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Muslim Brotherhood Supporters to Picket Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC

Posted on November 28, 2013 by creeping


Religion of Disturbing the Peace. via Pro-Morsi Egyptians to Picket Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC | Washington Free Beacon.

A group of Egyptians sympathetic to former President Mohmamed Morsi are gearing up to stage a demonstration along the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade route in New York City, according to organizers.

Several hundred activists are expected to show up to the march, which is being called “Rabaa on Thanksgiving in Manhattan.”

The name is a reference to Egypt’s Rabaa Square, where backers of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood gathered to protest the coup until being violently disbursed by the military in August.

The demonstration “for free Egyptians during the parade of Thanksgiving in Manhattan” will commence on Thursday morning along the parade route at 56th Street and Sixth Avenue, according to an event flier being shared on Facebook and elsewhere.

The flier features a black, four-fingered hand on a yellow background superimposed across Thanksgiving Day floats and a large inflatable turkey. The hand has become the well-known symbol of the pro-Morsi protestors banned from Rabaa Square.

The Thanksgiving demonstration is being organized by the Free Egyptian Americans (FEA) and Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR), a group sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood.

A top leader of EADHR Hany Saqr has been quoted in the Arabic press recently as a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader in the United States. EADHR co-founder Akram Elzand also has ties to group sympathetic to the Brotherhood.

Sherif Ahmed, an Egyptian activist and FEA march organizer, said the demonstrators are outraged by what they say are violent crimes and atrocities carried out by the Egyptian military since Morsi was deposed.

“We thought Thanksgiving Day would be appropriate context to bring awareness to the dire situation of the Egyptian people,” Ahmed told the Washington Free Beacon.

The dire situation caused by Obama and Muslim Brotherhood violence?

Posted on 28 Nov 13 by Creeping Sharia

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