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Muslims make up 30 of 31 on FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List

Posted on May 5, 2013 by creeping

A public service reminder, as if one were needed, from Daniel Pipes.

most wanted

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s list of “Ten Most Wanted” fugitives dates back to 1950 but the list of “Most Wanted Terrorists” dates back to just after 9/11 and a sense that terrorism had become a strategic threat. Today, the list includes 31 individuals, all of them male and with a single exception (Daniel Andreas San Diego, an animal rights extremist), all of them Muslim:

·         Abd al Aziz Awda – 1950, Palestinian, Palestinian Islamic Jihad
·         Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed Al-Nasser – ca. 1947, Saudi, Saudi Hizbullah
Abdul Rahman Yasin – 1960, American, World Trade Center bombing in 1993
Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah – 1963, Egyptian, Kenya and Tanzania embassy bombings in 1998
Adam Yahiye Gadahn – 1978, American, Al-Qaeda
Adnan G. El Shukrijumah – 1975, Guyanese, Al-Qaeda
Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Mughassil – 1967, Saudi, Saudi Hizbullah
Ali Atwa – ca. 1960, Lebanese, TWA hijacking in 1985
Ali Saed Bin Ali El-Hoorie – 1965, Saudi, Saudi Hizbullah
Anas Al-Liby – 1964, Libyan, Kenya and Tanzania embassy bombings in 1998
Ayman Al-Zawahiri – 1951, Egyptian, Al-Qaeda
Faouzi Mohamad Ayoub – 1966, Lebanese, Lebanese Hizbullah
Hakimullah Mehsud – ca. 1980, Pakistani, Pakistani Taliban
Hasan Izz-Al-Din – 1963, Lebanese, TWA hijacking in 1985
Husayn Muhammad Al-Umari – 1936, Lebanese, 15 May Organization
Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub – 1966, Saudi, Saudi Hizbullah
Isnilon Totoni Hapilon – 1966, Filipino, Abu Sayyaf Group
Jaber A. Elbaneh – 1966, Yemeni, Al-Qaeda
Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim – 1965, Palestinian, Pan Am hijacking in 1986
Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Badawi – 1960, Yemeni, USS Cole bombing in 2000
Jehad Serwan Mostafa – 1981, American, Al-Shabaab
Mohammed Ali Hamadei – 1964, Lebanese, Lebanese Hizbullah
Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussain Ar-Rahayyal – 1965, Palestinian, Pan Am hijacking in 1986
Muhammad Ahmed Al-Munawar – 1965, Palestinian, Abu Nidal Organization
Omar Shafik Hammami – 1984, American, Al-Shabaab
Raddulan Sahiron – ca. 1936, Filipino, Abu Sayyaf Group
Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah – 1958, Palestinian, Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Saif Al-Adel – ca. 1960, Egyptian, Al-Qaeda
Wadoud Muhammad Hafiz Al-Turki – 1955, Palestinian, Pan Am hijacking in 1986
Zulkifli Abdhir – 1966, Malaysian, Kumpulun Mujahidin Malaysia

(1) Muslims make up 30 out of 31 most wanted terrorists, or about 97 percent of them.

(3) Ethnic Arabs make up 25 of the 30 terrorists. The largest numbers are 4 each of Lebanese, Palestinians, and Saudis, 3 each of Americans and Egyptians. Non-ethnic Arabs include 2 Filipinos, 1 Malaysian, 1 Pakistani, and 1 American convert.

: In an odd move, the FBI today announced the addition of Joanne Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur) to the “Most Wanted Terrorists List.” Count the ways it is odd:

  • Chesimard perpetrated a crime, not a terrorist attack. The FBI’s press release explains that she engaged in “the cold-blooded murder of a New Jersey State Trooper.” How does killing a policeman who stopped her car for a motor vehicle violation amount to terrorism? This stretches the word terrorism to meaninglessness.
  • The FBI prepares these lists hoping for help from the public; but Chesimard is not someone whom the public can help with; as the FBI puts it, she is “believed to be living freely in Cuba. She has been living in Cuba since mid-1984, where she attends government functions and her standard of living is higher than most Cubans.” So, as an honored guest there, how will her capture be advanced by adding her to the terrorist list?
  • And then the topic of this blog: a quick search does not turn up whether Chesimard identifies as a Muslim. If she does, then the terrorist count reaches 31 out of 32. If not, then her odd addition to the list would seem to be an attempt to dilute the Muslim component I pointed out two days ago. Who else might the FBI add: perhaps an anarchist from the 1890s still on the loose?

Chesimard should not only be jailed but should be executed for the 1973 murder. That said, she is 65 years old and writing books in Cuba, a threat to no one. Her sudden inclusion on the terrorism list makes no sense on a list that should focus on the “armed and extremely dangerous” thugs who live among us.

The terrorism list is poorly crafted and in dire need of both definition and updating; it is an embarrassment.

Posted on 5 May 13 by Creeping Sharia


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