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YES! Florida Senate panel clears bill that would ban Sharia ‘Islamic’ law usage in state courts

ACLJShariahLawbooklet-vi-194x300After it failed last year, lawmakers on Thursday revived a bill that would ban Sharia, or Islamic, law and other foreign laws from Florida courts. Republican Senator Alan Hays, who sponsored the bill, said his measure was a “preemptive gesture” to assure no foreign/sharia law is considered in a ruling.

Miami Herald His bill is aimed at divorce and child custody cases and does not mention Shariah, or Islamic law, specifically In order to prevent lawsuits by CAIR). The Senate’s Governmental Oversight and Accountability committee cleared the bill (SB 58) by a party-line vote of 6-3. A bill last year passed the House but never was called for a vote before the Senate.


Hays’ “motives and intentions are good, but it’s a bad idea,” said Sen. Chris Smith, a Fort Lauderdale Democrat. “It’s just not needed … It’s not going to become an issue because we have a great legal system. And it could open us up to more litigation.” The Florida Bar’s Family Law section opposed the measure, saying it would create confusion and uncertainty.

Several Muslims also spoke against the bill, including Moazzam Adnan Raja, a marketing director from Longwood. Raja soon choked up and cried. ”Show some compassion, show us love,” he told senators. “We don’t want to be called second-class citizens. We want to be accepted.” (OH, BOO HOO, go back to Muslimland)


Saif Hamideh, a Florida State political science major whose family is from Jordan, worried about unintended consequences from such a law. He said he one day hoped to get married in Jordan, and was fearful his marriage might not be recognized in Florida. (Good, stay in Jordan)

Corey Saylor, legislative director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said six states have laws similar to Hays’ bill: Arizona, South Dakota, Kansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Oklahoma. His group sued in Oklahoma and that law was suspended.

“In general, these laws have no real-world impact,” Saylor said. Judges “can’t replace the constitution with religious laws. But in passing these laws, elected officials are now joining in on the conversation of inspiring fear of Muslims.” (They don’t have to inspire it, it is widespread already)

The below headline is from the moribund New York Times, where the leftist dhimmis don’t have a problem with sharia law, ONLY with U.S. Constitutional Law.


Posted 22 Mar 13 by BNI

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. Alabama has done the same thing and a few other states have done the same thing…good job states that are actually not cowering under Mullah Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood!!]


2 Responses

  1. We have every reason in the world to fear Sharia Law. They are using our political correctness on us. They seem to be crying Islam-phobia every time we do or say some thing they don’t like. They are trying to get a Blasphemy Law passed, here in this Country. They say that so called Blasphemy Laws are necessary to prevent speech that hurts the “The Religious feeling of Muslims”. Can any one out there tell me why I shouldn’t fear this law if it ever gets passed? In Muslim Countries they can sentence you to death for violating this law. This comment would likely violate a Blasphemy Law if we had one here. I wonder what type of punishment they would want it they were to get this law passed here? Cut my tongue out, Behead me or what? Every one out there had better be worried about Sharia Law coming to this Country. It doesn’t have to be enacted into law, all it needs is our Law Enforcement to turn a blind eye towards it. There are some Muslim communities around our Country that does not want Local Law Enforcement, to interfere with their own laws in their Community.

    • I agree with you…sad thing the Western world leaders have a willful blind eye is on the fact that blasphemy laws only entail talking bad about Islam, not ALL religions. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism…none of these are included in the blasphemy laws that are trying to be passed internationally. What worries me is that our president, President Barack Hussein Obama is working with the Muslim Brotherhood, his handlers, in trying to change America to an Islamic country. He is the first president to sign executive orders on a plethora of things that he wants, whether the people or representatives want it or not, as well as the only president that is actually acting like a tyrant king…with our current leadership being Muslim, I fear that he will sign executive orders to enforce the “blasphemy laws”.

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