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the Star of Bethlehem

Merry CHRISTmas

Jesus Christ was born as the Son of God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. He was not born on 25 Dec 1 BC, but he was born, some researchers and mathematicians have come to conclusion He was conceived on 11 Sep 1 BC, and some researchers and mathematicians have come to the conclusion He was born on 11 Sep 1 BC.

None the less, Jesus Christ was born of a Jewish mother that was pure in the eyes of the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, as well as God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob as His Father.

Nicholas was born 15 Mar 270 to a Greek Family in Patara, a village in what is now Turkey. He became the Bishop of Myra in Lycia. He died 6 Dec 343, and what happened was that on 6 Dec 344 (19 Dec on the Julian Calendar) there was the anniversary (remembrance day) of the death Bishop Nicholas, who gave poor gifts. This advanced to many countries through the Catholic Church initially.

Because he pastored in a seaport community, he became very popular among the Greek and Italian sailors. He was their pastor. Keep in mind that most of these sailors had worshiped the pagan Roman and Greek gods, so they were accustomed to praying to Poseidon prior to conversion. It was very common for converted Christians to replace their pagan traditions with Christian substitutes. Nicholas became the replacement for Poseidon and a type of Patron Saint for Sailors.

In the late 1100’s, the Catholic Church began to officially recognize Sainthood. It was after this that Nicholas was officially declared a Saint. Dec. 6th became the day when the Catholic Church celebrated Saint Nicholas. It really had nothing to do with the birth of Christ, but rather a celebration of this man Saint Nicolas the Bishop of Myra. Dec. 6th was a kid’s favorite holiday.

The pagan Romans had their mid-winter Saturnalia festival in late December

The pagan Barbarians of northern and western Europe kept holidays at similar times

To top it off, in 274 C.E., the Roman emperor Aurelian established a feast of the birth of Sol on December 25

6 Jan (19 Jan on Gregorian Calendar), the day the Epiphany, was also celebrated as early as the 4th century

Thus, 25 Dec seemed to be a good move for the Catholic Church to celebrate the birth of Jesus, on a day that wasn’t even close, but could help bring pagans to their religion.

Various Secular Traditions that Merged into Dec. 25th

SANTA – Dutch Immigrants came over with the tradition of St. Nicholas (Sinterkaus in Dutch) visiting children. The Germans, however, had a tradition that Christ Kindle (The Christ Child) would do the same thing… bring gifts to kids. The British changed it to Father Christmas. But they were all trying to react against Catholicism.

In America it all got muddled together.  What we practice today is the combination of a lot of different traditions that have melted together.

CHRISTMAS TREE – In the 700’s, St. Boniface was a Catholic missionary from England sent to the Germanic tribes to teach them about Jesus and the Roman Catholic Church. When he arrived, he discovered a practice where they would sacrifice slaves on a great Oak called the, “Oak of Thor”. In an attempt to show them the falsehood of their doctrine, he took an axe and began to chop down the oak of Thor… suddenly a great wind came up and blew the tree over. It was perceived as a miracle and ultimately the people began to convert to Christianity.

Boniface did what many missionaries did during that period. Rather than eradicate the traditions of people on the mission field, they would replace them with a Christian alternative. This is similar to what we do as a Protestant church with Parent/Child Dedication.

There was a long standing tradition of evergreen firs symbolizing life because they don’t go dormant in the winter. Remember that 1000 years ago winter was a very scary thing. People died every winter because they froze to death or they ran out of food. So it was common in the winter for people to desire to have evergreens close to their home to remind them of life. He used the triangular shape to symbolize the Trinity. The Germans would cut down fir trees and bring them into their homes and hang them upside down to point to the Godhead.

I do apologize if I sound like I am against Catholicism, I do not go with their religion because when you do research on Catholicism, you will find that a lot of their actions were based on lies and swindling and corruption.

A present I received, that I almost missed

When I went looked under the tree for my present from God…there wasn’t one…when I asked why I didn’t get one from God…He said He gave me one…I said it’s not under the tree…God said look on the tree…and when I looked…I saw Jesus was on a tree for me

merry christmas jesus photo: Christmas 3Kings.gif

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