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Radioactive Material That Could Be Used in A Dirty Bomb Stolen Off Mexican Truck

Written By : Ashley Herzog
July 5, 2014

Border Patrol In Montana

Last Sunday, Mexican authorities issued an alert that radioactive material was stolen off a truck by armed thieves. The material, iridium, could be used in a dirty bomb.

This is the third such theft in Mexico this year, which really doesn’t inspire confidence in Mexican law enforcement.

The Interior Department says a pickup truck carrying the iridium was stolen and later found…But the pen-point-sized radioactive material has not been recovered.

The operations chief for the National Nuclear Security Commission says the device, if opened, could cause harm.

Think this will be reason enough to finally close the border? If it’s not, we should consider our borders unofficially abolished. If the real threat of terrorism isn’t enough, nothing else is.

Posted on 5 Jul 14 by Right Wing News

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. As I have pointed out the last year or so…Barack Hussein Obama is working for the Muslim Brotherhood to internally take over America, but is also helping Muslim terrorist groups by setting up America for a violent, ar type take over. Remember, tens of thousands of “Other Than Mexicans” have been caught trying to cross our borders, of which they had terrorist ties. And a group of Hezbollah jihadist are just over the border of Mexico near Texas borderline. And remember, with the amnesty law, approximately 150-250 Muslims have stated they will sneak into America. And remember we have a president that it trying to ban guns (leaving Americans defenseless if we had a violent, war type attack on our soil), and we have a president that has weakened out military, dropping our military lower than that of pre WWII, making the Department of Defense state that we could be easily taken over. And with electric grid substations be attacked, with the blackout of the media covering it…now Mexico is missing iridium can make a dirty bomb…a dirty bomb is a plausible means of creating an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) effect which could fry the US electrical grid system, which will put the US back in the 17th Century…newer care will not work, electronics will not work, refrigerators/stoves/freezers/microwaves will not work, cell phones/cordless phones will not work, computers will not work…you get my drift…anything electrical will no longer work…now this kind of dirty bomb won’t take the whole nation out in one blast, but it will do it one substation area at a time…but the worst is that it will have radiation effects on civilians, cause fear and panic, and could help the government have more control because everyone will be in fear and would be willing to run, hide and live in FEMA complexes.

I feel this is another ploy that someone in power in America, who is trying to be labeled as the mahdi, is trying to setup for a possible takeover attempt by jihadists attacking America…just a possibility…]


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