or the National Act office say, but this is the truth about jihad. jihad, according to apologists and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood try to white wash Islam by trying to lie about what jihad means…yes, according to the Qur’an and the Hadiths, it does mean inner self purification, however; the Qur’an and the Hadiths, as well as the Sira tell Muslims that they need to kill the Jews and the Christians, and all non-Muslim infidels. In fact the the books mentioned, they speak about 84% in the jihad sections, talk about killing infidels and kafirs. Their allah also commands them to lie to non-Muslims. They are obligated to lie to infidels if it will help spread Islam. Mohammed has instructed his followers that “War is deceit” and Islam, although they try to convince the world they are peaceful people, Islam is at war with the world, thus they are obligated to lie to non-Muslims so the non-Muslims have faith in the Muslims and not think ill about them. Jihad is obligated by ALL Muslims, whether it be by martyrdom, or giving money or material to the martyrs, or giving money to the martyrs’ family to support them after their husband/dad killed himself. Jihad is also anything that will help push Islam onto the host country…like litigation jihad, financial jihad, cyber-jihad, law jihad, anything that “helps allah take over the world” is jihad. So, with the bus advertisement in the UK, it’s really like a teenager here in America…they try to joke around by trying to be sarcastic, when they do or have thought of what they are being sarcastic about. For instance…a teen might drink and get drunk at friends’ houses, and when you talk with them, to try to ease the tension, lie and try to look innocent, they might respond to a question about what they do at their friends with, “Oh we get drunk and passout…what do you think we do mom/dad”. That is what the bus advertisement is doing, trying to make them look innocent because they are “admitting” what they could actually do]

Creeping Sharia

More enlightenment via Sister’s Role in Jihaad (www.islaam.org.uk).

The question here is not whether women’s participation in Jihâd these days is an obligation or not, but rather, how can Muslim women participate in this noble cause and prevent themselves from falling into the sin of abandoning Jihâd.

Thus, it follows that women and men are supporters of one another in the important obligation of Jihâd in accordance with the spirit of the Qur’ân and Prophetic traditions.

3. Encourage Loved Ones to go for Jihâd

This, again, can be done in various ways:

Naseehah – by patiently and untiringly encouraging the men of their families, reminding them of their duty to Allâh and other Muslims, reminding them of the blessings of Paradise and the torments of this world and the next – all in a way that encourages them and does not make them feel pressured or…

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