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Ban Islam, it is Very Dangerous

True, very true, when you read the Nobel Qur’an, aHadiths, the Sunnah, or the Reliance of the Traveller (Shari’a jurisprudence), you will see they are very dangerous…you add their books to what the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist groups do (Hamas and Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the Libyan and Syrian “freedom fighters”, Al Qaeda, to mention a few), they all follow exactly what their “peace books” say to do…what ALL Muslims are obligated to do. Lesser jihad in some form or another, they do not have to be violent, but they do have to spread chaos and discontent to advance the cause of satan/shaytan allah.
ban islam
To be honest, from a Biblical study, I can say that Islam will take over the majority of the world…according to the Holy Bible, the anti-Christ will be Chrislamic, as well as the false prophet will be the current Pope that will be posing as “Jesus/Isa” because if you know anything about Catholicism, you will know the Pope is the acclaimed “Vicar”, or replacement or substitute of Jesus Christ…much like the the Islamic version of their coming al Mahdi having Isa with him…

Banning Islam will not work, it will spread like a cancer throughout the world…it is prophesied in the Bible, but it will be defeated.


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