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Secret Israeli document to White House shows how US strategy shortens route to Iranian nuclear weapon

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 15, 2013, 9:35 AM (IDT)

Thursday, Nov. 14, Israel sent the White House in Washington a confidential document outlining blow by blow how and when Iran will attain a nuclear weapon if the Obama-Kerry strategy for dealing with the issue goes through. The document was addressed to the National Security Council headed by Susan Rice, DEBKAfile reports. Communications between the prime minister’s office in Jerusalem and the State Department have almost petered out since exchanges between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Secretary of State John Kerry sharpened in tone.

Our Washington sources report that Rice and the NSC have taken a critical stand against the State Department’s policies – not just on the Iranian nuclear question, but also on Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Gulf and Egypt. However, the Israeli document does not take issue directly with Obama administration policies per se. It confines itself to a dry account, step by step, of how the Iranian nuclear bomb program will continue to unfold if the administration’s secret proposition is accepted.

Much of the document’s content is highly technical for the perusal of US experts. It concludes that by putting Iran’s nuclear program on hold for six months, as the administration claims, US diplomatic strategy will shorten its path to a bomb or warhead.

The Israeli document also sought to rebut Kerry’s argument that Netanyahu has been attacking the US proposal without knowing its content.

Washington and Tehran continue to use their back channels of communication to bypass their five fellow world powers before they meet in Geneva for the next round of negotiations with Iran on Nov. 20.

The root of the disagreement between the Obama administration and Netanyahu was illustrated in the exchanges around the visit the nuclear watchdog (IAEA) Director Yukiya Amano paid to Tehran Monday, Nov. 15.

Amano commented to reporters after the visit that he had seen no changes in Iran’s nuclear program in the three months since Hassan Rouhani became president – an indirect dig at the White House insistence that the election of a moderate Iranian president opened the door to a diplomatic solution of the nuclear controversy with Iran. Amano added that 20 percent enrichment of uranium continued.

Both these comments flew in the face of official Washington’s presentation of the state of Iran’s nuclear program. And indeed, 12 hours later, responding to US pressure, “IAEA sources” countered Amano’s comments by stating that Iran had stopped installing the new IR2 centrifuges, proving that enrichment had slowed.

Wednesday, DEBKAfile‘s exclusive sources, after checking these statements, found that Iran had been racing ahead without pause in the manufacture of the new centrifuges and installing them at the enrichment plants, but had not so far activated them.

However, they stood ready to be switched on at any moment.

This is the nub of the disagreement between Washington and Jerusalem. Obama and Kerry welcome this situation as a “freeze” for which they are offering a loosening of the sanctions stranglehold on the Iranian economy, if it is extended to other key parts of nuclear program.
Netanyahu sees it as a lease of life for a dangerous process.

The document he has presented to the NSC shows in detail how the US proposal spurred the Iranians into rushing forward the work for finishing all the working parts of their nuclear weapons program and making them ready to go into full operation at a moment’s notice, including enrichment and centrifuge production, as soon as sanctions are eased.

The American proposal, says Israel, has therefore shortened Iran’s road to breakout for a nuclear weapon.

Posted 15 Nov 13 by DEBKAfile

Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. Hhmm…funny how Muslims want Israel annihilated, and the easiest way to do that is nuclear bombardment, and Iran is the Muslim county that wants to be the ones that perform this act, and President/king/Sheikh/Muslim Brotherhood puppet Barack Hussein Obama, you know, the “American, Christian President”…the one that has funded terrorism, the one that has armed terrorists, the one that has basically cut allyship with Israel, the one that shuns the very people that helped the US win the Revolutionary War…has decided to help Iran with their anti-Israel nuclear program, by loosening up on sanctions, going through the “backdoor” by doing deals and agreements behind the backs of the other world powers that are involved in this nuclear threat.

On a Biblical note, this is gearing up for another fulfillment of end times prophecy…the Psalms 83 war…

83 (0) A song. A psalm of Asaf:

2 (1) God, don’t remain silent!
Don’t stay quiet, God, or still;

3 (2) because here are your enemies, causing an uproar;
those who hate you are raising their heads,

4 (3) craftily conspiring against your people,
consulting together against those you treasure.

5 (4) They say, “Come, let’s wipe them out as a nation;
let the name of Isra’el be remembered no more!”

6 (5) With one mind they plot their schemes;
the covenant they have made is against you —

7 (6) the tents of Edom (sons of Esau [Muslims currently]), and the Yishma’elim (Ishmaelites…sons of Ishmael [Muslims currently]),
Mo’av (Moab, Jordan) and the Hagrim (Hagarenes, Palestine/West Jordan),

8 (7) G’val (Gebal, Lebanon), ‘Amon (Ammon, Jordan) and ‘Amalek (Amalek, tall (giant/Nephilim [sons/daughters of fallen angels]) Arabs from Esau lineage), P’leshet (Palestine) with those living in Tzor (Tyre…Lebanon); (Selah)

9 (8) Ashur (Assyria, current day Iraq) too is allied with them,
to reinforce the descendants of Lot.

10 (9) Do to them as you did to Midyan,
to Sisra and Yavin at Vadi Kishon —

11 (10) they were destroyed at ‘Ein-Dor
and became manure for the ground.

12 (11) Make their leaders like ‘Orev and Ze’ev,
all their princes like Zevach and Tzalmuna,

13 (12) who said, “Let’s take possession
of God’s meadows for ourselves.”

14 (13) My God, make them like whirling dust,
like chaff driven by the wind.

15 (14) Like fire burning up the forest,
like a flame that sets the mountains ablaze,

16 (15) drive them away with your storm,
terrify them with your tempest.

17 (16) Fill their faces with shame,
so that they will seek your name, ADONAI.

18 (17) Let them be ashamed and fearful forever;
yes, let them perish in disgrace.

19 (18) Let them know that you alone,
whose name is ADONAI, are the Most High over all the earth.

Complete Jewish Bible

After the Psalms 83 war, there will be another similar war, known as the Gog and Magog war (Ezekiel 38 where Iran, Russia, and a number of other Muslim countries try to get rid of Israel, and fail with a loose of about 84% of the 250 million troops sent against Israel.


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