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Wow: Obama Airdrops Arms To MUSLIMS!

Just how stupid does Obama think we are?

Jerry McGlothlin

The world was watching and waiting to see how Obama might defend the hundreds of thousands of Christians in Northern Iraq who were either murdered or driven out of their homes by the Islamic State. Well, yesterday, we found out his solution for justice in the region. Instead of arming the Christian Assyrians, who are the indigenous people of that region for thousands of years, Obama does the unthinkable–once again–and decides to arm the MUSLIMS instead. As if they didn’t have enough weapons already!

But rather than to have U.S. boots on the ground, Obama, get this, airdropped weapons and ammo to Muslim Kurdish fighters.

How insane can you get? In the United States, we have laws regulating firecrackers; and Obama is airdropping thousands of pounds and millions of dollars in state-of-the art armaments to a bunch of Middle East Muslims? And if our Muslims get captured by the meaner Muslims, what happens to the arms? The Islamic State gets them and does belly laughs at how stupid Americans can be.

But Obama, who doesn’t seem to understand the dark irony here, actually claimed victory, having one of his officials say the airdrop of weapons encountered no resistance from the ground in Syria. Not a single shot…well, of course not. The Islamic State wants to keep those weapons coming on in.

How stupid can the Obama military strategy be? Unless, of course, he is trying to give arms to the Islamic State. If so, how on earth can he justify contributing to their genocide? Simple. He says the Islamic State is not Islamic. Just how stupid does Obama think we are?

Posted on 21 Oct 14 by Western Journalism

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. Barack Hussein Islama knows that the Kurds will be defeated, and he knows the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Jihadist Army, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, will benefit from those weapons…instead of going in and helping the Kurds, with boots on the ground, to actually follow through with his idle threat against ISIS, he is following through with his Muslim Brotherhood commitment of helping take over Islamic apostate and anti-Islamic countries. Once again, he did it on purpose.


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