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America is no longer a “Super Power”

Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories…

The definition of a “Superpower” is a nation that can project power, anywhere in the world, at short notice. To differentiate, the definition of a “Regional Power” is a nation that can project power within its region (the notion of ‘notice’ is one measure of its degree of power within that region, relative to rival powers).

Previously, at least from the time of Eisenhower until the time of George W. Bush, the US was clearly a Superpower, with the Russian Empire (USSR) as a rival power for part of that time. History showed that the US was the superior superpower with the collapse of the USSR and formation of the existing Russian state. Geographic size is not a prime factor, access to resources is. Power takes many forms, not all military, but military power must empower others for affectivity; “walk quietly and carry a big stick”…

David Goldman claimed in November [2012], “America is in incipient decline.” I disagree. Decline began either with the first Bush or with Clinton. Obama is reaping the fruits of the incipient decline he inherited, and is taking it further. He desires such, while his predecessors’ orientations were limited their own ego-needs. Clinton’s administration can best be characterized as “eat, drink and have sex; who cares what happens after my term is finished”. I believe Obama genuinely cares about America, but not for America – he desires a humbled America. [Humbled and submissive to Islam]

The decline takes many forms, from fertility through welfare recipients, through budgets and debts.

By the end of this decade the percentage of population over 60 crosses the 25% threshold. The ‘replacement’ population is both significantly less educated and less motivated – 40% of all births in 2011 were out-of-wedlock. Unemployment for those with a high-school diploma or less stood at 12.2% in 2011 and is growing, rapidly. US overall fertility stands now at 1.6 and continues in rapid decline, including the Hispanic population; the American population pyramid is distinctly top-heavy. What all this means is a smaller workforce, addicted to welfare (why work!), with much lower education (high functional illiteracy) and non-patriotic (in 2012, only 49% of the population considered themselves patriotic). US population rose from 200 to 300 million since 1970, but the number of two-parent families with children remained unchanged 25 million. Today’s labor market is dominated by corporations sourcing labor globally. Corporations neither desire nor need lazy dolts.

America is a nation of takers:

– Entitlements, after inflation and population growth, grew by over 700% in 50 years,

– half of Americans live in a household that receives one or more payments, 18% of all personal income;

– only half the working-age population works.

The sad thing is that the US, through Obama’s administrative skills, through the teachings of, and the handling of his group, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), has become a terrorist financing country, as well as the Muslim countries, especially countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, look at the US as a weak nation. Russia and China are also looking at the US as weaklings…our military’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) prohibit them from shooting/killing the enemy unless they lives are in great danger (for example, an Army Lieutenant just got convicted of killing two Taliban sappers, that were in his camp, so he killed them. He received 20 years hard labor at Fort Leavenworth for his “crime” of killing the Islamic Muslim terrorists).

Obama giving Muslims in America more “rights” than anyone else in the US, Obama giving billions of dollars to Muslim countries, Obama not doing anything when acts of war (I.E. Benghazi) have been committed against the US, Obama helping the Muslim Brotherhood take over countries that they want to rule, Obama establishing the White verses Black mentality again in the US, with the Black populace being allowed to commit the hate crimes, but the Whites are basically crucified for even defending themselves. Obama with all of his scandals that make 73% not fully trust the government, has set America up for distrust and chaos, with his trying to kill (purposely) the US dollar to help the MB take over the country per their 1991 vow and “game plan” to put a Trojan horse in the White House to help them take it over, making the US a Shari’a country. America is no longer a super power…even a lot of our government officials and the DoD concur with that. It helps setup the end times, Islamic anti-Christ dictatorship of the world, and if America doesn’t repent and come back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then America will suffer the wrath of God.

Posted in part from People Press


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