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Islam Versus the United States part 1

The first countries to declare war on the newly formed United States were the Muslim Barbary States of North Africa….From 1783, until the Presidency of George Washington in 1789, the newborn Republic had no strong central authority, and that is when the Barbary pirates struck.

christian-north-africaChristian North Africa circa 300 A.D.

By 300 A.D., Roman North Africa had millions of Christians, and Carthage was the most important city, with a population of over 500,000

carthageCarthage was the main city in Roman North Africa.

The conquest of North Africa by the Muslims was preceded by the PLAGUE.

emperor-justinianEmperor Justinian (483-565).
Roman Emperor from 527 to 565.

Deadly bubonic plague struck the territories of the Eastern Roman Empire during the reign of Emperor Justinian.
Now called the Plague of Justinian, It began in the year 541, and by 750, almost half the population was dead
This biological warfare prepared the way for the easy Arab victories.

plague-of-ashdodDepiction of the plague by French artist Poussin.

All of the vast Christian provinces of North Africa fell to the bloody sword of Allah by 711.

The area conquered by the Arabs became known as the Barbary States. When the U.S. was a young Republic in 1800, there were 4 Barbary States.

The Muslims of North Africa practiced slavery on a vast scale by raiding the coasts of Europe and stealing men, women, and children for slavery or to obtain ransom money from their relatives.

Their slave empire also extended southward into sub Sahara Africa.

barbary-statesThe 4 Barbary States were: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Tripoli.

When the 13 colonies were part of Great Britain, their sizable merchant fleet fell under the protection of the Royal Navy, and therefore were immune from attack by Barbary pirates. The Barbary pirates often cast covetous eyes on the colonies’ ships but could not seize them due to treaties with Great Britain:

Prior to the Revolutionary War, American merchant ships enjoyed British protection on the high seas. Under the terms of Britain’s treaties with other nations, including the Barbary States, American ships were issued British-backed passes of safe conduct for the Mediterranean.
These maritime passes operated on a very simple yet effective system that declared the bearer immune from seizure. The pass would be cut in half along a serrated, lateral line, the top of which was issued to a ship’s captain, while the bottom half was given to the Barbary regency and copied for distribution to the corsair captains. When a vessel was boarded by pirates, the ship’s captain would produce his pass, and if the edges and words or images matched, it was usually accepted-although occasionally a palm or two would need greasing; the prize would be released and allowed to sail away unmolested. Although fraught with abuse and forgery, the system worked reasonably well. (London, Victory in Tripoli, p.13).

With independence, the situation changed completely. Gone was the protective Royal Navy and the young Republic’s ships were fair game for the pirates.

Vital Link
You Tube video. Muslim Black Slavery Exposed



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Posted by Reformation.org with permission


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