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AFFIRMATIVE ACTION? MSNBC pundit says,” Open borders will reduce Muslim poverty that’s threatening our security”

msnbc1-252x300Uhm, Nooooo, it’s well-financed Muslim jihadists sneaking over the border with bombs and WMD’s that threaten our security. The rest of them can afford the plane fare required to take down iconic buildings.

Mediaite Touré added that those who claim open borders would result in an influx of dangerous individuals are falling prey to a canard. He said that the 9/11 hijackers and the Boston bombers entered the country legally. “It’s Muslim poverty that’s threatening our security,” Touré asserted, “not our immigration system.”

He said giving Islamic immigrants the ability to work in the US would diminish their anger, poverty, and general misapprehensions about America. “Just like corporations without borders has given the fat cats a better bottom line, people deserve the chance to be a full part of the global marketplace,” Touré concluded. “Open borders will improve the world.”

Posted on 7 May 13 by BNI

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. I’m going to have to agree with BNI all the way with this…MSNBC is full of ignorant, blind and Obama backing idiots. They know nothing about Islam. Killing infidels and non-Muslim believers has nothing to do with poverty…it has everything to do with taking over the world, and making people either submit to Islam, become slaves (and still submit to Islam), or be killed. It has nothing to do with how rich or poor one is. In fact, according to US Border Patrol, in 2011 there were almost 8000 Muslims that got caught sneaking in the country…and Iran boasts they have terrorist sleeper cells here in America…are the sleeper cells in the cells because they are poor? Not at all, they are in the cells because they have a religion that tells them they will receive all the sexual gratification they can ever imagine if/when they become martyrs and go to allah’s make believe paradise.

So, with open borders, and with Sheik Obama trying to fulfill sharia law by disarming infidels and kuffars, and slowing taking apart the military, he is, in a roundabout way setting us up for a takeover…imagine the scenario…Americans have no guns, or ammo, whatever Obama forces on us after taking our rights away, the borders get wide open, the Hezbollah village outside of the American borders in Mexico come waltzing in, and with all the Muslims and the sleeper cell radicals, the unarmed American wouldn’t stand a chance. After all, with Sheik Obama trying to take our guns away, do you think these “lone wolf” radicals ascertained their weapons in America?]


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