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A Case Study in Muslim-Christian Interfaith Dialog

Creeping Sharia

Or lack thereof. In case today’s previous posts didn’t highlight the failure of Islamic interfaith dialog, Robert Spencer presents his latest personal experience via PJ Lifestyle » Building Bridges Between Christians and Muslims: A Case Study.:

Does the diocese and the [Boston] Globe think that if people like me are silenced that no one will ever again “link Islam to terrorism” or depict “Islam as an inherently violent religion”? Unfortunately, jihadists will continue to do both of these things. ~ Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch


While Christians face escalating persecution from Muslims in Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and elsewhere, the Catholic Church temporizes, ignores the victims, and plays at “dialogue” with Islamic supremacist groups whose announced intent is to “build bridges” with non-Muslims. Such bridges are really just proselytizing mechanisms to convert them to Islam, not an attempt to engage in genuine dialogue – as the Muslim…

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2 Responses

  1. The Mulims are afraid that us Americans will wake up to their dirty tricks before they get them implimented. They are like a cancer on any society, they start on a little item, and spread from there. First of all, they are here, an want to live under Sharia Law, not U.S. Law. They start off in their little compounds, tellling local law inforcement that they are not welcome, and that they will police them selves. Now they are trying to get a Blasphemy law passed. Like Leaders of Kansas City Muslim Group petition President Obama to limit free speech of American Citizens. By Patrick Poole in PJ Media, Sept. 24. They say that so called Blasphemy Laws are necessary to prevent speech that hurts the “Religious Feelings of Muslims”. Think about what that implies, You couldn’t even say that you would prefer to be a Christian than a Mulim with out hurting a Muslims “Feeling”. Every one of us ought to wake up an see what they are up to, Which is to make Islam the one an only domanant Religion in the World. The bad part about all this is the Christians are buying all this good will bullshit that the Muslims are spreading around. They only have one agenda, and they will lie and kill to get it.

    • I agree…a lot of people that I have talked to feel that “Muslims haven’t done anything to me, so why should I worry about them”…I ask them this…”Do you remember 9/11? They were Muslims, and they did something to the nation” and the response I get most of the time is…”Yea but they were terrorists”. I point out that sura 9:5 tells Muslims (as well as a plethora of other verses) to KILL all that do not believe in allah…also bring to their attention that they are mandated to lie to non-Muslims if it will help push the Islamic crap off on them. Look at our president, he is lying a lot and trying to get as many Muslims or Muslim sympathizers in office, and lying and going against the US Constitution. The thing with Chrislam (interfaith beliefs) is that the Christians that follow along with the satanic beliefs of Islam, are not true Christians to begin with, because they fail to see the differences in what satan is passing by them. The biggest thing they do not see or comprehend is that Muslims say that allah had no son, and Christians, through the Bible, know that God had a son, and that the anti-Christ will will deny that Jesus was the Son of God…

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