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Muslim Brotherhood Using Old Photo’s of Dead Syrian Children, Claiming Egyptian Army Killed Them

Posted on 9 Jul 13 via YouTube

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. Looks like the Muslim Brotherhood is following after what Mohammad (pieces be upon him) said…lie. Muslims are supposed to lie to help spread Islam. Egyptians are already into Islam, so why should they lie, how is that going to spread Islam, you might ask.

Well, this is a “spiritual” war, even though it is amongst Muslims…you see, the majority of the Egyptian Muslims are “secular” , meaning they practice Islam in the bare minimal they can because they aren’t fully into Islam. They like freedoms of some sort, and with the Muslim Brotherhood infringing on their freedoms by trying to imposed forced Shari’a Law on them, they are against the Muslim Brotherhood, thus, not wanting Shari’a Law and being “secular” (not wanting to be a full, hard core Muslim) puts them in the category of the enemy, and being an enemy means you are at war.

Mohammad stated that “War is deceit” and with the Muslim Brotherhood being at war with Egypt, they have to lie as much as they can…How will this advance Islam Retired Don? Well, look at the whole picture, it’s not only the Egyptians that are watching the chaotic times in Egypt as they brew…the entire world is watching…there are many people that feel that the Muslim Brotherhood is the way to go (like President Barack Hussein Obama), and believing what they Muslim Brotherhood says might sway some infidel into believing in a “God” of deceit (deceit is one of allah’s names), by thinking that the Egyptian secularists are murderers.

It’s all a ploy to make people feel sorry for the Muslim Brotherhood so they can get the Shari’a dictatorship back…but if you know about the Muslim Brotherhood, you will know that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to take control of all countries…Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, America…the list goes on. The Muslim Brotherhood feels they are the ones that can announce who the Mehdi is, so they want to keep as much power as they can.]


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