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Kerry reportedly offering U.S. troops to secure borders of “new state of Palestine”

Posted by Robert Spencer on January 4, 2014


If this report is accurate and this ever actually happened, it would be a disaster. The Christian Science Monitor is right to reference Power’s infamous 2008 quote below, because U.S. troops protecting the border of the new jihad state of “Palestine” would inevitably end up fighting against Israel — after all, “Palestine” would not consider itself to be threatened by Egypt or Jordan or Lebanon or Syria. The U.S. would end up directly abetting the “Palestinian” jihad. “Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: Is Kerry offering up US troops?,” by Anna Mulrine for the Christian Science Monitor, January 3:

Secretary of State John Kerry is proposing to offer up US troops to help secure the borders of the new state of Palestine, according to some unconfirmed news reports coming out of Israel.

How plausible is the possibility? And would it be a good idea, or, as some military analysts argue, would the White House would be “nuts” to consider it?

The US troops would be tasked with helping to prevent anti-Israel forces from coming out of Jordan and reaching Israel, according to DEBKAfile, an Israeli intelligence and security news service.

Palestinian officials are demanding that Israel move its forces from the Jordan Valley, where the US troops would be stationed. This point may have proved pivotal in the US administration’s reported decision to offer them up.

Samantha Power, then a Harvard professor and now the US ambassador to the United Nations, seemed to indicate in a 2008 interview with Harry Kreisler of the University of California at Berkeley’s Institute of International Studies that crisis in the region could possibly be ameliorated by the introduction of US troops to provide security needs.

To head off a human rights crisis in the West Bank and other Palestinian territories “may mean, more crucially, sacrificing – or investing, I think, more than sacrificing – literally billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel’s military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine. In investing billions of dollars it would probably take also to support, I think, what will have to be a mammoth protection force … a meaningful military presence,” she said. “Because it seems to me at this stage – and this is true of actual genocides as well, and not just major human rights abuses, which we’re seeing there – is that you have to go in as if you’re serious. You have to put something on the line.”…

Posted on 4 Jan 14 by Jihad Watch

Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. Sad thing about this is in the Book of Psalms, Psalms 83, there is a prophecy that shows that there will be ten Arabic nations that join together and try to annihilate Israel…these countries surround Israel…in the prophecy, it talks about the “tents of Edom”…this is the Palestinians…they will be wiped out (Obadiah 1:18), as well as with the majority of the other enemies of Israel…Ishmaelites/Saudi Arabia, Moab and Ammon/Palestinians in the West Bank and Northern and Central Jordan, Gebal/Northern Lebanon, Hagrites/Egypt, Amalek/Arabs South of Israel, Philistia/Gaza and Hamas, Inhabitants of Tyre/Hezbollah and Southern Lebanon, Assyria/Syria and Northern Iraq, the “Children of Lot” are the Moabites and the Ammonites.

The Psalms 83 war is overlooked and confused with the Ezekiel 38/Gog and Magog war…the Psalms 83 war will take place first, the attackers will be pretty much taken out by the Jewish God, Elohim/YWHW…the Israelites will then ascertain the lands, or at least part of the lands of the attackers, like part of (at least) Saudi Arabia, which will be the “hook in the jaw” of the Ezekiel 38 Gog and Magog war that will bring Russia in, which will be the beginning of the Biblical Tribulation and the anti-Christ.

I bring all that up in this blog to show that Palestine will become a nation (in my reading and understanding the Bible), and America, because of the leadership we have elected and refuse to get rid of, under the leadership of the anti-Semitic Muslim president (Barack Hussein Obama) is leading the US to the Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you (which happened when the US was an ally with Israel, before President Obama), and I will curse anyone who curses you (what is starting to happen with the US now that our president has turned his Islamic hatred against Israel);…Complete Jewish Bible


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