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Glenn Beck Alleges Coverup, Conspiracy In Boston Bomber Case (4-22-2013)

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. News from Glenn Beck, with a lot of research done on this, tells us about how the government is trying to show they protect us and we owe them for it…there is a lot of government conspiracy theories going on right now concerning the Boston Bombing incident, and all of them look at the government in posting false flags. Now from what I gather in all the conspiracy theories and other articles concerning the Boston Marathon incident is that there is an Islamic sleeper cell in Boston, the brothers were in it, the brothers had ties with Al-Qaeda, as did the Saudi nationals that were deported after Obama deemed them not part of it after talking to the Saudi Ambassador, but they were deported as national threats to the US, as well as they also had ties with Al-Qaeda. The brothers did not make them bombs, it was far too complex for them, but a professional bomb maker made the bombs.

Now with the conspiracy theorists, they have pointed out that near the Boston Marathon’s finish line, there were a plethora of bomb squad officers and bomb dogs, and just before the first explosion, the bomb squad personnel were announcing to everyone “Do not be alarmed”. Also the concrete trash cans were replaced with metal trashcans just before the marathon. All this in conjunction to the government was performing a drill that taught “what would happen if a bomb went off during a populated event” and, like Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, FEMA was doing a training on “what we happen if a school was attacked” and with hard evidence against the government again on that incident being setup by the government, looks like the government is trying to fool us by setting up incidents.

Now, something that has been brought out is that the there is a sleeper cell in Boston, the Saudi nationals and the Tsarnaev brothers had ties with Al-Qaeda, the Saudi nationals were deported for security reasons (potential terrorists), the Tsarnaev brothers ended up being the scapegoats (because there was no gun near or in the boat where the young Tsarnaev hid, but he somehow sustained a gunshot wound to his neck so he could not speak), and the government performed a test of martial law or “LOCK DOWN” as they termed it.

You decide what is happening here in America…And remember this aspect of the Saudi’s going home scott free…President Obama is in debt to the Saudi government, they paid for his schooling, they paid the fees to seal his past, he bows to the Saudi king when he is over there, so Pres. Obama could have let the main terrorists go because he is indebted to Saudi Arabia…you do the research and you decide.


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