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“Will Obama Step Down?”

Did you know this? Unbelievable. Nobody is reporting this yet. Why?

January 25, 2015 5:58 am Global Insecurity


(gopthedailydose) – Newt Gingrich speaks to the gathering of conservatives at the Iowa Freedom Summit, characterizing the current global threat in crystal clear terms. He says, “There is one common pattern occurring everywhere across the planet and that is radical Islamists, who hate our civilization, are prepared to cut off our heads and are determined to impose their religion by force.”

Gingrich says he’s not going to spend a lot of time talking about Hussein Obama’s “pathological incapacity to deal with reality.” He says, “There’s no point in trying to get him to learn how to say the words ‘radical Islamists’ because he has a speech impediment which blocks him from being able to say the words.”

He points out that even the institution of the U.S. Army has become so corrupted by the dishonesty we now live with that they described the Ft. Hood attack as a workplace violence incident.

He says, “We have an elite, frankly in both parties, unwilling to tell the truth. You’re not going to win this war if you can’t tell the truth. You’re not going to win this war if you can’t admit it’s a war.” He affirms his willingness to live in peace with respectful, peace loving Muslims who allow other views but when faced with the Sharia insistent radicals, Gingrich admits to a desire to kill them before they cut off his head.

He points to the critical nature and the significance of the fight in which we are now engaged, comparing it more than once to the battle against communism. Gingrich recommends Congressional hearings into the threat of radical Islam and completely writes off the dangerous Obama regime as well as a potential Hillary Clinton presidency as incapable or unwilling to responsibly address the threat.

Gingrich supports driving them off of the Internet and that whatever it takes to do so we should do.

He also points out the Saudi funding of supposed objective experts who are engaging in the “undermining and weakening the survival of the United States.”

He says we should make it clear that from here on out, the United States is not going to tolerate any kind of advocacy for Sharia or violence against the West, recruiting or fundraising by any terrorist organizations or individuals. He supports those who leave the United States to engage in radical Islamic terrorism losing their U.S. passports and citizenship.

Gingrich points out how, while his countrymen were showing total cowardice in the face of confronting Adolph Hitler, Winston Churchill actually took the time to read “Mein Kampf,” and determined that Hitler actually meant what he was saying, and eventually Hitler proved him to be correct.

Gingrich believes that today we are in the same environment, that our government lies to us daily about the threat, that the intelligence community has been co-opted and that the military is afraid to tell the truth.

He says that, starting with the Congress, we the people need to demand the truth highlighting the indisputable fact that we the people have a right to defend our civilization as well as ourselves and our families from these barbarians.

Posted on 24 Jan 15 by GOP The Daily Dose

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